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Key to the City Guide (AKA 100% Requirements)


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Ah, 100%. An achievement most were hoping wouldn’t be in the game, but alas, it is. Here’s what you need to do for the 100% achievement. Be prepared to spend anywhere from 30-60 hours on this puppy.


Below I’ll explain where the percentages come from to add to 100% and how to obtain them.


Story Missions - 60%


  • Complete every available story mission.
  • For a printable checklist, go HERE

Procedural Missions - 8%


  • Little Jacob drug delivery - 2%
    • For locations/strategies see “Courier Service” HERE


    [*]Brucie 10 cars export - 2%

    • For locations/strategies see “Order Fullfilled” HERE


    [*]Brucie Races - 2%

    • For locations/strategies see “Genetically Superior” HERE
    • NOTE: Although the achievement requires you to win twenty races, you only need to win the original nine for the percentage.
    • For a printable checklist, go HERE


    [*]Assassinations - 2%

    • For locations/strategies see “Assassin’s Greed” HERE
    • For a printable checklist, go HERE


Car Thefts - 2%


  • Deliver all 30 vehicles requested by Stevie via text message to the garage
    • For locations/strategies see “You Got the Message” HERE
    • For a printable checklist, go HERE


Friends - 10%


  • Open all unique abilities
    • You must unlock all unique abilities from friends.
      • Brucie - Helicopter
      • Little Jacob - Guns
      • Packie - Bomb


      [*]You do not need to keep the abilities unlocked, you just have to unlock them all at least once.

      [*]For a printable checklist, go HERE


    [*]Complete every possible activity with each friend.

    • You must actually BEAT your friends at pool, darts, and bowling.
    • Dwayne, Michelle, and Roman do NOT count towards the percentage.
    • For a printable checklist, go HERE


Games - 5%


  • Beat all games at least once
    • Darts vs friend or computer - 1.25%
    • Bowling vs friend in a FULL game - 1.25%
    • Pool vs friend or computer win - 1.25%
    • QUB3D beat high score - 1.25%
      • For locations/strategies see "King of QUB3D" HERE



Random Characters - 5%


  • Find all the random characters and complete all their missions
    • For locations/strategies see "No More Strangers" HERE
    • NOTE: The achievement for No More Strangers only requires you to meet each random character once, for the percentage, you must complete all parts i.e. Brian Part 1, 2, and 3.
    • Jeff, Cherise, Clarence, and Ivan do NOT count towards the percentage.
    • For a printable checklist, go HERE


Most Wanted - 2.5%


  • Kill all 30 PEDs on list
    • For locations/strategies see "Manhunt" HERE
    • For a printable checklist, go HERE


Vigilante - 2.5%


  • Complete 20 crimes
    • For locations/strategies see "Cleaned the Mean Streets" HERE.


Flying Rats - 2.5%


  • Find all 200 pigeons
    • For locations/strategies see "Endangered Species" HERE.


Unique Stunt Jumps - 2.5%


  • Complete all 50 stunt jumps
    • For locations/strategies see "Dare Devil" HERE.


Total - 100%

  • For a printable checklist, go HERE

Complete all of the above and bask in the awesomeness of the Key to the City achievement.


NOTE: Make sure you save after you do things! If you take Brucie out to the bar, then quit, the game won't remember you took him out! Before you stop playing make sure to save so you don't get stuck at 98% scratching your head and cluttering up the forum with questions about your game glitching.


NOTE #2: I'm only one man, and I'm not a developer for Rockstar, so if you see any mistakes, send me a PM. Only send me a PM if you're positive that I'm missing something or am incorrect about something. Also feel free to send me a PM if there are any spelling mistakes in my printable guides.


Update Log:

5/24 - Created and linked printable spreadsheets for all applicable items so it'll be easier for you to keep track of what you need to do.

5/27 - Added prerequisites to make random characters show up.

5/28 - Redid the Friends section as people were still getting confused.

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In the beginning of the game there is a mission Roman gives you as you go on a date with Michelle. I you skip the mission to go on the date with michelle do you miss that mission and then cant get the 100%...


Yes i skipped this at first but then reloaded just to make sure.



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Cracking guide matey cheers, also gave me a chuckle when i looked at the spread sheet


GTA IV or Robin Hood?


lol, it says Little John not Little Jacob




Well it made me smile any way :)

LOL. Thanks for the heads up! You can tell it was quickly made :p *goes to correct*


Also updated a few other things.


If anything's incorrect let me know, this information was compiled from a few different threads, so I'm going on what everyone else has said.

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Thank you so much i was stuck on 95% and wasnt sure what else i needed to do. it was the activities i didnt realise you had to do every one with each friend that was my last 5% and i can confirm you dont have to win on pool thanks again.

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Thanks for breaking down the procedural mission percentages, razzleson. I wondered how much you got from each one. I'm at 91% and I'm about done with Stevie's cars which will give me 93. Then Brucie's exotic exports would give me 95. Then I'm off for pigeons and stunt jumps to complete it, so it seems I'm on track. Woot!

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could be win pool,bowling or beat the high score on that arcade game :S


I've won each activity against everybody. I've also done them with Roman and Dwayne to kill time :p

QUB3D is done as well. I do have a hunch, I'll get back to you if it flies.

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