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Key to the City Guide (AKA 100% Requirements)


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I'm stuck at 98.33%... anyone have any advice? I've searched and searched and can't seem to figure out what I could be missing.


I have all 94 missions done, I have the achievements for the assassinations and races, so those are done. 14 random people met, 200 pigeons killed, 50 stunt jumps, 30 vehicles delivered.... All done.


I've done every activity with each of my friends at LEAST 3x each. Won at darts, pool, and bowling against all 3 friends that count (Brucie, Jacob, and Packie). I've had all 5 characters to 100% liking me.


Killed 30 peds, and did the 20 vigilante missions. Even got the annoying high score in Qubed.




What could I possibly need for my remaining 1.67%?!?! I'm going nuts trying to figure this out!



Edit: Just did all the activities for all 3 friends AGAIN (at least the 4th time), and still at 98.33%. I am out of ideas. I even played pool and Bowling for an hour each character, just to make sure it counted my wins.



Edit #2: Is there any way to check what Random Characters I found? It says 14, But I am worried I might be missing a 2nd meeting of an already met character. I drove around to all the locations but couldn't find anybody...... Is there any kind of list in the game that might help me figure out who I am missing?


It sucks, as I did most of this when the game came out and then stopped playing. So, My memory on what I did/found is fuzzy at best.


I'm not sure if you've got this figured out yet, but in case you haven't...It sounds like you're missing an activity with a friend. The random strangers are worth .5% each, and the friend missions are 1.67%. Make sure you've beaten everyone in each available game. You also need to beat a friend in a full 10 frame game of bowling (as I understand it).


I think I may be screwed, stuck on 99.5% because I didn't pick up the money in the 3rd encounter with Jeff. I got the achievement for meeting everyone, so the remaining .5% I'm missing has to be a second meeting with a rando unless it's glitched.

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Aha! I actually got killed in the second Sara meeting, so that was the missing .5%!
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When I was doing the mission for that guy Mel, I wasn't really paying attention and the guys he owed money to got away. A text never popped up asking if I wanted to redo the mission. I went back to his spot later when I really was focusing on this achievement but he won't appear. Does this mean that I can't get the achievement? Also, when I tried to take a picture of the dudes wife, she spotted me after I sent. Will this prevent me from getting it also?

I've run into a similar problem. I am stuck at 99.5% and I'm almost certain I've done all of the random character missions. Looking back at some other guides, it mentions picking up the money in the 3rd encounter with Jeff, which I don't think I did. If that needs to be done, I don't think it counted the 0.5% for completing this one, and I'm afraid I put in almost 60 hours and won't be able to get this one.

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Aha! I actually got killed in the second Sara meeting, so that was the missing .5%!
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99.50%... *Sigh*

I have no idea... NO IDEA what I could be missing this .50% on. *Curses*




You will need more than that. Pigeons are not a whole 3.75%.

I'm in the same boat. It's gotta be a random character, since they're worth .5%.


I got the achievement for meeting them all (my stats show 12 met) so the .5% would have to be for a second/third meeting. The only one I'm not sure I did was Marnie's 2nd, but she is not showing up, and I kind of remember doing it.


I've read some guides saying you have to pick up the money after the 3rd meeting with Jeff. I'm not sure if that is required for it to count, but if it is, I'm boned. 60 hours of play time (not including the hours that didn't count because I'd reload missions when I failed to not waste precious time in the complete under 30 hours achievement) and I can't get the 100%.

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Aha! I actually got killed in the second Sara meeting, so that was the missing .5%! Hooray.
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