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This is thread is supose to be for disccusing the achievements not for Dis'ing 50 - The achievements look pretty straight forward, Im guessing they wont be take to long, most of them look achieveable by just playing the campaign and there are only a few collectable achievements YAY Shame not to see any multiplayer achievements thou.

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Yea you have to be a member of g unit but one playthrough as a member of g unit on hard can get you all achievements but realisticly about 35-40 i got 41 on my first playthrough.

Also to those that are saying to bad there are no multiplayer achievements there is no multiplayer only co-op.

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Anyone having difficulty getting gold medals? I'm playing in coop, on hard, and have got as many targets and posters as I can find, but only once have I got a gold medal, mostly I'm way off.


Does playing in coop split the points taken? Is it much easier to get the gold medals in single player?

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