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Achievement Trading Thread

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OK so im done on hard and got the other achieves for difficultys because they stack, so if any one is starting a new game from scratch and wants a co-op partner give me a shout, should be able to run through this on easy in 3 or so hours took just over 4 on hard (also would like to spend time on each level getting targets and posters) Gamertag is AMIGA KID ( also im not a kid lol ' i know playing with kids put alot of people off) "no offence to the younger guys here"... so yeah hit me up with a message

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Hey, might be getting the game 2moz, but if not it will be this friday. Im from UK, need other person for CO-OP from the UK because it makes timing better for me and the partner. GT: Ix KING xI AFC ((PM on XBL and give FR)) THANKS FROM KING

Dude i may be gettin it 2moro too. Depending on if it get delivers from game. they have said its been dispatched so hopefully. ill do coop with you if u want ?

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hey i got 50 cent im doing hard at the mo i started today on my own and all ready lvl 7 or 8 im syuck now i need help plz send me a friend request my GT is bubsey123:woop:


i need the game done tonight or tuseday night coz i rented it out thanx

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