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Achievement Trading Thread

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Hey everyone,


just got the game today looking for a boosting partner.... Need to complete the game twice so we can both get the achievements.... No time wasters... Looking for sum one in aus or uk so time differences match


send msg over live - saying 50 cent...


Gamertag- infcted


100% retail - 20

100% arcade - 2

100,000 club by june 09 - add me to experience the journey - once again no time wasters

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looking fo a stable partner to play through this with. i can pretty much play all day. so time is not an issue unless I get tired. if your interested in playing through the game with a partner let me know.


Beat it once already so i need to be g-unit but will help until the game goes back to blockbuster on sunday

GT: Tearzofblood718


just send a message saying your read this post.



Edit: Got a partner and completed coop already.

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added gamertag
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Hey, anyone want to help get threw campaign 3 to the end and the revive a teammater so i get the co-op achievements, i will get you them as well in return and if you wanted, we could also work on badges. my gamertag is xPARAxScarlet, send me an invite or message me on here and we can figure out times that work for us. I am in iowa,usa by the way if you wonder about connection.

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