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Funniest Charcter in GTA IV

Who is the Funniest Character in GTA IV  

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  1. 1. Who is the Funniest Character in GTA IV

    • Bernie
    • Brucie
    • Roman's Cab Driver
    • Roman
    • Manny
    • Packie
    • Little Jacob
    • Nikko

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Little Jacob because he always says bloodclot.


little jacob has to be my favorite character by a landslide, i fell in love with him after he hotboxed the car lol. such a funny character, especially when him and 'Elizibeta' got into it over the coke. i always took him out on crazy adventures, after a while though he didnt want to drink with me anymore:(.


side note, this thread was from 2008 incase you didnt notice! lol

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