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Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic glitched?


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I actually just unlocked it after a 4 day endeavor with a friend for this achievement. I downloaded this checklist:




That being said, I kept track of everything that I have won by marking off each thing as I have done it. For races, make sure you have finished each and every single one with someone else remaining in the game after the time ends as being the only one left counts as a forfeit win and it won't count towards the achievement. The whole forfeit thing actually applies to every other game mode as well. I can't say much about cops n crooks other than make sure you win as both the police and crooks in BOTH game modes. I did everything once on the checklist and got it right after my last race. You can rest assured that this isn't glitched and you will acquire it as long as you are super careful. All this being said, this achievement is bogus for only 30G. Nowadays with GTA5 out, it's easily boostable but still the heights you have to go to too actually get this is retarded... :p

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