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Schuminator Achievement

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"lap your opponent and win a single race" anyone know the best course and amount of laps to do this one


Done this on the quarry course(use the semir,if you want the dirt drive acheive aswell) I put it on about ten laps and max number of cars,you can also probably get the Far ahead and nitro burner aswell.

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ok i followed the set up exact and the guy in last place is like 24 secs when i finish over 10 laps-what am i doing wrong-did u have brake assist on?

ive tried over a few courses and this wont pop-i can in a truck in one lap get 24 secs ahead in a finish but when u put it on more than one lap it never seems to go up-could anyone give me the exact set up and laps that worked for them please-im gettin bored with this achievement=thanks-im deffo not crap at this game-ive done all cases on hard

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