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Achievement Trading Thread

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Still looking for anyone to boost in this game.


I play golden gun, eight people are needed. People average 16 kills and 970 dollars per match, sometimes slightly more. I live in the eastern time zone so it's easier when people are playing around the same time as myself. Anyways, if anyone wants to boost eith me, my GT is Reigning Darth. Just send me an friend request with a quick blurb about why you are requesting me. See you online.

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So what's the best way to boost? If we play golden gun mode does everyone get a fair share of credits or does only the player who gets all the golden gun kills?? Do you get 1 less than the score needed to win and pass the gun to someone else?? Do you try to kill other non golden gun carriers while the golden gun carrier gets 1 less than his limit?? I think that's the way to do it?

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Looking to boost the online, snagged a couple already so just all the weapon/gadget ones, 100,000, and some others. Send me a msg. :D


EDIT: I have played for a couple hours with ssmaster, comet, clorax, and some others, please do not send me msgs, i am not a leader, i am simply looking for party's to join and boost with.

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