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Achievement Trading Thread

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I tried to boost with Baines Jond but didn't work. He's great but the others were assholes.


So I'm trying to create a group to serious boosting. Nothing of keep running shooting like an idiot (to get 1000 kills as told me and screwed me) and stuff.


If we have to kill 100 people, everybody will have 100 kills for the achievement. One at a time and everybody waiting till the last person get the cheevo. Organized. After that we can fun around.


If anyone is interested in serious boosting, please add me or join me. It'll be hard because no one is wanting to do this seriously.


P.s: I'm brazilian and I have mic. But my english sucks. But we can try to communicate anyway.

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Are people still up for boosting? All I need to get (aside from credits) is Territory Control. GT is my name. Send me a message if you're keen and need help to unlock this one too



Jond, if you wanna try again, and without your friends, count me in. I have two guys who want to boost seriously.

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Need three achievements now for online;

Kill 100 players with the Golden GUn

Escape as bond in bond evasion mode

And win 5 territory control

Any help really appreciated, thanks

Also need 100k xp but I don't need it boosted (I wouldn't complain though if you need it too)

Gamertag, Edz_The_Pro

Message and add me

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