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Do you have to get all the cell phones and power weapons on one play through or can you go back and just get the ones you missed after completing the game?


You can go back, but for the weapons, I believe you have to get them and complete to a checkpoint so it can save it.. But the Cell phones you can pick up & quit.







Ugh, I hate typing in caps, but I want to get my frustration out..


I have tried this over and over & NOTHING..


First time I missed the 5th dish.. Then I went back and saw it & got it, but nothing..


So, I just want to double check where they are..


1. At the start of the level, in the main street at the first fight. Top of the building on LEFT side.

2. After leaving the room with the lady and special weapon, you go up the first few steps, turn around and when facing the room you exited, on the LEFT side.

3. Follow up the steps & before jumping, on top of the building on the LEFT side.


4. Still at the top of the steps, right across on a big building, comepletely noticable, slight LEFT side of where you are standing.

5. On a building a bit far, on the RIGHT side.

6. Slight RIGHT side of where you are standing or can be done after you jump.

7. After you exit the buidling, before jumping on the bus, on the LEFT side from the doorway.


Now, how come I can't get this achievement to unlock? :(

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sum1 plzzzzzzz help this my last power weapon i need 4 da THUNDERBALL achievement and its da one in Montageron Train or whatever n i cant find the "bar area" on the level where the weapon is??..plz sum1??..


When you climb on top of the train (at the start of the level), you will come to a set of three windows set out like;



[] []



Shoot them out, kill the men inside, and drop in to the carriage through the broken window. As you run forward, you will see a mini-bar along the right side of the room as you progress to the end of the carriage. Just ahead of this is another mini-bar. Walk behind this and look at the floor and you will see the golden case, containing the LTK Super Magnum.



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hell no, the multiplayers horrible, more dlc would piss people who have allready 1000'd it off



yeah, i suppose your right...i was just thinking about the amount of gamerscore it would enable you to have on the game, i didnt really thing about how long it would take to get them. lol

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I bought this game a couple days ago and have just put it in my Xbox. I bought it second hand from EB Games, and it has a ring around the inside of the disk, so wouldn't read a couple times.

Anyway, I wanted to get through this game in one go on 007 difficulty, but as I finished the first level and hit the second level, it told me that it couldn't run the map. If I choose 'level select' and play the game through that way, will it still count towards completing the whole game on the one difficulty?

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