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Locations of Everything ("Master of All" Guide)

The Pants Party

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This information was written in whole by me for the sole use of xbox360achievements.org and should not be copied in any form to any other website. You may link to this guide, but do not represent this information, even if you credit us/me.


For a list of these in the order they appear, see this post. Thanks, Rocha12.


LEVEL 1 ("Po's Dream")




  1. directly ahead of you in the water, under the bridge
  2. after the first forced stumble area, on top of a box



  1. on the bridge above the first coin
  2. in the corner to the right after the first group of enemies
  3. in front of a large barrier, on the path under the balance beam
  4. backtrack to the hill and jump on top of the boxes before the balance beam
  5. down the hill from the forced stumble, on top of some boxes
  6. after #5 head into a small alcove next to the hill
  7. when you learn about strong attacks it will be on some boxes to the right side
  8. after crashing through the door, inside this building
  9. during a very large fight just after getting the Po figurine, back right corner
  10. same big fight, front right corner

Po Figurine

After the panda stumble through the air, turn around and it is at the back of the alley



LEVEL 2 ("Tournament of the Dragon Warrior")



  1. after getting firework 1, climb up into the hole
  2. high above the pit past ballista 3, jump on the trampoline



  1. near the first ballista
  2. near the second ballista
  3. after popping all the balloons and jumping over the wall
  4. near the third ballista
  5. in the pit after the third ballista



  • after popping the balloons with the ballista, on the way to the second ballista
  • on your way to the broken wall
  • further along the path after the last one, still before the broken wall
  • on the bridge just after bunny 3
  • while climbing up the wooden platforms after saving bunny 4
  • in the pit after the third ballista
  • while shimmying across a beam above the pit
  • after the triple blades on the rooftop
  • fall off the small wooden platform by the triple blades, to the right
  • turn around from the last one and it is under the platform you fell off of
  • numbers 11 through 16 are all under boxes in the area with the chair except one that is directly next to the chair


Tigress figurine

Behind the wagon in the starting area



LEVEL 3 ("Level Zero")



  1. beat the time trial in room 1 (or maybe just clear it in general, I passed the trial first try)


LEVEL 4 ("Protect the Palace")



  1. during the flying sequence
  2. when closing the doors in the red room, left side

Crane figurine

when you're protecting the artifacts, head toward the pool of water, then right and jump on some boxes



LEVEL 5 ("Lake of Tears")



  1. after egg #8 climb up the ladder on the rock and jump backward off it
  2. after riding the mama turtle, follow the lily pads to the left




  1. after the first croc attack, head straight and behind the houses
  2. same time as the first one
  3. further across the level, just before the mama turtle's house
  4. same time as the last one




  1. after the first bridge, turn right
  2. after the last egg, continue along the lily pads back to the beginning
  3. on the island when first attacked by crocs
  4. take the path off the left of this same island
  5. take the path of lily pads to the right of the houses
  6. continue along the lily pads after the last one
  7. after saving the first adult, turn right and bounce of its back
  8. jump off the back of the turtle to the left and across the lily pads
  9. after saving the second set of turtles, use one to cross the water to a house
  10. head back and use the other turtle to bounce up onto a rock


Oogway figurine

at the second set of turtles you save, go behind the rock formation just past them, near the water's edge



LEVEL 6 ("Wudang Temple")




  1. after relic 1, fall off the far side and follow the path around
  2. after the first small rope bridge, blow up a rock formation to the right side
  3. blow up a rock formation to the right of relic 6




  1. after the bridge blows up, climb the ladder to the elevated section
  2. after the first rope bridge, climb another ladder to another elevated section
  3. after the second rope bridge, climb the path to the elevated section
  4. head across the another rope bridge and to the elevated section
  5. yet another rope bridge, yet another elevated section
  6. and one final elevated section (not the last rope bridge though!)
  7. straight across a rope bridge, the big ape will jump away when you get near


Climbing Rigs


  • 1-3 in the first area you learn about them
  • 4 near rare coin 1, past relic 1
  • 5 near the rope bridge after relic 1
  • 6 after the rope bridge to the right
  • 7 after the rope bridge to the left
  • 8-10 after the second rope bridge, along the edge of this section
  • 11-12 along the edge of the section with relic 4
  • 13-14 along the edge near relic 5
  • 15-18 along the edge near relic 6
  • 19-21 during the section to protect the temple
  • 22-24 during the boss fight


Shifu Figurine

also during the boss fight, toward the back


LEVEL 7 ("Treacherous Waters")



  1. at the back of a circular section of lily pads, to the right of Shifu's boat
  2. climb up the tower in the center island




  • 1-3 all along the lily pads in the beginning section
  • 4 on the middle island where all the crocs are gathered


LEVEL 8 ("Wudang Rescue")




  1. near prisoners 5-6
  2. on top of a house near prisoners 13-14




  • 1-2 To the right of the starting point
  • 2-4 after beating the ape and crossing the bridge on an elevated section
  • 5-6 after saving 3/5 friends and crossing a stone bridge, turn left and across a gap
  • 7-8 after saving the 4th friend and crossing the gap with the clouds, elevated section to the left
  • 9-10 after protecting the tiger with the ballista, straight across a gap
  • 11-12 up to the right of the last batch
  • 13-14 across the stone bridge to the left during the final fight
  • 15-16 across the stone bridge straight ahead during the final fight


Viper figurine

directly on top of the Viper's cage


LEVEL 9 ("Howling Moon")



  1. after saving all the prisoners, fall into a very grassy area
  2. after crossing the trees above the grassy area, drop to the right




  • 1-4 once you reach the bottom in the beginning
  • 5-6 near where you knock the tree over to cross the river
  • 7-10 after crossing the river from the last batch


Mantis figurine

to the left of rare coin 1 in the same grassy area


LEVEL 10 ("Secret of the Sands")



  1. on a snowy part between two of the dragon statues, jump off the ledge
  2. behind the neck of the dragon statue that doesn't have a ball


statues/trap doors

can't miss these, part of the story


LEVEL 11 ("The Palace")




  1. after protecting the artifacts, go into one of the side rooms
  2. after beating the tiger on the second floor, it will spawn where he was standing


LEVEL 12 ("The Warrior's Destiny")




  1. when shooting the ballista, be careful not to blow up the boats, then when crossing the river go all the way to the right
  2. when you get the red pagoda with a bell in it, go off to the left




  1. directly in front of you
  2. in the left corner after the last one
  3. around the corner from the first two
  4. directly past the last one in the bushes
  5. to the left of the door where the bull boss is
  6. a smaller fire directly next to the last one
  7. during the bull fight (defeat him first or he'll knock the barrels out of your hands)
  8. also during the bull fight




  • trapped behind fire #2
  • near fire #3
  • near fire #4
  • trapped behind fire #4
  • trapped behind fire #5
  • 6 through 8 are all during the bull fight


Monkey figurine

After going through the door that the huge rock smashed, you'll force stumble down a hill, turn around and walk back up the hill


LEVEL 13 ("The Final Battle")



  1. when rolling down the hill you'll have to jump for it


Tai Lung figurine

after having the scroll stolen, it is in an alcove behind you

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For Jab1981...I didn't redo anything other than what was necessary to progress in the level when I went back and grabbed the missing coins, etc. Once I got them I hit save and then loaded up a different level. The "Unlock everything" is in regards to the coins and figures unlocking "Unlockables" in the Extras tab.


For Pants: Thank you very much for this! Couple of the items I never would have gotten if not for this...like Viper's figurine that I missed on the first time thru.

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Do you have to unlock the game at 100% twice (once Master and once Dragon Warrior) or do the level 100% Unlocks on dragon warrior also enough to unlock both achievements?


So for an example, if I play the game for the first time on dragon warrior, and i unlock like level 1 a 100%, do i get the "Level 1 100% on dragon warrior" or both the "Level 1 100% on dragon warrior" and the "Level 1 100%" achievements?

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