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® - Rollers Tag

(V) - Vice Kings Tag

© - Carnales Tag


1.-On the side of the white house on the corner ®

2.-On the tall white wall behind the on of the houses. On the shoreline. ®

3.-In an ally behind the Technically Legal Club. ®

4.-On the freeway off ramp right outside of Rim Jobs. ®

5.-The end apartment building on the second floor. ®

6.-On the back wall of Rim Jobs. ®

7.Second floor of the shopping center. On the northern wall. (V)

8.-Second level of the parking garage. (V)

9.-Under a set of stairs in a tall white tower. (V)

10.-In the park over the freeway. Where the overpass meets an ally wall. (V)

11.-Between the Science center and Foriegn Auto. (V)

12.-Top Exterior floor of the science center. (V)

13.-Southeast side of the museum of palentology. (V)

14.-On a freeway wall. (V)

15.-On the back of Stillwater Police Station. (V)

16.-Behind the music store. Take the stairs down behind it. not far from a lightpole (V)

17.-Under the bridge entrance close to the bowling pins (V)

18.-End of the wall in front of Kingdom Come Records (V)

19.-Wall behind the raised walkway north of the fountain courtyard (V)

20.- 2 doors west of the loan office behind a building on a bulkhead. (V)

21.-On apartment wall between apartment and waldo Trade tower. (V)

22.-Inside the aquaduct near the ultradome ®

23.-Freeway support wall facing the aquaduct ®

24.-Bay B1 on the ultradome behind a trailer ®

25.-Walkway through the middle of an old apartmant building. (V)

26.-East of Foriegn Auto, on a brick building ®

27.-Near the swings in a small playground (V)

28.-Back Parking lot near a wooden fence (V)

29.-Behind a building across the street from the Big Picture Theater. ®

30.-On the back of the Big Picture Theater ®

31.-In an alley on the side of a freeway support way. ®

32.-In the entrance to the train tunnel (V)

33.-On the back of a wharehouse. ®

34.-On the side of the Chop Shop. ®

35.-Between the second and third floors on the stairwell. ®

36.-Wall near the end of the aquaduct. ®

37.-Wall close to the shoreline ®

38.-On the side of friendly fire ®

39.-Outside 2nd floor of On The Ice ®

40.-Next to the Asain temples. ®

41.-Under the freeway close to brown baggers (V)

42.-On the side of the **** Cat Strip Club (V)

43.-On the small overpass wall near the strip club. Across from chicken Neds # (V)

44.-Alley across from Psychic Readings sign. (V)

45.-Behind a dumpster on a storage container in a small fenced in area. (V)

46.-Freeway wall by Cheetah Bus Lines (V)

47.-Back of the Train Logistic Building ®

48.-Corner wall of the green wharehouse ®

49.-Wharehouse wall between hijacking and insurance fraud. ®

50.-Durden Logistics Loading bay ®

51.-Second floor of parking garage near elavators ©

52.-Fenced in area south of snatch and insurance fraud. Bend in the rd. ©

53.-Northern most water tower in factory yard. ©

54.-Near train cars beside the Junkyard. ©

55.-End of a road, east of the boneyard junkyard. ©

56.-On a freeway support. ©

57.-Back of onramps north of Freckle Bitchs billboard. ©

58.-On a wall in back of J.J. Brown Textile. ©

59.-Northwest corner of shipyard. Behind a boat haul. ©

60.-Northwest corner of Durdens Shipping and Storage ©

61.-End of the middle dock. Jump the railing. ©

62.-1 block south of plastic surgeon on the side of a brick building. ©

63.-Behind the shops under the freeway ©

64.-North side of Durden's ©

65.-In a court yard across from the no-vin used cars. ©

66.-Alley between Vinos y Licores and El Jarocho. ©

67.-Freeway support column near a large pipe. ©

68.-Back of Forgive & Forget ©

69.-Under the small bridge. You have to get in the water. ©

70.-Small wall north of the large crain. ©

71.-Go between shipping containers to the south side of a warehouse. ©

72.-Wall near Clayton and Veil Whare on a brick paved loading dock ©

73.-Last container on the peir. ©

74.-Side of the road wall. You must jump off the wall into grassy alley. ©

75.-South side of the first warehouse on the peir. ©

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So how did you get the spray cans on that map, did you put them there yoourself or is there a way for the game to show them.?




It's from a scan. I wish the game had that option but it wouldn't be a challenge.


By the way flaw, I tried to make the map prettier by cutting the edges I put a piece i cut off and it has a tag location.




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I found one for the west side rollers, but I still only count 24 for them


theres 5 at top and there should be 6? they start counting at 00 right? well 06 is west of the arena and im missing one north of the bridge


the one i found is underneither cd circle 37



thank you so much that was the only one i needed. :bow:

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ok. i tryed to fix the map as best i could in photoshop, you get the idea.




theres only 72 tags marked. i would highly appreciate it if any body knows where the rest are, then i could mark the rest off on the map.

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he's right... if you look real close at the #37... theres a part of a paint can sticking out...


that makes 73


2 more guys


Base it off of what you have already, check your statistics... if you're missing a Carnales, check the tiny portions of the map that are missing on the right... vice kings, check the top right section, and so on and so forth...

thanks for all the info too, its much appreciated


im going for this one tonight since i finally dont have to DJ til Wednesday

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One is under the number 37, or right behind the chop shop on the in game map.


One is right by the number 48 in an alley.


One is the by the circle coastal road in the SE end by the boat on the middle outcrop.


That leaves only one missing location.

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Freaking awesome new map!!! And aPerfektFIaw can you not find 11? Its in the waterfoutian area, at like the right side and you will see like the wall start opening up and go down that area where the wall opens up and it will be in there. Sorry, kinda hard to explain, it took me awhile to find that one too.

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