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Handyman Carnby Achievement Guide(s)


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Thank you so much, 1000g from AITD. BTW you two guide makers, you need to add Bullets + Gun, because that was the combination I last did to get the Achievement, so thank you for that ChinaWhiteII, I'm so glad I read your post. :)


thankfully i just read your post! And having tried it for 2hours i got it just from reloading :woop: kudos to you and chinawhite!

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Okay, if anyone wants definitive evidence that you don't need to do all the combinations to get this achievement, check my profile (Pogo27) sometime in the next few days.


I've got "Handyman Carnby" despite not having "Useless!"


And heck, even after I do get useless, the achievements are still sorted in the order you got them in, and I'll almost definitely get some other achievements between now and "Useless!"


Unfortunately, I didn't make a list of every combination I made, but some combinations that I know I didn't make include all of the empty glass bottles. I never got an emergency flare attached to a glass bottle, only plastic.


I think that you should probably get "Handyman Carnby" eventually just by playing through the game and using ingenuity to make various combinations, etc. Everytime I was at a relatively safe point in the game with plenty of items, I got out my sticky tape and tried every possible combination.

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Where do you find the glowsticks in Ep3.2?


The Glowstick is in 3.1. Next to Theo's dead body is another dead body, and next to the 2-nd body there is a Glowstick. After that just help sarah up so she can call the ambulance and then take Theo's phone. Call 911, the doctor will tell you to get to the public restroom. Once you get there you can start the guide.


Do I need to play through the entire episode ?


No. After you combine your items just press start and select the next Episode and a msg. will pop and ask you to save the game.Save the game and continue with the next Episode.


I got everything completed but the handyman achievement did not unlock?? Any Ideas??


Yes it works.


I have made only one error in the guid (sorry for the typo)


The correct combination is:


Bandages + Explosive Plastic Bottle (not Taped Medical Spray) = Plastic Molotov Cocktail


*sorry for that, it's the 4-th combination :)


wow....1000 just now........Ronan guide rulez!ok...now i can destroy this horrible game


LoL, that's exactly what I said about Conan after I got 1k <3

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-> Episode #3 - Sequence #2

Double-Side Tape + Glowstick = Taped Glowstick

Glowstick + Taped Medical Spray = Glowing Spray

Glowstick + Plastic Molotov Cocktail = Glowing Lolotov Cocktail


Where is the glowstick in Ep2.2? I must be blind as I played through the entire S2 again and couldn't find any Glowstick's anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.


Nvm: I found a place in Epp. 8.1 and in the end turns out I mainly needed to tape up a bloodpack it seems. Yay 1000! :p

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