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Battlefield Bad Company Weapon and Gold Locations


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EDIT - Since the image hosting site is no more, the images are not showing. Directly below are two videos for all the gold and weapons locations in the game.


For Gold locations:




For Weapon locations:






GUIDE IS COMPLETE. I will be make small changes here and there to make it even better and understandable when necessary.


All screen captures were taken by me, they are HD captures. I resized the pictures shown to save bandwidth, click the image if you would like to see the larger version (HD 720p). Don't post this without giving me credit even though I have added a watermark to all images.


Weapon Collectibles and Gold Bars are in YELLOW text.

Anything in GREY text is NOT necessary to get what so ever, it will be either listings over other locations of that same weapon for the map if you happened to have missed one earlier in the level for whatever reason, to help you out in whatever way to beat the level, etc.


So you further understand, ALL X's in each map represent ONLY weapon locations. To keep me progressing through the game and not taking forever on this guide. I placed the text as close as possible as to which X it is meant for. Most the time you should be able to tell which it is pointing too and in worse can scenario, it's still going to be in that same area where you walk a few more feet.


You can collect weapon collectibles on any map. If you collect a weapon earlier in the game then I have listed, this is better for you, it gets counted and you no longer need to collect that weapon later in the game. Yes, you will still get the achievement. It will show you have collected it in the collectible list on the main menu when you go into Single Player. Everything will be fine. You won't find every collectible before you get close to the end of the game but it is possible to find like a few of them before the levels I have listed such as the AKS74U, M95, so on. You won't always collect them (off the ground or from an enemy).


After I am completely done I will edit these a little further so they are better. I'll probably go back and add a few more images. I don't think it's really necessary to show screenshots of the exact locations for the weapons as it is pretty much clear already with them placing an X on the map and there are very few locations like this on the map as well.



You should have no problem acquiring all 5 collectible weapons in this map.



1. S20K

2. AEK971

3. XM8

4. 870MCS



Yes, when you press start it only list 4 here in this level but that doesn't matter because you can find all 5 on this level to get them over with. It doesn't matter what level like I said at the beginning of this post what level you collect them in just as long as you collect them. If you collect them early, even better for you.


Total Gold: 0, None.


Weapon #1 and #2 Both the S20K and AEK971 can be picked up from enemies here. I had no problem what so ever getting these. If you don't happen to get the S20K here, you can get it later in the level. AEK971 they always seem to have, not only in this level but throughout the rest of the levels too.



Weapon #3 XM8 Can be found in this house. You have to go inside of here anyways (red marker on your map) or else I would put up 2 screenshots I have.





Weapon #4 870MCS Can be found in the building down a small dirt road. See the above screenshot for exact location on your map.



Weapon #1 S20K Inside the barn. Only necessary if you have not picked it up yet from enemies in this level yet.





If you happen to miss some, don't worry because you will come across more as shown below.


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1. M249


Total Gold: 5


Gold Bar #1 Right when you start this level you are told to go into the house. You will then get it.

Gold Bar #2 In the house where the dot is, can't miss it.





Gold Bar #3 In a dried up creek almost under a bridge (See screenshot below). After taking a boat and heading to your next objective along your way down the river on the right will be an area where a bunch of enemies are at. This is where it is. Look at the map above for exact location.





Gold Bar #4 In a building located where the dot is. It is along the way as you are protecting the tanks on your right side. Look at map below for exact location on your map.



Gold Bar #5 In the graveyard area by the south west corner located between two shacks, I have included a picture below.


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All GREY text is will either be that same collectible weapon showing up again incase you do miss it and do not want to go back or for added help during your mission (different weapons). I know I have not added them all only because of room and I'm sure you'll do just fine, get the picture and can figure it out on your own.



1. AN94

2. SPAS12

3. XM8C

4. SV98

5. SVU

6. MG36




Total Gold: 5


When you get to the hill where I have put SV98, there will be 2-3 snipers with this weapon, just pick it up from one of them. They hide in the bushes so look for them. Also this is the only way to get the SV98 as well as the SVU which is located in the tower where I have put a yellow dot.



Gold Bar #1 Can't miss it, only a few feet from the XM8C. Picture below if you need help.

Weapon #3 XM8C As I said already, the XM8C is here. So don't forget it if you didn't acquire it yet.

Weapon #4 and #5 SV98 and SVU As I already said above. There will be 2-3 snipers (maybe more), just pick up one of their weapons and you will get the SV98.



Gold Bar #2 This will be the 2nd gold bar you come across. You can't really miss it. This is where an enemy helicopter will come and attack you



Gold Bar #3 After you beat the helicopter and enemy soldiers, head south to this house. You will acquire both a gold bar and the MG36 in this house.

Weapon #6 MG36 is in this house as well.





Gold Bar #4 Right when you enter the last part of the map, there will be a gold bar (pictured below) on top of some freight containers. Climb the stairs behind it and take a running jump onto the freight containers.



Gold Bar #5 Is down the ramp and to the far right inside of a blue house. See screenshot as shown below for more help or map 2 screens up for location.


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All GREY text is will either be that same collectible weapon showing up again incase you do miss it and do not want to go back or for added help during your mission (different weapons). I know I have not added them all only because of room and I'm sure you'll do just fine, get the picture and can figure it out on your own.


Weapons (Collectibles):

1. VSS

2. NS2000

3. PKM

4. MG3

5. M16

6. M24

7. PP2000

8. UMP


Total Gold: 5


If you started the collectibles and gold from the beginning you should get both 'Half way thru' and 'Check My Grill' achievements during this level.


You might come across the PKM at least 2 times from soldiers (like the ammo depot) before where it actually is at the end of the level. They don't always spawn in the areas I found them with the PKM with PKM's so your best bet is just to go to the standard X location for the PKM unless you get lucky and pick one up from a killed soldier.


You also might find the AKS47u on this map laying on the ground inside a white building right near you start of the level at the southern most area of the map.




Gold Bar #1 can be found in the Northwest corner. See below. Look at the maps for more help.

Weapon #4 M16 is located here also at the building in front.



Gold Bar #2 can be found North on a small island. See below. Look at the maps for more help.

Weapon #6 M24 is located here also, to the left looking at the screenshot.





Weapon #7 PP2000, since there are many weapons in this area, if you happen to not be able to find it, it is located in this building through the door.



Gold Bar #3 can be found on top of the hill behind the buildings and tanks. See screenshot below. Look at maps for more help.



Gold Bar #4 can be found at the North East corner of the map. See screenshot below. Look at maps for more help.





Weapon #8 PKM Is right in front of the statue before heading inside the palace at the end of the level.



Gold Bar #5 can be found inside the palace at the back entrance. See screenshot below. Just make sure you don't go upstairs to the door as it will end this level.


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This one is very simple and easy. Very easy not to die in this one. You can easily get the achievement 'Staying Alive', just be careful at the end of the level when getting fuel and protecting the helicopter.


Weapons (Collectibles): 0, None.


Total Gold: 5




Gold Bar #1 Located at the dam on the left side inside a white building across the street from 2 blue buildings. See picture below for more details.



Gold Bar #2 Located downstairs of the radio tower. When you head down the stairs take a left and another left through the next door way, it will be right there as seen below.





Gold Bar #3 Located on a small island after taking off from the radio area you were just at. Look at the map above to get more accurate directions.





Gold Bar #4 After defeating the enemies and the boats, try not to go to far ahead onto the next objective, try and land your heli as fast as possible (doesn't have to be extremely fast) land it as close as possible the area marked in the screenshot above on the map and what you see below. Which is a white building next to two blue buildings. By looking at my picture, run in and to the left and it will be right there. Just be careful of enemies if you didn't clear them and I say to be fast because if you already triggered the LOW FUEL scene, you'll want to get there as fast as possible.



Gold Bar #5 When you start, eliminate the enemies then head down the ramp. You'll see another ramp to your left, if you were to head down that ramp, directory to your right is a white building, right inside that doorway to the left is the last gold bar. See image below for more details. MAKE SURE that you do NOT go ahead and fuel the helicopter from any of the trucks as you will NOT be able to go back to get the gold bar and you will have to replay the entire level again.


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Weapons (Collectibles):

1. M95


3. AKS47U


Total Gold: 5


Weapon #1 M95 can be found at the first marker you have to go too. The marker will not show up until you get closer to the building.

Weapon #2 XM8LMG you can find to the southwest corner of the map inside of a house right off the docks in the middle.

Weapon #3 AKS47U you can find outside the first building if coming from the south road.



Weapon #1 M95 can be found at the first marker you have to go too. The marker will not show up until you get closer to the building.



Gold Bar #1 Last building in this area, can't miss it. Inside the doorway to the right. See below.



Gold Bar #2 To the right of the house sitting on some blocks. Can't miss it, see below.





Gold Bar #3 Top left of the map (look above) this will be the very first one you come across going up the hill, you will have to go off the path though, just a little.



Gold Bar #4 This is in some ruins on top of the mountain. Cross a bridge and then to your right start climbing that mountain a little. You will have to do a little jumping to get up here. See the screenshot below this picture to see how and where to jump at.





Gold Bar #5 This on the northeast side of the map. See 3 screenshots up. If you see the screenshot below this one, you can see how to get up here, just follow the dirt road till you get to a blue sign and some ruins to your right. Go to the left of the blue sign and up the hill, you'll come to what you see below.




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Weapons (Collectibles):

1. T194

2. AUG

3. 9A91

4. GOL

5. QJU88

6. SPAS15


Total Gold: 5


If you happen to miss any weapons or just cannot find them for whatever that reason might be, you should be able to find them again once you go up the hill and fight off those enemies. I found they had the same weapons I needed that I already had. Once you get all 6 weapons, you should have achievement unlocked if you have followed this guide.


Weapon #1, #2, #3 (T194, AUG, 9A91) I found off of enemies or just laying around inside of a building right at the beginning of this map. I don't think you will have a hard time getting it, just pick up enemy weapons after killing them or any weapons you see laying around inside a building pick up.

Weapon #1 T194 I reloaded this level 3 times and was able to find the T194 each time by the first enemy in the shack at the back entrance. If you happen to not, you can still find it later in this level, scroll down for the 2nd map or picture above Gold Bar #3 to locate it. (The screenshot is of the shack, just slightly blown up, weapon laying on ground, dropped by enemy.)



Weapon #2 AUG can be found at the top of the roof top (marked by an X) in the middle of the beginning area where you first encounter enemies.



Weapon #3 9A91 I'm not sure if this can always be found in here. Have yet to test. But it was laying on the ground flashing so I assume it will always be here. Here is a picture of the building, again, same area you first encounter enemies.



Weapon #4 GOL can be found at the highest point in the first area you encounter enemies. It's a sniper rifle among the guy you kill. Picture below.



Weapon #5 QJU88 can be found on top of another tower closer to the ocean.



Weapon #6 SPAS15 can be found once you go up the hill, it will be found in the first blue building upstairs. See picture below.





Gold Bar #1 is in a house on the left as soon as you go up the ramp with your tank. Screenshot below.



Gold Bar #2 is located inside of a blue building (left one) as you go on with the level down the main road. Screenshot below. Look at the mini map if you need more help.





Weapon #1 T194 If you did not happen to find the T194 at the beginning of the level from the enemy soldier from the shack then the T194 can always be located here. This X marker will only show up AFTER you have blown up the silo. It will then be ahead of you to your left.



This is just another picture for the T194, shown above, showing what building it is from a little more distance if you have trouble.



Gold Bar #3 is located right next to the building behind the pipes when you advanced towards Sadiz up the hill. Screenshot below.



Gold Bar #4 can be found after you destroy the silo, just head to the area you need to go to but don't go to far because there is a building right at the intersection that you will find gold bar #4. It is on the 2nd story. Use the screenshot below for more help.



Gold Bar #5 can be found at end of the construction buildings. Just make sure you do NOT enter the vehicle. Instead go to the right by the pools and you'll see it between them in a wide open area.



Hope you enjoyed the guide and game!



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wow, that's actually very confusing.......

What's confusing about it? I'm still making it better, feedback is always appreciated.


I only chose yellow because it was the best to go with the images. Which they represent either the gold bars or collectible weapons. Pretty easy to understand I thought? As well as showing screenshots of the exact location for those gold bars (I know I missed a few, some are not necessary at all or I just happened to have missed it/forgot to take one).

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