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al capOWNage

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Escaped the Imperial Sewers (50)

Closed an Oblivion Gate (50)

Located the Shrine of Dagon (50)

Delivered Daedric Artifact (50)

Destroyed the Great Gate (50)

Champion of Cyrodiil (110)

Murderer, Dark Brotherhood (10)

Slayer, Dark Brotherhood (10)

Eliminator, Dark Brotherhood (10)

Assassin, Dark Brotherhood (10)

Silencer, Dark Brotherhood (10)

Speaker, Dark Brotherhood (10)

Listener, Dark Brotherhood (50)

Pit Dog, Arena (10)

Brawler, Arena (10)

Bloodletter, Arena (10)

Myrmidon, Arena (10)

Warrior, Arena (10)

Gladiator, Arena (10)

Hero, Arena (10)

Champion, Arena (10)

Grand Champion, Arena (50)

Pickpocket, Thieves Guild (10)

Footpad, Thieves Guild (10)

Bandit, Thieves Guild (10)

Prowler, Thieves Guild (10)

Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild (10)

Shadowfoot, Thieves Guild (10)

Master Thief, Thieves Guild (10)

Guildmaster, Thieves Guild (50)

Associate, Mages Guild (10)

Apprentice, Mages Guild (10)

Journeyman, Mages Guild (10)

Evoker, Mages Guild (10)

Conjurer, Mages Guild (10)

Magician, Mages Guild (10)

Warlock, Mages Guild (10)

Wizard, Mages Guild (10)

Master-Wizard, Mages Guild (10)

Arch-Mage, Mages Guild (50)

Associate, Fighters Guild (10)

Apprentice, Fighters Guild (10)

Journeyman, Fighters Guild (10)

Swordsman, Fighters Guild (10)

Protector, Fighters Guild (10)

Defender, Fighters Guild (10)

Warder, Fighters Guild (10)

Guardian, Fighters Guild (10)

Champion, Fighters Guild (10)

Master, Fighters Guild (50)




COPY AND PASTE THE ENTIRE LINK TO YOUR ADDRESS BAR, for some reason, click it does not work.

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we should already have one of the pics for it, hopefully routine will see it so he can get it up on the site


3 pictures:


Pit Dog, Arena



Brawler, Arena



Escaped the Imperial Sewers


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