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Hey everybody,


I was one of the guys help contributing to booferama's posting of the guide but I have a tip for the citation achievements. It takes exactly 36 points to get to skilled in one of the 5 categories. Once you get to 72, stock up one of your categories and you will notice that Meritorious Skill Citation achievement will unlock. After it unlocks go back in and reset it so that you have 36 points in 2 categories or however you feel fit. So once again when you hit 144 points. Stack up 3 categories to unlock Silver Skill Citation and then completely stack 2, so you will unlock the Distinguished Skill Citation. So in theory the hardest on to get is the Gold Skill Citation because it takes the most amount of points to obtain. They were poorly ordered when they put it together. I am still pounding away at this and if anyone wants to boost feel free to add me and send me a message.


GT: TheChupacabra10

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