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This game is garbage

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i really hope that people are using this game for achievements, because this game really sucks. it looks like ghost recon on the original xbox. i could have made this game by myself. i you bought this game you waisted ur money. shame on you.

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I did not mind the game play, it took me a bit to get into the mindset for it. Most people do not like it because it is not a run and gun game, you actually have to stay with your guys and work as a team. So people who were all over the call of duty's or halos where you run and gun, arent happy with this one and for good reason, but if you like the strategy part of it, you will be satisfied

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Oh lawd, a bad speller cock o doodie 4 fanboy. :(


cod 4 = worst game, biggest bandwagon ever. :D

It is a big bandwagon especially when all those "cod" fans hate that its going back in time shit thats what real cod fans like myself since the first games of cod loved.


and people like you got mad cuz your fanboy game got its thunder taken out otherwise you wouldnt be ragging on another game in a different forum about another game.




Yeah I remeber playing the demo played it a couple hours it was crappy when playing by yourself but with a friend (which is impossible to find another person to play crappy games) it makes it less painful to play.

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