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I'm kinda disappointed with the achievement list. I was expecting/hoping for a little more variety than just the usual "Do x% of challenges/missions" stuff. I mean, eight achievements for solving Riddler's puzzles, seriously? I've still got hope that all those secret ones are going to turn out to be something really cool.

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I have the game and the achievements is good. Not an easy 1000 at all since getting all medals in challenges is pretty hard.

The riddler challenges is nice and arent anything but a creative way to make collectibles in the game. The game has tons of collectibles but they are implemented in a very good way.

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Solve 85% of Riddler challenges , ok then is completing 100% . is that 25% just finishing story? and are the riddler challenges duing the story or are they in this thing where you in a map and you take out people for a challenge?

There are multiple hidden things that contribute to the Riddler challenges. You could go through the entire game and finish with 0% of the Riddler challenges if you wanted to. The story does not give you anything towards the Riddler challenges.



Does anyone know how to get the Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope achievement?

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