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I just improved my time on table 2 to 0:14.71.




- don't move the queue.

- press B (red button) and move the point of impact to the top of the ball.

- press a (green button) which will pot all the upper balls.


- don't move the queue.

- press B (red button) and move the point of impact to the top of the ball.

- press a (green button) which will pot all the lower balls.


Best regards,


Theo Boots

16.77, real easy table

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I shaved a good 10 seconds off from my table 1 score. My time is now 0:28.64.

Here is how I did it:

- FIRST SHOT; power to 40 and press A. This will pot 2 balls top left and bottom right. The queue-ball will end up between the two top balls.

(I know that not changing the power will pot the same two balls. But now the position of the queue-ball is better.

- SECOND SHOT; move the ruler from left to right towards the yellow ball. When the second arrow disappears press A. If done correctly this will pot 2 balls bottom left and bottom middle. The queue ball should remain on the bottom half of the table.

- THIRD SHOT; move the ruler from right to left toward the top middle ball. Similar to shot 2 this should pot 2 balls top middle and top right.


Best Regards,



35.88, Im trying for 27.99 lol.

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Table 1: 0:35.88

Table 2: 0:13.83

Table 3: 0:44.30

Table 4: 1:26.33

Table 5: 1:06.46

Table 6: 1:59.57

Table 7: 1:17.94

Table 8: 1:00.12

Table 9: 1:17.27

Table 10: 0:09.73

Table 11: 1:15.11

Table 12: 1:43.49

Total Time: 12:50.71

Need for Achievement: 13:00.00

FINAL TIME: 12:50.71

200/200 on this game now :)


Thanks to everyone who posted guides for numbers 1,2,5,6, and 10.

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this thread was very useful for helping me get my last achievement. After finding out that you just have to come in under 13 minutes for all the tables I just went back and shaved of seconds at a time playing various tables. Soon enough the last achievement unlocked, thanks to all those who contributed to this thread.

final times

Table 1 00:43.28

Table 2 00:14.02

Table 3 01:26.73

Table 4 00:55.86

Table 5 01:51.01

Table 6 01:14.10

Table 7 01:01.67

Table 8 01:17.96

Table 9 00:10.23

Table 10 01:14.53

Table 11 01:51.03


Total Time = 12:56.22

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I had put this game off for the last 3 years thinking it would be impossible for me to get some of these tables in under a minute. I didn't realize it was an average until I saw this thread so I decided to pick the game back up again.


After reading this thread, I too didn't know it was based on an average. Thought it was all in one go. I'm gonna try to FINALLY finish this game up now! Thanks everyone!! :woop:

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Dug this game out after a few years and am doing to give it another crack... just wanted to say thanks to everyone and especially Theo for helping contribute to this thread, should definitely help me get the achieve a lot quicker!!

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thanks for the tip, I thought i have to do all the tables under 1 min but now i see it's an average of all the 12 tables. i finally got this achievement with a total time of 12:47.53


Edit: i beated my time, now it is 12:02.89 xD

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Some of these suggestions are worded pretty poorly.


Table 2, for instance. What to do here is plainly obvious (You have rows of balls above and below the cue ball) and doesn't really need to be said what to do here. The important advice is the power settings, which aren't mentioned at all. That said, it's not hard to figure out what power settings to use. Oh, and it's a cue stick, not a queue stick. ;)


And the advice for table 10 is a bit off. If you hit the ball at its lowest point or anywhere even close to it, you'll barely even move anything. You got to move up a bit compared to what the instructions suggest to pull things off. Excellent advice though that worked just fine after some experimentation to get things correct.


The advice for table 6 is 100% wrong. For starters, the table has far more than 6 balls (It's the one with a spread of balls in a circular pattern, must be a dozen or so of them). Secondly, there's not even a mention of which ball to aim for to impliment this advice (Which I imagine is for another table, it's clearly not for table 6). Which table were those instructions for?


And the table 1 advice doesn't mention which ball to start out hitting, so I wasn't even able to try it. Which is a shame since there are a good 15 seconds or so there I could gain over doing it the apparant hard way that I did it.


Good advice for table 5, though. But it's hard to pull off. Half the time I'm lucky to get 1 in, or I'll get 3 in and knock the cue ball in as well which is an automatic 10 seconds added to my time. But it still saved me some time, which is all that matters (Although I never managed to get 4 balls in, but 3 after the first shot is still good).


Some good advice, but some of the instructions could use a bit more detail. Within about 40 seconds of getting my achievement now, I figure. What looked to not even be possible seems to be within reach now with a bit more work and some luck.


What's the trick with the table (I forget the number) with 2 balls at each corner pocket and single balls next to the center pockets? I can easily get the center balls in after my first two shots with careful use of the power, but can't seem to get the corner ones in as efficient as I suspect is possible. Sometimes I'm able to knock both balls into a pocket, more often than not, just one.


What's the trick?

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Man, I'm glad I found this thread! Thanks to everyone for tips and tricks. While I haven't unlocked the achievement yet, I have got my times close enough to others who have unlocked the achievement.


I think I have one table remaining to clear almost 12 seconds and I got this. Couldn't have done it without this thread.

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