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Best Game Guide EVER...Use this and you will get 1k quickly.

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#1 - Know which weapon works best against the Akrid or VS you are fighting.

#2 - Know where every check point is on the map.

#3 - Know where every weapon is on the map that you need.

#4 - Know the most efficient way to navigate the map for each target mark in a single run through.

#5 - Know when to get the target marks and when to fight then get the target marks.

#6 - Know that the preparation for the boss fight is the most important, not the boss fight.

#7 - And probably one of the most important things to remember and master. If you want the weapon from the bad guy shooting at you YOU MUST HAVE ALL SHOTS HIT THEM IN THE HEAD. The game rewards you for clean head shots and thus will allow you to take the weapon of the bad guy you kill. This will prove very helpful when you need a plasma rifle.


These are my rules to live by on this game. I will point out most of them through the guide, but incase you do not follow the guide word for word, remember these first rules.


This is the first mission, I will post the additional missions in this thread as I write them.


Mission #1


As soon as the mission starts turn around. There should now be a building on your right. At the back of the building on the ground is your first target mark. Shoot it quickly then turn around and start shooting at the T-ENG tanks while walking toward them. Once destroyed pick up the T-ENG and turn toward your VS. While walking toward your VS keep shooting your repel rope with X. Once attached make sure you hit the X button again to release you once you have almost made it to the VS. Master this skill so you do not have to jump in the air after every time you use your repel rope. Once in your VS you need to destroy every car and T-ENG tank. Make sure when you destroy anything that your VS is almost right near the object you are destroying so your VS takes damage from the explosion. It is important to damage your VS so that you will eventually have to eject from it and you can get the T-ENG from your VS. Once everything metal is destroyed you will come up on an Akrid hive. Walk Past the Akrid hive and let them give your VS some damage. If you walk past the hive you will initiate the Chryatis Akrid. Make sure you walk far enough to initiate him. Once he is out of the ground turn around and kill the Akrid hive. At some point your VS will take enough damage where you are forced to eject. Make sure this occurs before you kill off the Chryatis. Now that you are out of your VS, get the T-ENG from the damaged VS. Now focus on one appendage of the Chryatis. Just shoot at it while walking backwards. There is no way you will take any damage as long as you continue to walk backwards and shoot at the leg you are trying to kill first. Once it falls off you will have a few seconds while the Chryatis seems to regroup. Use this time to damage the other leg as much as possible before the Chryatis starts to move again. Once it starts to move repeat the process of shooting while walking backwards. The leg will then fall off and you have to finish off the abdomen to kill it and get it's T-ENG. Once all the Akrid are killed, walk straight and pick up the shotgun in the snow. Then straight ahead of that is a broken concrete pillar. Make sure you have the machine gun equipped. Shoot your repel rope to the top of the broken pillar and shoot the target mark hidden behind it once you release and you jump. You should be able to easily shoot it on the way down from your jump. The key to this section is that if you follow the video walkthrough listed on this website, the player in the walkthrough does not get the target marks and does not kill the cars or his VS. Also he kills the Akrid with the VS by shooting the abdomen. The problem with shooting his abdomen is that while it is easier in the VS to do it, it is impossible while on foot and on foot is how you will have to kill most of them in the game. As a point of reference, doing it the way I described you should have over 3500 T-ENG, whereas the Video Walkthrough only has 2200 once you enter the building.


Now you are in the building. The key here is to not back track. Also Do NOT USE YOUR SHOTGUN. What I did on this part of the mission is go side to side shooting everything. Cars, Gas Tanks, Akrids and the Hives. I started toward the right and moved left then went back and forth. In the process you will see a lot of ammo to pick up. Pick it all up along the way. There is nothing tricky in this area at all. There are no target marks in this building. So the objective here would be to not backtrack, kill everything and do not stop moving. Time is always your enemy on Extreme Mode. The guy in the video Walkthrough tells you not to worry about the T-ENG dropped by the Akrid. Well he is wrong because he does not navigate the building correctly. If done correctly you should focus on one section of the building at a time. What he does is he focuses on the hives and making a path through the building. This is a foolish way to do it. Each hive has a limited number of Akrid that come out of them. If you kill the cars and pick up the ammo, you will see a large collection of Akrid that have come out. When you kill one it explodes and normally will damage any that are near it. Also the Exploding gas barrells give you T-ENG and also will take out a large amount of Akrid around it. For reference he leaves the building with about 3300 T-ENG. I left it with almost 5500. Now exit the building once you have destroyed everything. Your T-ENG at this point should be almost 5000.


As you exit the building there is a building right in front of you with a fence that runs along the path you will be on. You can aim toward the building and while using your repel keep pressing X and you will eventually lock on the building. It will allow you to save time and not have to trek up the hill and get past the fence. Hug the side of the building where the fence starts. What you are walking next to is a wall that surrounds the building. The target mark is on the other side of the wall in the corner opposite EAST of the fence. To reach it you will have to repel up and jump. While in the air you will have to aim and shoot. Get use to this move because will have to shoot a target mark while jumping several times in Extreme Mode. Once you have the target mark you will see ammo that is burried. it is a Rocket Launcher. You do not need it, so do not waste your timing digging it up. At this point your T-ENG will have depleted because there was nothing to destroy to get more. My T-ENG is at 4300 once I got past the fence.


Now you should be walking toward a building. On the left side of the building you will see a Akrid hive and at the front of the building there are exploding barrels. IGNORE ALL OF THIS. Walk in to the building and initiate the Chryatis Akrid that will fall from above. Once he has been initiated, walk back out the door you came in. He will follow you. Shoot his legs and one should fall quick if you have mastered this skill. When he has lost a leg and stops to regroup, shoot his other leg. As soon as he starts to move toward you again, shoot the exploding barrels. This will make him pause again and you can finish off the leg if you have yet to do so. Finish off the abdomen and collect the T-ENG from the Chryatis and the barrels you exploded. Now deal with the Akrid hive. Kill off all the Akrid and you will see there is no more coming out of the hive. Now kill the Hive and get all the T-ENG. FYI, If you shoot the barrells and Akrid before killing the Chryatis you will get no T-ENG from any of them because they will all disappear before you finish off the Chrysatis. Also, once you kill the Exploding Akrid they will crystalize. When you kill them they give you a little T-ENG. Then they will give you more once you break the crystalized remains. Oh one more note, if you shoot the Chryatis in the abdomen it drops T-ENG the entire time and you will not be able to get it because it will disappear. Shooting its legs leaves the majority of the T-ENG intact in its body until you finish it off when it is on the ground. The best thing about this technique is when you get on a board where you have to fight multiple Chryatis, you can get them all down by shooting their legs off, then once all are down you can finish each off at the same time and get all the T-ENG. Versus the way the walkthrough will show you you end up getting only the T-ENG from the last one you defeat. Using my method you will go in to any of the boss fights with a great deal more T-ENG than they show you on the video walkthrough.


Now you will go outside the building. If you want the target mark do not follow the video walkthrough. What you need to do here is just explode the door leading outside. Barely walkthrough and enitice the Dongo Akrid. Once you see they are facing you, they will soon ball up and roll to try and attack you. You want to now go back inside the building you came out of. Equip your shotgun. This will be good practice for the boss. If you go back inside only one akrid will be visible to you and should be near the door. The other Dongo Akrid is right outside the door to the right. You want to try and focus on the Akrid you can see. You can shoot the eyes and that will stun the Dongo and slightly damage it. That will give you enough time to focus on the tail. Each hit with the shotgun on the tail will stun the Dongo making it pause whatever it was attempting to do prior to getting hit. If you notice the other Dongo starting to come toward you, throw a grenade at it or if it is really close shoot it's eyes to buy you some time. Whatever you do, do not go to far out because you will trigger another Chryatis Akrid and then you made your job a lot more difficult trying to deal with it and the Dongo's.

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PART 2 Mission 1


Once you kill the first two Dongo's you are safe to get the target mark. Look at the picture from the Target Mark guide. To get it head left out the door and up the embankment. Shoot your repel rope to the ledge. Make sure your machine gun is equipped. Repel, jump then shoot the target mark. Once you get the target mark you have a decision to make. You can either avoid the Dongo's and Chryatis that will spawn once you cross to go up the mountain or you can stay and fight. If you stay and fight I will give you the best method so you only fight one at a time. If you run, stay to the right and then repel up. Once you are up, stay to the right of the path until both Dongo's roll past you and all the rocks fall. Going to the left or staying in the center will engage you in a fight with one of the 2 Dongo's and you will also get hit with the rockslide. If you wanted to stay and fight here is what you need to do. From the target mark approach the car that is near the cliff. Hug as close to the cliff as you can. Go slow and you should initiate a spawn of a Dongo. From that point back track to the building following the same path you just walked. If you deviate from that path you will more than likely initiate the spawning of the Chryatis and then you are in for a tough battle against the Dongo and Chryatis at the same time. Once near or in the building deal with the Dongo in the same manner you did the first two. When he is dead now go toward the left and hug the wall of the mountain as close as you can. You will then Spawn another Dongo. Now backtrack and deal with it. Once you dealt with both Dongo's you can walk through he middle and allow the Chryatis to spawn. Use the Machine gun walking backwards shooting at its legs int he same manner as described previously. Once the Chryatis is dead you can pick up all the ammo in the valley and destroy any cars that are left. I stayed and fought and ended up with 4200 T-ENG. You can do back down in the valley once if you desire to fight the 2 Dongo's that roll down the hill and in to the valley. If you travel too far up the path they will not roll in to the valley and will make another run at you. So be sure NOT to go that far up the path. Just go far enough so they start to roll toward you then backtrack and make sure they fall in to the valley. If only one out of the two does, you are better off fighting the one left on the path than waiting for it to roll at you again. I did that and I did not gain but 100 T-ENG after the fight so I do not think it is worth going down in the valley at all.



Now that the rock slide is done and the Dongo's are down in the valley where they cannot get to you (or dead), cross over to the left side and pick up the shot gun. Walk all the way up the hill until you reach the cave opening to the Akrid nest. Krill Akrid will fly out of the Cave the moment you approach. If your machine gun is equipped, shoot them before they hit you. You will walk over their T-ENG as you enter the cave and all it will do for you is help you maintain the T-ENG you already have. They give you the least T-ENG in the entire game. The cave is the check point. You want to make sure you get there as quick as possible once you have decided to not fight anymore and have all the T-ENG that you can get. As a point of reference I got to the check point with 4300 T-ENG.


Now that you are in the cave be prepared for all that T-ENG you just built up to quickly go away. The Main thing in the cave you need to know is you need to go in to the boss fight with as much shotgun ammo you can gather and a full amount of Grenades. When you enter the cave you will see an Akrid hive attached to the side of the walkway/bridge you will have to cross. Shoot it while walking and do not stop. Then start shooting the Akrid hive that is blocking the path you have to take that is a bridge over to the other side. Make sure you get the T-ENG from this hive. Be quick and do not stop walking. There is a Shotgun on the bridge across. If you have over 50 shells already you do not need this gun. If you stop to pick it up you will get pelted by a lot of Krill that are flying at you. I entered the boss cave with 48 shells and ended up with 11 left after the fight. Shoot the Akrid Eggs at the end of the bridge and get the T-ENG without stopping. Just to reitterate every time you stop you will more than likely get pelted by the flying Krill. Now jump down from the bridge and get the Akrid Eggs there. Immediately hug the wall to the left and get to the edge. The Last target mark is to the left of what appears to be a closed opening to a cave. It is Orange, just look at the picture on the target mark guide. Shoot it with the Machine gun. Once you have it turn around and head toward the two Akrid hives blocking your way in to the Boss's cave. Kill them and attempt to get all the T-ENG. Once you are done head over the bridge to the boss. I found walking backwards was very effective because you can shoot the flying Krill coming at you. When you get to the edge of the boss cave, switch your weapon to the shotgun. This will be the ONLY weapon you use in the boss fight. As a point of reference I entered the cave this time with 3300 T-ENG. I have entered the cave with a lot more, but this time I was not as fortunate. It is in my opinion that if you get to the cave and have less than 2500 T-ENG, you should kill yourself before entering the cave and let the game restart you from the check point. You will find in this game if you prepare well before a boss fight collecting all possible T-ENG in the right order that the boss fight is not that hard in Extreme mode. However, if you do the opposite and just get to the end and not worrying about you T-ENG you will spend hours trying to beat the boss. So take heed and use this strategy for the entire game. It is much easier to get frustrated when you have a check point and can conserve you T-ENg versus getting in a boss battle with little to no T-ENG and working your tail off to beat a boss when you are essentially handicapped from the start.



If you follow the video guide you are in for a lot of frustration. This is where most people give up on doing it on extreme because by doing it in the way it is shown it makes the difficulty much much harder. The only thing on the Video Game guide done right IMO is the first move which is throwing a grenade, but you really do not have to do it. I throw a couple greneades first, then I just charge where the first two Dongo's are with the shotgun and do not let up shooting. Target their tails if you can, otherwise stun them in their eyes. The main thing to know on this board is you do not have to kill all of the Dongo's to beat the boss. It will make it a lot easier, but it is not necessary. One thing to know is anytime you have a clear shot on the boss's tail take it. Get as close as you can to the boss's tail. The closer you are the more damage you will take with the shotgun. Now one trick on here with this boss is that he can not turn as fast as you can walk. If you find yourself on the side of him there is no way he will get you if you continue to move in the same direction he is and at the same time you can stay as close to him as you want. The other trick is that if you ever find yourself under the boss it may just be the safest place if the Dongo's are still alive. The Boss cannot hurt you that much if at all when you are under him and with the shotgun equipped you can take some decent damage off the boss if you ever see the tail. Ok so on to how to kill the boss. Make sure you shoot the tail anytime you see it still. When it balls up and starts rolling fast make sure you throw a grenade to make it stop or it will roll at you then all around the cave for a long time befire it stops. As soon as you hit him with a grenade, he will stop rolling and slide on his belly accross from where he was rolling. Now run toward it and shoot the tail before he flips over, then again and again when he flips over. He willnow turn around and you will have to run around him fast to get to his tail agin before he starts rolling and you have to throw a grenade. If you are really close to the tail when you shoot it it will throw out a bunch of T-ENG you will quickly absorb. If the Dongo's are still alive just remember, the Dongo's are no different to kill than the ones you killed previously on the board. So be patient and make sure you stun all the ones around the one you are targeting to kill first or the ones you do not stun will more than likely roll over you and damage you. Above all DO NOT use the rocket launcher strategy shown in the video guide. It is the worst strategy to employ because it makes you stop to fire and you have to have incredible aim. That is hard to do, just look at the first shot the player took in the video guide...HE MISSED. That should show you right there it is not the way to fight the boss. Just stay with the shotgun and shoot the tail every time he is still no matter if the Dongo's are there or not. It took me less than 5 minutes to beat the boss once I used this strategy.


Mission 2 will be posted later. Let me know what you think about this guide so far.

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Mission #2 Part 1


At the start there are some Explosive Barrels just ahead from where you start on the left. Shoot them get the T-ENG. immediately turn right and repel on ton the top of the overhang/awning. Up there on the end closest to where you started from is a gap between the two buildings. Repel to it and jump, then shoot the target mark that is clearly visible. Go to the end of the awning and pick up the shotgun. Stay with your machine gun equipped and drop down off the end of the awning. Shoot the crystalized Akrid and get the T-ENG. Now this is where you have to make a decision. The Video guide instructs you to run to the end of this map to the check point. You can do that but you would still need to return to get the other target marks. If you use that strategy follow the Video Guide. However, I suggest using the way I am about to lay out for you. First off you are going to get a lot od Dongo Akrid if you do not follow my strategy. Second if you run to the check point when you come back you will still have to kill these Dongo's to get the target mark. You will see I will recommend coming back anyway, so you should atleast kill the Dongo's and get good at it since this will not be the last time you will have to face them. The key here is you go not want to initiate them spawning all at once along with the Chryatis. if you do that you might as well try and make it to the check point because it could be a hopeless battle fighting almost 8 Dongo's and up to 3 Chryatis. Just like in the first mission you will find there are certain areas on the map that once you cross them you will have a Akrid spawn. The best strategy to follow is a very simple one. Either follow this guide OR if you want to do it on your own go slow and the moment a Akrid spawns in back track the exact same way you walked in to the spawn point. So many people make the mistake to run for it and move forward and all this does is create more and more Akrid. The entire game on every difficulty works in this same manner. Ok back to Mission #2. You can go down either the left or right side. I will tell you the Left side is best to do first because you have to go down the right for the target mark and the T-ENG tank. Because of this you want to make sure you have completely cleaned out the area of Akrids first. Regardless of which side you go down if you follow the method of backtracking the most Akrid you will face at one time is 2. I am not going to walk you through each Dongo because it is self explanatory. Just make sure you go down the left, backtrack and kill what spawned. Make it all the way to the arch that you can pass under to get to the next section then return tot he start. After that make it down the right side to the T-ENG tank. You should not initiate any Akrid's from the next section provided you do not blow up the T-ENG tank or proceed past that point.


Now that you have cleared the area of the Akrid's go to the T-ENG tank on the right side but not all the way. The building to the right of you before you get to the T-ENG tank is the building where the Target Mark is. There is 2 strategies to getting the coin here. This is the first of a few difficult target marks where you have to get the correct angle to shoot the target mark. What I suggest is you attempt to get the target mark, if you get to the point where your T-ENG is going to be completely out, just shoot the T-ENG tank get that T-ENG and proceed to the next area. I say this because if you have gone through the trouble of clearing out the Akrid you do not want to do that again and to get this target mark you can return by backtracking from the checkpoint. Either way you have to fight through the next area or run. If you think you can make it to the check point the run if you dare. It is my opinion that if you follow the strategy discussed earlier about spawn points you can make it to the check point and have a substanial amount of T-ENG. As a point of reference, I noted that my T-ENG when I reached the check point was 3200 and I failed to get the Target Mark. For some reason I could not master this type of shooting until later in the game.


Once you have reached the check point kill yourself. Either allow the Chryatis to kill you or throw a few grenades for you to jump on. The reason for doing this is two-fold. One to get the Target mark if you missed it and two to get the maximum amount of T-ENG so you can operate the VS without having to worry about running out. Now you spawn in at the check point, turn around and return to the previous board and at least get all the T-ENG tanks. When I returned from getting the target mark, I noted that I had almost 6000 T-ENG. Now that you have plenty of T-ENG, jump in the VS. Destroy every car and the Akrid. Equip your VS with the shotgun and the gatling gun. Make a note that either on foot or with the VS, the shotgun does massive damage if you are really close to your target. VS use the same strategy of going slow then backtracking when you hit an Akrid spawn point. Once you clear out the first path you will make a right turn. Be aware there is a snow pirate on the furthest building from you that has a rocket launcher. Make sure you pay attention so that you do not get hit. If he fires you have plenty of time to jump or dodge so that it misses. After turning right clear out that entire path way and go to where you see the T-ENG tanks. If you have not killed the snow pirate on the ledge who shoots the rockets, do so now by jumping with your VS and shooting him with either gun. Now turn around and head down the next path. Down this path you will face some Akrid and some small VS machines manned by snow pirates. You can kill these VS's quickly with the shotgun, so load up and it will take about 3-4 direct hits to each. Let them blow up then take their T-ENG. My strategy from this point is free flowing. However you choose to get to the next check point is up to you, but there are several things you have to do in no certain order. #1 Make sure your VS gets destroyed so you can get the T-ENG from it. #2 make sure you locate and kill all snow pirates with the Rocket Launchers so that they do not take down the tower you will need for the next Target mark. Hopefully you mastered the head shot and you can take the rocket launcher. If you can make sure you have the rocket launcher and machine gun as your two weapons. #3 get the target mark before you proceed up the broken building to the next check point.


OK to get the next target mark you will have to go up the green tower that is right before you head in to the building that is broken and has a hole right through the middle of it. If you did not get all the snow pitates with rocket launchers you will soon find out very quickly because once you repel up the green tower it will quickly get destroyed by a rocketed that was aimed at you. SO MAKE SURE YOU KILL ALL PIRATES EQUIPPED WITH THE ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! Once you are up on the tower, turn toward the building you will next be going in to and the target mark will be clearly visible. Once you have the target mark jump down and head in to the building. Repel up and kill all the snow pirates along the way. It is very easy, just make sure to kill them where you will have enough time to get their T-ENG. For reference I made it to the check point with 5700 T-ENG. The check point is at the top of the building.


Now proceed and kill the first two snow pirates. Only kill the first two. When you make it to the third you would have spawned in a VA that is going to fly up and over to you. Backtrack, equip your rocket launcher and kill the VS. Take it's T-ENG. Now equip the machine gun and go kill the snow pirate you left. The next part is pretty straight forward. Kill every snow pirate until you get to the fence. Beside the fence is a rifle. Assuming all the snow pirates behind you are now killed, backtrack until you see the railroad box cars that are elevate up in the air like an inverted V. If you are backtracking the coin will be on your right. To see the target mark get on the highest point of the box car. Now use your scope and look between the two T-ENG tanks far away on top of the building. See the target mark guide for a picture. Once you have got the target mark proceed back to where you found the rifle. From that point shoot every snow pirate across from you in the head. Make sure you kill every one. If done correctly you will have 4-5 rifles to pick up and a couple rocket launchers.

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Mission 2 Part 2

Now cross the metal beam. Once you activate the mini boss VS, cross back over the metal beam back to where you picked up the rifle. At this time the VS cannot hurt you at all. If you follow the video guide and stay over there you will take a pounding on your T-ENG at the very least. My way is the best and really only way. Load up your rocket launcher and destroy the VS. If for some reason you run out of rockets, no problem. Equip a machine gun and fire at the legs of the VS. It will not be as effective as the rocket launcher, but it will work. Once the VS is dead cross the metal beam again. Take the T-ENG and all the rifles and rockets. you will now jump on top of the box car in front of you to enter the next area and the next checkpoint. Make sure you equip the rifle and have the rocket launcher as your other weapon.


The next part is straight forward. As soon as you spawn in, repel up to the ledge above you. Do your best to stay on this elevated bridge then entire way down. At one point you will have to hop down on to a box car and then back up to the bridge but this is the safest way to get through the level and there are no target marks in this building. Once you have made it to the end of the bridge you will have to go right and in to a hallway. Watch out because there will be a snow pirate with a rocket launcher on one knee waiting on you. Take him out and take his weapon. Now you will go down some stair and through a metal gate. Do not go past the metal gate very far. What you want to do here is get your last target mark and snipe every snow pirate you can before activating the next check point. Look at the target mark guide to see the picture, but the target mark is directly across from you on right on top of the building. You will barely be able to see it, but if you hit it you will definitely see the green flourescent teardrop that tells you you successfully shot it. Once you have the target mark, shoot all the snow pirates you can see. Once you shoot all the ones you can see shoot the concrete on the right. Behind the concrete is two VS machines manned by snow pirates. You can snipe them out before teh check point and they will not be there once you hit the checkpoint. Also there are two rocket turret stationary VS machines going back and forth on top of the short building tot he right. You can snipe the closest one of them out. Ok now that you sniped out everyone you can walk forward to the rifle you see on the ground and a checkpoint will be initiate. At this point if you do not have enough ammo or T_ENG you can turn around and get some weapons and T-ENG from the area you just left and all the snow pirates should be gone. However I did find that one time there were two snow pirates still in the building so be aware. once you have enough ammo and T_ENG, go get in the VS. Kill everything left on the map and try to get the last manned stationary rocket VS to kill your VS if the VS is not equipped with the rocket launcher. If it is equipped with the rocket launcher walk it over to the side of the building and shoot the rockets to damage your VS. This will kill your VS and thus you will get about 1500 T-ENG from the destroyed Vs. Make sure you kill both VS machines either by destroying them yourself because they are equipped with a rocket launcher or have the snow pirates destroy them while you are in them. Once both are destroyed go up the stairs to the right of the building with the stationary VS. Now kill the VS with the snow pirate in it. It will take only 2 grenades. Once destroyed take the T-ENG. Now get in the other Stationary VS that is left. You can shoot any bad guys that are firing at you. When done, aim your rockets from the VS toward the ground. When you shoot them it will damage the VS and eventually destroy it. After you eject take the T-ENG. Now head to the boss. You want to make sure you have a rocket launcher and a machine gun when you go in to the boss battle. There is a rocket launcher in the building under the stationary VS's. Also you should see snow pirates with rocket launchers so head shot them and take their weapon.



As a point of reference I entered the boss battle with over 6200 T-ENG. One thing to be aware of on this board is if you cross over the middle of it the boss immediately appears OR the boss will immediately appear as soon as the first of the two VS's are destroyed. If you look at the video guide the person playing it has under 1000 T-ENG. This is not advised because it will make your battle absolutely a horrible experience and you might think this boss is the toughest. First order of business is to head to the right as shown in the game guide. However before doing so remove the shotgun off the VS from the destroyed VS in front of you. You should now be equipped with the rocket launcher and the VS shotgun. Go to the building on the right and place the shotgun next to the gatling gun. Now jump on top of the building and get the VS rocket launcher and pick up the other roacket launcher ammo if you need any. Jump back down and now pick up the gatiling gun. Bot VS machines will charge to where you are but if you stay next to the building they can not get a clean shot at you. Now focus on one VS with the gatling gun and aim at its legs. You will find it is very effective. Once the VS shutters and starts to smoke do the same thing to the other VS. Once it shutters and starts to smoke, aim at the VS that is closest to you and destroy it. You aim at the closest so you can get its T-ENG if you need it. It will die quick and in comes the boss. Now you need to get rid of that last VS quick. If it is close to you, pick up the BS shotgun and unload on it. If it is far away, use the gatling gun and do not attempt to get the T-ENG. Either way it should get destroyed relatively quick since you have all the right weapons at your fingertips. Now find the boss and kae sure you stay near the building because the boss can jump on top of you anc kill you very quickly regardless of how much T-ENG you have. If the boss is far away use the gatling gun until the bullets run out. Once it it out equip the VS rocket launcher or shotgun depending on where the boss is. Just know if he is right next to you which sometimes happen you need to use the shotgun because using a rocket launcher that close will hurt you more than him from the explosion and you could die instantly. The best way I found to kill this boss is stay near the building and make sure you always keep your eye on where he is going and were he will potentially land. You will have a few seconds to shoot while he is about to land and just before he is about to take off so make your shots count and aim for his legs. If you start to run low on T-ENG there are two tanks near where you are. If you run out of VS ammo, you can use your equipped small rocket launcher but it will not deal as much damage as a VS weapon. If you run out and want a VS weapon, head to the T-ENG tanks near you and follow the edge of the building until you get to the left side near a long short building directly across from the first building you were using for cover. In the process you will walk past a VS Rocket Launcher and there is also one on top of this small building. standing next to this build had the same effect as the one across from it as the boss was unable to jump on top of you and kill you instantly. If you prepared for this battle by killing yourself int he VS's and getting the max amount of T-ENG you could gather, this boss battle will not be very hard. It is all about timing the boss's jumps. If you look at the video guide I can promise you that it took him several attempts to finish off the boss since he had so little T-ENG to start with and he used the qrong tactics in killing the first two VS machines.

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Mission #3


This is quite possibly the hardest mission for most people to get all of the target marks in one run through. The good news is if you can't do it, the boss is super easy compares to most other Extreme bosses. The better news is follow this guide and you should get through without a ton of problems. Ok before I start, you are going to think some of what I tell you do is crazy but you need to follow it if you do not want to have to run through it more than once.


Now let's start. As soon as you spawn in there is a VS Rocket Launcher on the ground. Pick it up and equip the "Standing" VS with it. Now get in the Standing VS. Take it and point it toward the metal barrier right in front of it and blast one rocket in to the barrier with the VS as close to it as you can. That will take your life down on the VS to about half. Now while in the VS equip the Gatling Gun that you just took off. Exit this VS and get in the other VS that is in the snowmobile state on the ground. Hit Y and raise it up to a walking position and equip the rocket launcher. Now do the same thing again with this one knocking it's life in half and LEAVE THE ROCKET LAUNCHER EQUIPPED. Exit the VS machine and head toward the two T-ENG tanks. Fire your machine gun at them while moving. They should both be exploded before you get them and you can quickly pick up the T-ENG. Between where you started and the tanks you will come up on a Energy Gun make sure you pick it up. From there there are 3 hives on the mountain in front of you. Go toward the one that in all by itself and fire your machine gun while walking. Pick up that T-ENG and head toward the two that are together and pick up the T-ENG that falls from them. Now turn around and head back toward the VS's and you should see another Akrid hive. The Hive is your target now, but while walking you will see the yellow ammo indicator in the snow about half way between you and the Hive. This ammo is "disc grenade", pick them up. Continue walking toward the hive and use your machine gun to destroy it. Pick up all the T-ENG from it. Now from the right side of where the Hive was you should see another yellow ammo indicator. It is very close to the barrier that is to the right of where the VS machines should still be sitting. it is a rocket launcher you will have to dig up. Go dig it up and equip it. Drop your machine gun when you equip it so you will have the Rocket Launcher & the Energy Gun. Once you have the Rocket Launcher head to the two VS Machines you have half destroyed. Ok here comes the crazier part. Get as close to the front of the VS as you can. It should give you an option to enter the VS. What you do now is throw a Disc Grenade on the VS that does not have the Rocket Launcher on it. Then quickly get in. It will explode and take the life down if you do it quick enough. The object here is to repeat this process until ti makes you eject then you get the T-ENG from it. Now get in the other VS that has the Rocket Launcher equipped. Put it back as a snowmobile and go to the other two VS machines that are almost near the fence and on the left side of where you first spawned in to start the level. When you get to the other two VS machines put your VS back in the standing position. Now exit the VS and REMOVE the rocket launcher. Now put the rocket launcher on the STANDING VS. Turn and go back to the VS that you drove over. Now throw your disc grenade on it like you did the other one and quickly get in and repeat until it makes you eject. Now pick up the T-ENG and get in the VS that has the rocket launcher equipped. Now blow yourself up against the barrier until it makes you eject. Pick up the T-ENG and get in the VS that is made in to a snowmobile. Drive the VS over to the last Akrid hive that is on the side of the barrier closest to you but in the middle of this section of the board. Blow it up and collect the T-ENG. Now turn around and head to the two T-ENG tanks which would have been behind you if you were facing the hive while you killed it. Blow up the T-ENG tanks and collect the T-ENG. Now put your VS int he standing positon and you can shoot the first target mark which is target mark "A".


Now the best thing to do here is make sure you know where all your target marks are. The order the guide gives you I found is much more difficult to do so follow my order. The next mark you should head toward is target mark "E". Put your VS back in the snowmobile position and ride it as long as you can down the left side of the map near the cliff. You will lose your VS before you even get half way, but you will gain T-ENG from it. Ok before I go any further this is where most people stress out because of the constat vibrations and hits from the giant worms. Not to fret here is a tried and true trick that works. DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT THE WORMS. Just head toward the target mark. If at anytime you see the Worm's shadow over you and you are within that shadow more tot he right or left to get out of it. The only time you are at risk of getting eaten is if you are in its shadow. So no need to look at the worm at all just stay focused on getting to target mark "E". When I got to target mark "E" there was a period of time I had to focus on the target mark shoot it and still catch my breath before the worm reappeared near me or put me in danger. This target mark can be tricky if you are not following the pictures from the guide. Follow the picture and the map contain for that target mark it is a very good map to follow and if you are paying attention it should not be overly hard to find. Make sure you have you energy gun equipped and zoom in with the scope to shoot it. Once you have target mark "E" I am going to tell you to do something that sounds crazy but it works. You now need to cross the board and head toward target mark "I". The best and really only way to do this is turn toward the target mark and you will see a ridge line in the snow that goes across the board in that direction. Follow that ridge line and you will get minimum trouble. Make sure you keep your energy gun equipped. I suggest pausing the game at this point so you know exactly where target mark "I" is located. The trick here is as you get closer you need to have your energy gun scope on and looking all the time at it. The moment you do not feel vibration from the worm and you see the mark, stop and shoot. You should be able to hit it with ease, but make sure you do it from a distance because the closer you get the more likely your energy gun will shoot but the energy ray you shoot from it will head toward and Akrid Krill flying around the T-ENG tanks. once you hit the target mark head toward the T-ENG tanks below it and destroy them and obviously get the T-ENG from them. If you find a machine gun at anytime after target mark "I" exchange your Energy Gun for it because you will not need the energy gun again. For reference I had 3700 T-ENG once I destroyed the tanks and collected the T-ENG.

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Mission #3 Part 2


Once you get destroy the T-ENG tanks hug the side of the mountain and head toward the building where target mark "R" is. Make sure you hug the mountain or you will trigger the giant Chrysatis Akrid and you want to avoid him at all cost. While hugging the mountain you will see a metal fence/barricade in the close distance. You want to go to the right of this and you could use your repel rope to attach and cover the distance a little quicker if you want to. Behind the fence you will see what appears to be a long square container of some kind. Your target mark is on the other side of this container on the top of the building in the corner (see picture in the guide). After the container there will be another section of fence just like the first set you passed. You need to repel over it and do so as close to the right side as you can get. Once over this section of fence, above you will see metal tube with a bend in it. The bend is heading toward the building. Repel up to it and the target mark is on the end of this tube that is the closest to the building. Now if you do not have a machine gun use your energy gun. After you get the mark drop down and move away from the building. If you mess up and get too close to the building you will enter and have to fight the boss. You will see three T-ENG tanks. Get the T-ENG from them. If you do not have a machine gun there is one just outside the fence near the tanks. Going out there will trigger a giant Chrysatis Akrid if you have not triggered it already. But if you do not have the machine gun you have no choice because you need it for the next target mark. Once you have the Machine gun head toward target mark "M". See the picture in the guide. It is on the mountain top on the left side of the building where the boss is. You need to get on the hill that is across from it that is shown in the picture and shoot it. You may have to jump and shoot it depending on where you ended up with the best shot. This target mark is easy to get with the machine gun but quite difficult with the energy gun.


Now on to the last target mark. Equip you rocket launcher. Most people try and use the energy gun but I found it much more effect with the rocket launcher since the energy gun will shoot the Krill Arkid instead of staying on the target mark when you shoot. The last target mark is "G". If you look at the picture in the guide you will see it is on the left side of the building at the end of the map. It is very very hard to see no matter what gun you use. The easiest way I found to see it was to head toward the area it shows in the guide. Get PAST the building that would then be on your left. Then look up in the scope of the rocket launcher. If you aim directly at it you will score a direct hit with the rocket launcher and will see the green florescent teardrop that shows you successfully hit the mark. This one could be as painful as it is the most frustrating one in the game in my opinion, so watch your T-ENG. You need about 150 T-ENG to successfully get back to the building where the boss is and the good news is you can fight the boss with the T-ENG the game starts you with for that boss fight. So if for some reason you are not successful getting the last target mark head to the boss and you will have to play this board twice. For reference I ended up with just slightly over 1000 T-ENG when I entered the boss fight.



This boss is very very easy. Once you are in the game turn right and get in the VS. The game allows you to take a cheap shot and immediately fire a rocket and nail the boss. Once you do that you need to jump and hover to shoot this boss each time. Just Jump. hover, lock on the boss and shoot a rocket. You may need to use the other VS that is in the room, but the trick is NOT TO GO OUTSIDE where you see those tempting VS tanks. This boss will kill your VS off ad you get the T-ENG from it before you enter the other VS on the board. The other VS on the board is directly across from where you spawned in to start the fight. There is also additional rockets to the left of your spawn point for when you need them. Also there is a dead VS right beside the second VS and if you think you have time you can remove the rocket launcher that is on it and put it on the VS you are about to get in. What you want to make sure to do is not to follow the Video Guide where the guy has his VS killed because he was trying to get the T_ENG tank in the room. You want to be killed near the second VS so you can immediately get in your second VS. If you watch the Video walk through the player does not hover much. You need to constantly jump every time you touch the ground then hover. If you stay too long on the ground you get damaged heavily by the boss. If you hover and move left or right in the air you take minimal if any damage. FYI if you dare to go outside, there is a 3rd VS at the very very end of the snow path. I doubt you would make it there before dying, but it is there just for reference. Back to the video guide for a moment, in the player went outside which in my opinion is the cardinal sin for this board because most of the time the boss will go nuts on you and go back and for on the path doing moves you would never see otherwise. Listen carefully...Get in the VS, take a quick cheap shot then Jump and hover toward the second VS. Now jump, hover then shoot every time you barely touch the ground. DO NOT STAY ON THE GROUND IF YOU CAN AVOID IT AT ALL.

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A couple things I wanted to add before I went on to the Mission #4 walkthrough.


#1 - The killing of a VS by using a disc grenade only works with the small VS machines that can turn in to a snowmobile. They have a shorter period to initialize and thus you take the damage from the disc grenade. Any other VS machines take a longer period to initialize and while the grenade will still go off, you will take no damage while it is initializing.


#2 - Make sure you understand playing the map before the boss in every single level is all about the preparation for the the Boss fight. If you do not take the time to destroy the VS Machines you have on the map so you can gain their T-ENG then you are only hurting yourself when you begin to fight the boss. I have yet to meet anyone that plays the boards this way, but once I figured that trick out I never lost to a boss again on any difficulty.


#3 - SHOTGUNS, SHOTGUNS, SHOTGUNS...When all else fails most bosses or bad guys are very weak to a shot gun either on the VS or while on foot. The trick with the shotgun is the closer you are the more damage you will inflict.


Now I am going to list each weapon and what the best use of the weapon is.


Machine Gun - This is your all purpose weapon and available on every map and should be very plentiful. It also has an effect on most every enemy in the game. The best use for this weapon is when you are shooting you are moving away from your target. It has medium range compared to most weapons and the damage is not as great as others, but when you can use this weapon while walking you will soon learn how valuable it is.


Shotgun - (Previously discussed above)


Rifle - As on most shooter games the rifle is good for sniping. However they generally have limited ammo so you have to use it wisely and use it just for the targets in the game you need it for.


Rocket Launcher - It is the most visually impressive weapon. it packs a large punch if used correctly. The biggest negative with this weapon is to use it you have to be completely still. You cannot use this weapon while walking because it stops your character automatically. Although you can reload the weapon while walking.


Energy Gun - The best use of this weapon is to force your enemy out of a VS so you can take it over and use it. To do so you have to have a full energy pulse ready to shoot. To do that you have to hold down the right trigger until you see the weapon cannot charge anymore. The other uses for this weapon is sniping target marks and you can use this weapon while walking. Infinite ammo provided you have enough T-ENG.


Plasma Gun - IMO the best weapon in the game. With this weapon you can snipe your enemy or target mark. You can destroy a VS after a few direct hits. You can move while firing. Like the energy gun it uses your T-ENG to fire. However it does not need as much T-ENG as the Energy Gun to kill your opponent. I would compare it to the Laser Rifle in Halo 3 but it can damage more things and do more than just snipe. If you ever see one on the board, I suggest to always take it and have it in your arsenal.


Disc Grenades (Long Range) The best uses has already been discussed. However, one thing to be considered is you can throw them like a frisbee all the way across the board. So if you are accurate you can land a Disc Grenade on your enemy almost in a stealth kind of way since most will never see it coming.


Hand Grenades (Medium Range) are great to bounce off walls to get the enemy around the corner. Do not stand too close or you will take significant damage as well.


Gum Grenades (short range) pack the same damage as the other grenades except it stick to to your target. However you cannot throw them that far so you have to be relatively close to your target then you have to run to avoid the explosion.


VS Weapons - All are a larger version of what you can use hand held. They all pack a larger punch, but they all have one huge draw back when on foot. They all have a substantial reload time. You really need to be using cover when using a VS weapon on foot. You need to have enough time to reload the weapon, fire at your target and get back in cover to reload again.


There are several types of VS Machines. You will get better ones as you progress int he game. If you follow the guide you will know which one to use and what weapon to equip it with. In the guide I try to give you the weapon with the least degree of difficulty to learn and use while making sure it packs the most punch.

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Mission #4


This is one of most favorite boards because there is a trick on this board that so few people exploit. I will explain the trick when it comes but first you need to get the first two target points.


Target Point #1 (see the guide for picture) is right behind you when you start the level. If you turn around it is on the ridge to your left.


Target point #2 is a lot more visible because if you look at the picture in the guide you can see the Hive with the rock above it. If you look for this reference point you will find the coin easily. Both coins can be shot with the machine gun.


This is the upper level of this board. Once you have the two target marks do not worry about your T-ENG unless you are desperately low. If you are low, kill an Akrid hive to get more. The main thing you want to do is to get to the end of the path and drop down in the hole.


Once you drop down in the hole you will be covered with the most exploding Akrid you will ever encounter on the board. I think that was meant to just scare you. OK so you want to kill them? You can if you think you have the skill, but if you want the easy and quick way, run out of the room and repel up to the next ledge. Then run in the hallway you will see that will lead you to the next area where enemies are. in the room you can die because you reached a check point at the hallway.


Now if you were skilled enough to kill off the Akrid when you dropped down then fine, you still want to kill yourself off here. let a VS or the Dongo Akrid kill you, it will not take long.


Now you will respawn outside the hallway. What you do now is back track to the room where the Akrid was when you dropped down. Kill the barrels & the Cars. You will get a lot of T-ENG from this too. Also in the process load up on any ammo you need.


Once you are done head back to the room filled with enemies where you dies last. This room is another room you will run through. There is a target mark in here and if you are daring you can go for it so it will save at the check point. But I will have you employ the same trick and back track once you reach the next checkpoint and you can get the target mark then.


For the sake of making this the easiest possible follwo these directions. Go down the hallway and avoid the one rocket that is shot at you. When you enter the room immediately turn right. Keep your machine gun equipped and shoot the only enemy in the corner. Now turn left and then repel to the ledge. You will get up on that ledge and see another ledge infront of you with 3 T-ENG tanks on it. Repel up to that ledge and shoot those tanks. Take the T-ENG and run down the hall. At the end of the hall you will encounter the giant moth and it will knock you down. Once that occurs, jump out of the opening you see infront of you. When you land walk forward and jump off the ledge which will kill yourself.


Now you are back to the same trick again. You will respan and the Giant Moth will knock you down. Back track down the hallway to where you shot the 3 T-ENG tanks. All the enemies except 4 guys on foot will be gone. Exit the hallway and turn right and do a complete circle around the room collecting all T-ENG and blowing everything up. When you get half way around and reach the Hallway you can choose to go out that halway and pick up the T-ENG from the barrels and Cars you blew up after the previous check point. Once you are done with the cars and barrels you will come back and go down the side of the room you missed.


Half way down the side of this room is your target mark behind some pipes on the lower lever at a repel point. Pause the game, look at the game guide target mark picture. Now find it. Once you have it repel up and get the 3 T-ENG tanks again. Go back down the hall way and jump down. Now pause your game and look at the next target mark which is "M". This one is very hard to get for some people and if you do not get it you will have to kill yourself and do everything all over again that was previously described because you will loos all the T-ENG collected.


The trick with this target mark is to equip your machine gun. When the side of the track explodes and Akrid fly out you should be shooting the area shown on the picture. If done correctly you will see the successful indication that you hit the mark. As soon as you do that repel up.


What I do here is just kill the Akrid Hive on the wall and then complete avoid the Dongo's and just go in the building at the end of the path. get in your VS and get all the T-ENG tanks and barrels. Once you are in your VS, pause the game and look at the next target mark "E". it is very easy to find because it is a good picture in the guide. bust look for the T-ENG tank near that ledge. Barely make yourself drop off the side and you will automatically use your repel rope to catch you. Then repel down and shoot the mark.


Once you have the mark, get back in the VS and continue up. Right before you exit at the top will be a rocket launcher for the VS. make sure you get it.


When you exit out of the top the next target mark will be to the left of the hole. The first thing that will happen is the hole will get covered up. Look at the game guide picture. If you follow the contour of the rocky mountain side you should easily find the last target mark.

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Mission #4 Part 2


Pre-Boss Fight Preparations


Ok here is where I differ from the video guide. I found it easier to use the VS I brought to the top with the rocket launcher equipped at first. What I did here is shoot the T-ENG tank with my gatling gun then I quickly got to the top. Once you reach the top and move forward a few steps you initialize the boss and a checkpoint. Here is how I beat the boss.


The video guide tells you to immediately go to the top of the hill in the middle of the map and kill the hive. I never found that hive to be a problem at the beginning of the board. So I went to the hill and stood infront of it. What happens now is the Hornet like Akrid circles around and then gets infront of me. He will gather in his abdomen and shoot Akrid at you. As soon as he gathers in his abdomen I shoot a rocket to hit him dead center when he releases. It takes massive damage. Then he will go to your left and you do the same thing again. Next he will go back infront of you and he will not gather in his abdomen so there is no need to pause at all, just shoot at the middle of the abdomen and fire one rocket. This will usually put his life down to half. At that point he backs away a long distance and pauses before making a charge at you. To avoid the charge I head right behind the hill to the T-ENG tank. If I have time I shoot the tank. What will happen here is he will charge you but he will hit the hill and not damage you at all. I then jump on top of the hill and can usually get 2 shots off while he is dazed. However you will atleast get one shot off. Now that you are on top of the hill I suggest getting both rocket lauchers that are there and equip them on each side. Now turn around and hit the hive with one rocket.


Depending on your life at this point you will either want to head toward the cliff where you will jump once your VS is destroyed to get the other VS below. Or you will stay and fight. If you stay and fight you want to use the hill for cover. The Akrid will go in to his berserk mode and try to hit you with a variety of attacks. The only one you need to worry about is when he pauses and shoots flaming rocks in the air. The other attacks will not hit you at all as long as the hill is between you and him at all times.


To finish him off I found the best way is to watch his attacks in berserk mode. He will do 3 attacks before pausing for a moment and twisting his head to shoot out the flaming rocks. When he shoots whose rocks you jump and hover toward him while aiming and firing a rocket. You will only have time to get off one rocket. Once you get it off, return to the hill or head down and get the second VS.


Now repeat until he is destroyed.


****Second way to beat him which is by digging up the missle VS. Make sure you destroy the VS you brough up to the top that has the rockets on it because it will not be there later. Destroy it and take the T-ENG. Now throw a greneade on the VS with missle pod so you do not have to spend extra time digging it up. BTW you can always use a grenade on a burried VS and the snow will melt away allowing you to jump right in. Once you are in this VS. Follow the steps above and it should be a relatively easy fight. Using cover is the best way to survive this board without become very frustrated.

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Mission #5


This is another really fun board. The video guide got the boss completely wrong so I will show you how to beat the boss in under 2 minutes with no frustration at all.


First this board is pretty self explanatory. make sure you kill all Akrid, the Hives and the barrels ont he way up the mountain. To get the first target mark you need to locate the energy gun and drop down to the bottom of the level to shoot it. If you had the gun from where you spawned in, the target makr is all the way at the end of where you can walk and up on the mountain. You do not have the gun when you spawn in so this is just apoint of reference. The other target mark is at the very top and you get it the same way you did on the previous mission where you have to barely drop off so your repel rope will catch you in the process of your fall.


Coming up the mountain it will not really matter what weapons you take in to the cave. The entire process here is all about being quick and getting in to the cave with the maximum amount of T-ENG you can. What I suggest here is you go in to this level thinking you may do this first part over a couple times until you get a high amount of T-ENG heading in to the cave. As a reference I went in to the cave with 3200 T-ENG. I did this by not wasting any time and making sure I was constantly moving and picking up all available T-ENG. The preparation of this board is the hardest part of the game.


Once you have become satisfied with your T-ENG level and entered the cave your next target mark is directly behind you. You will have to do an about face and go up a ramp like part of the cave behind you. Go up as far as you can and look to the right at the top. You will see it easily. Now head out into the cave.


Immediately turn right and head to the Arkid Hive you see on a ledge just below where you are at. Once again this part of the level is hardest because of the preparation. Jump down, kill the hive and take the T-ENG. From here jump off the ledge and all the way down to the bottom. at the bottom you will find a lot of Akrid eggs. Shot the ones first the closest to the stepped ledges you will climb back up. You need to get them all because some are difficult to get with the VS. I spent my entire time on foot at the bottom getting all the eggs and destroying the Akrid hives. Once I got all of those I got in the VS. I Equipped the vis with a shot gun and a gatling gun. At that point a you wouldhave seen at least 2 Hornet Akrids at the bottom as well. Shoot them with the shotgun and the gatling gun. It will quickly kill them and you get their T-ENG. Once they are all gone head up the stepped ledges. When you get to the to you will see a VS a little past the first hive you destroyed. Head towar it. There is a rock there that will hurt the VS once you shoot it. The object here like in all previous boards is to destroy the you are in and take the T-ENG. If you do not get fully destroyed with this rock no worries because there are more shortly up the path as well as plant like things that come out of the ground that will damage you to.


The main thing here is recognizing where you next target mark is no matter the condition of your VS. What I usually do is do my best to get the VS Destroyed by the Rocks then I backtrack to the VS I passed the get in it and let it take damage the rest of the way to the next VS. Now back to the Target Mark.


Look at the ceiling above you. When you pass your first set of stalagtites the target mark is hidden in there. To see it you have to go past them then turn around to look. How I found it easy was to look at the picture in the guide then match up the craters in the floor from the picture to the game I was playing. If you do that and look up you will see it easily.


Now head up the path. Make sure you kill anything and take damage on your VS as much as you can. If you want to make your boss fight as easy as you can you want to save your VS Shot Guns and kill the Hornet Akrid with the gatling gun. Although I told you to kill the Hornet's with your shot gun, you can take a little more effort and save them. what that will involve is once you come up from the bottom you get out of the VS near the frist VS and remove the shot gun. Leave it by the VS until you return to enter it when it is destroyed. What I found is the second VS would last me until I had to turn right in to the small cave. I would use the falling stalagtites to damage my VS and allow the hornets to hit me when they charged in. There is 2 shot guns for the VS so the best situation would be to have both gunns equipped on one side and the gatling gun fully equipped on the other. That is the configuration you want to take in to the boss fight.


Playing this part of the level you may want to play a couple times so you feel like you got all the T-ENG you can and the right combo of ammo on your VS heading in to the fight. Make sure you kill the VS when you enter the only small cave you will enter. There are rocks that can hurt the VS and falling stalagtites and a Hornet just inside there. Make sure you take off the Shotgun before you have to eject. Eject then get in to the new VS in the cave and equip the shotgun.


When you exit the small cave you will see a Hornet laying down. Shoot at it and the Target mark is under him. You can choose now to stay and kill it or move on. I did not know a big difference in the T-ENG either way.


Now hover down to the ledge on your right. Go in to that cave and fall down the ledges all the way to the bottom. The last target mark is in this final cave before going in to the boss. The easiest way to find it is to pause the game and look at the picture. Make sure you look at the compass on the picture. Once you see the exact direction you need to be it is easy to find because you have a cave opening in the picture as your guide. Once you hit the target mark, go in to the two side caves. Each has Akrid eggs and more ammo if you need it. Quickly get what you need and head in to the boss.



***EDIT - Make sure you change your VS in one of the two small caves. The VS you want heading in to the Boss fight is the one with the long legs that walks very quick. I am not sure else how to describe it, but it is the first one of its kind on this board when you come to it. There is one more just like it in the boss room. I found it much easier with the faster walking VS than the heavier one. The heavier one can take more damage, but if you follow my strategy you will not take any damage so it does not matter.

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Mission #5 Part 2


Boss Fight.


Ok hopefully you did your best job at preparing for the fight and have adequate T-ENG and you have the shotgun and gatling gun on your VS. if not no worries it just makes things a little harder. If you are familiar with the cave from your previous battles you should know where the ammo is. There is two rocket launchers and a shotgun. I believe there are other VS. machines with one euipped with a rocket launcher but I never got in them because this boss was easy for me.


The fatal misstake the video guide makes is standing a long ways away from the boss. This boss swings his legs and shoots ice out. To avoid both attacks you need to get as close to the boss as possible.


Once you are close look up and shoot both your Shotgun and Gatling gun at his legs. If you have both the legs will fall quickly. If you are limited on your shotgun bullets just use your gatling gun and they will fall off, just not as fast.


Once one falls the boss's eye will fall tot he ground for a moment. Use your SHOTGUN and blast away. As previously discussed when using the shotgun get as close to your target as possible. It will give out massive damage to this boss. He will not stay down for long so as soo as he comes up go back to where you were when you shot down a leg and do this process all over again. If you find you need T-ENG shoot his little legs. It give you T-ENG and give him slight damage in the process.


This boss litterally takes les than 2 minutes with the right weapons and this strategy.


****2nd way to beat the boss.


If you start off with the wrong weapons here is what you do. Locate the VS with the Rocket Launcher. You have to do that quickly or you will get frozen I am sure. Get out of your VS and in to the new on. Now get close to the boss and use the gatling gun to knock off the legs. Now when his eye is down use the rocket launcher, except make sure you are not too close or you will take damage too.

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Mission #6


For me this is by far the toughest mission to get all the target marks in in one run through because there is no check points where you can go back and get the ones you missed. However, after a lot of frustration you are going to benefit from my expertise.


Start the level and turn right. The building that was behind you is now on your right. Repel up in the corner of that building and shoot the target mark "T". Immediately turn around and head around the corner. A small VS will now start to head toward you. Throw your hand grenades on it one at a time and it will take damage. It will blow up after 4 grenades that hit is square. Take it's T-ENG.


Now is the point in the game where hopefully you can pull off a head shot using the machine gun. A head shot with the machine gun will not kill your enemy in one shot, but you need to make sure every shot you fire hits the head square. What this will do is make your enemy drop their weapon where you can pick it up and trust me you need their plasma rifles.


Assuming you can pull off the head shot there are a group of enemies on foot just down the path from where you killed the VS. Shoot them all and take a plasma gun from one of them. They also have plasma grenades, take them as well. At the same time watch ahead of you and to the top of the building for rockets being fired at you. This part is not that simple because a lot of things are going on. The trick is to keep moving and being aware when a rocket is fired.


Once you have the plasma gun, back track to where there was some exploding barrels on the ground and a VS above on a platform. Shoot the barrels if you have not and take the T-ENG. Now get in that corner and look up at the VS. The VS cannot get you. Use your scope on the Plasma rifle and shoot through the concrete opening at the VS. After several shot the VS will be destroyed. Repel up and get the T-ENG.


Now look through your scope at the enemy that has been firing the rockets at you. Head shot him and kill him. Now there is no more enemies that can get you while you are on this ledge. You should now be Equipped with the Machine gun and plasma rifle. If you are on the ledge and look at the building directly across from you to the West the Target Mark "U" is barely visible among the roofs. You may need to hop up on the edge of the concrete railing to see it. Shoot it and then jump down.


What happens now is that you need to kill all the enemies in the area between where the path took you and the overhanging arch. DO NOT GO PAST THIS ARCH UNTIL THIS GUIDE TELLS YOU TO.


What I did was I headed straight out in the open at the bottom and killed every enemy that was there. I used my machine gun since it has an auto locking when you shoot. It allowed me to walk, kill then take the T-ENG from the enemy without stopping. I believe there was 4 at the bottom. Then I turned to the right and got the one on the short ledge. Then repel up where he died and get the T-ENG. Now repel all the way up to the top where there is a T-ENG tank and a stationary missle pod VS. Use your plasma gun to destroy both. Look above the arch that hangs over the path below and you will see two enemies. Head shot both of them.


Now the target mark guide will tell you to get target mark #3 which is "D". Do so at your own peril. However follow this guide and you will come back to it.


Once you destroyed the VS,the tank and pulled off the head shots, jump down to the level where you killed the enemy with the rocket launcher. If you shot him in his head the rocket launcher will be sitting there. Exchange the machine gun for it. But make sure your plasma gun it the one you have equipped.


Head across to the other manned stationary VS. You need to get behind the VS and shoot the enemy out with your plasma gun. Aim at his head and he will fly out and the VS will remain with 100% health. Now kill him since he is out. Now across from the VS will be several enemies down under the arch and past the arch. Kill them all with a head shot. Once they are all dead head up tot he top of the building where the VS is. You should now be able to see target mark "R" on the other side of the arch. If there is anymore enemies kill them then get the target mark. Jump down one ledge and there are exploding barrels. Get them and then pick up the rocket launcher ammo that was behind them.


OK now is the moment of truth. There is only two ways to approach this part. Hopefully you have a sufficient amount of T-ENG. If you left target mark #3 you should have around 2500 T-ENG. I had slightly over 2800 once I shot the last target mark. First I will explain what to do if you have over 2500 T-ENG then I will explain the harder way if you have less.


Assuming your T-ENG is over 2000, head down and under the arch until you initiate the 2 VS that jump down from behind the building in front of you. As soon as they jump down get in the stationary VS you shot the man out of and fire away. you should be able to kill them both easily. In fact if you want to be really good, alternate each shot to the other VS so you have their damage at the same. When one dies the other will take one shot to destroy and you can quickly jump out and take their T-ENG before it disappears. If you do not do it this way you will only get T-ENG from one destroyed VS before it disappears.


Now after you got the T-ENG go back to the stationary VS. Get in, point the pods down and fire away. it will make you eject once destroyed and you take the energy. Now you head back to where Target Mark #3 was. It is where you exchanged the machine gun for the first rocket launcher. Go back and get the Machine gun by exchange the rocket launcher. Now use your repel rope and aim to the top. Jump and the target mark is just visible on the roof across from that arch. Shoot it if you can. It will take a few tries to get the right angle, but if you played the board as described you will have plenty T-ENG.


Now head to Target Mark #5. It is directly across from the hallway you will head down when entering the next building. Look at the picture on the guide and if you are still not sure of the location look at the compass and that should help you easily find the location. Shoot it using the same repel technique, but this one is just like the first one and not hard at all. Now head in to the hallway of the building. There will be at least one more enemy to shoot and possible up to 4 depending on how many hid in the building from the start. Shoot them all then repel up to the ledge where the last enemy was. Once you are up on the ledge turn left head to the wall then turn right twice. You will see the pipes as shown in Target mark #6 picture "N". The target mark is above the metal storage container. To get it head to the side next to the pipes. Anchor up and you will see it. Shoot it and then jump off the ledge in to the snow heading toward the vs you can see. This will initiate a cut scene that ends this part of the level.


Now jump down

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Mission #6 Part 2


This is another part where I think the video guide player got it wrong and thus if you follow it from the video you will cause yourself more frustration than it is worth.


First off the target mark is easy. See the picture and you will find it on the top of the stairs where you equip your VS with ammo before facing Green Eye. Shoot it ans head on out after you get your ammo.


Now with Green Eye. Two things is all you really need to know.


#1 Use the Gatling Gun and Shot gun until you have to shoot him in his forehead.


#2 You need to either choose to avoid him when he shoots his ice spike or you need to shoot them down with your gatling gun.


Ok so start the fight by locating all the shotguns and gatling guns. Equip them and also try to take note where the Grenade launcher and rockets are.


You can get as close as you want to Green Eye's side until he starts his ice attack. Use your Shotgun and gatling gun at point blank range and you should destroy all the green eyes on one side in one run. Using both the Shotgun and Gatling gun I never had to worry about going back to a side once I shot at it because i got all of the eyes on that side then moved to the other side.


You will get the opposite side when he turns around. What I did is once I killed all the eyes on one side I collected the T-ENG from them and waited at the end for him to either turn around or come around again. Then I got the other side. If you do it right you will only have to worry about one ice attack.


Once the eyes on the side are gone and his forehead is exposed go and equip with a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher. use the grenade launcher first and aim in the middle of all 4 eyes. A good shot will take them all down in one shot. Now 2 shots with the grenades on the big eye will take him down or 3 shots from the rockets. You choose, but either way it is a very quick boss and should give you no trouble at all.

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Mission #7


OK this is another board where so many people think just getting to the first target mark is really tough due to the plethora of enemies between your starting point and that target mark.


First recognize the only target mark on the first section is once you go through the tunnel that leads you to the check point and the map that is the same map as the third mission. All you need to do is get here and your T-ENG really does not matter. There is no need to attempt to get a lot of T-ENG because you will lose all of it after the first cut scene. So with that in mind here is what you do.


From where you spawn in you head straight and go under the metal elevated platform. As long as you do not shoot you will not be noticed. From there you will see two enemies on foot that ate standing beside a truck with 2 T-ENG tanks. Shoot them both quickly and then the tanks. Take all the T-ENG. If you head shot them they will drop a plasma rifle. If you got the plasma, pick it up and fire at the small VS standing on the next truck platform. You will kill him with plasma shots by the time you get to him so just keep moving. Get his T-ENG and the two T-ENG tanks behind him. Right beside the 2 T-ENG tanks is are two equipment storage containers. in the first is 2 VS's. Enter it and take the larger VS. Now jump and hover down the right side of the map. You will see another equipment storage container where another VS is housed. More than likely you would have take a lot of damage by now. That is ok. let your VS get destroyed then enter the container and the other VS. Once in the VS get the T-ENG from your destroyed VS. Now jump and hover toward the tunnel you need to enter to end this part of the level. If you take a lot of damage in the process there are 2 more VS machines on a flatbed truck. You can stop your damaged VS there and get in a new VS. Now get in the tunnel and leave your VS blocking the entrance. Pas the first arch in the tunnel and then turn around to see the target mark from the picture in the target mark guide. Now turn back around and jump out the side of the tunnel to start the cut scene.


There is 2 ways to get the target marks on this board. Because you need the plasma gun in the next level after this I have developed a way I tink works best. If you remember the board from mission 3 I want you to split the map in half the first half you will do is to the right of where you spawn and the 2nd half you will do is to the left of where you spawn.


When you spawn in focus on all the equipment and ammo to your right. Start by walking straight and getting the machine gun. Now jump to the right and shoot or throw a grenade on the two T-ENG tanks. Also I always throw 2 granade on the truck to get the T-ENG from it as well. Once you get the second T-ENG tank you will have to turn around to head back to the truck. Blow up the barrels. Pick up the rocket launcher, now notice there is a Gatling gun near the fence. Now I need to explain a few things before heading out.


If you want all the target marks and I assume you do, you are going to trigger Chryatis Akrid both large and small. The key is how you are going to deal with them and to avoid the large ones. Also outside the fence there are 2 VS machine's patrolling the area and one near the end of the map where you enter in for the final 3rd of the mission before the boss. with that said lets continue on using the map in 2 halves as I orginally explained.


I lost one page of my notes so I am going on memory of one thing. I believe there is a VS in the flatbed truck that was near the barrels. if I am wrong it is not that big of a deal. Ok first thing you do is head toward the gatling gun on foot. There are Visible T-ENG tanks. Throw a grenade on the on which is the closest to you. Now go get the T-ENG. You will trigger a Chryatis Akrid. Now head back to the Gatling Gun. Pick it up and shoot the legs off of the Akrid. In the first mission I told you how it will be important to let an Akrid stay on the ground while you fight another Akrid? well this is the level where learning to shoot the legs pays off. Once the Akrid is down, both legs will be off and you can go pick up what T-ENG remains. In the process you will initiate another Chryatis Akrid. make sure you still have the Gatling Gun in hand and finish this one off the same way you did the first one. After he is down that will be all the Akrid you will make spawn for a moment. Pick up the T-ENG and now finish off both Akrid that are on the ground and pick up their lion share of the T-ENG they can put out. At this point look to the left and you will see a truck with more T-ENG tanks. Start walking toward them. When you start walking you will have the plant like Akrid spawn. Shoot the heads of them before the spew thier fire bombs. They will give you T-ENG. Now shoot the T-ENG tank that is leaning off the back of the truck looking like it is about to fall down the hill. It may have already fell. Either way destroy the tanks. Now go to the end of the truck and look down to see if any tank fell down. If it did throw a grenade on it then jump on the T-ENG. Turn around and walk back up to the truck. The Plant Akrid will now spawn again. Kill them and take their T-ENG. Now throw grenades on the truck. Take the T-ENG and all the ammo you find there. There should be 3 types of ammo.


Now go back to the fence. If something spawn's kill it fot the T-ENG. Once behind the fence destroy the T-ENG tanks. Now go to the video walkthrough and watch it. You need to get to the VS he finds and get the plasma rifle he picks up. Do it in that order. Once you have the plasma rifle head back to the fence again. you can attempt to jump, hover then shoot the target mark with the cannon, but it is very stressful and you will probably have you VS destroyed. There is another VS on the board but I cannot remember where it is. It has a gatling gun. If you know where it is I suggest usding it. Otherwise you need to get back to the fence. Once back to the fence you may have had to destroy more Akrid. Once you cleared it all out, you can repel and stand on top of the fence and easily shoot the first target mark.


Now this entire process will take a while. But it is well worth it if you go through it slow and do it correctly. At this point I had over 6500 T-ENG and you will need every bit of it. Once you have the target mark you need to head down the left side of the map (the 2nd half I spoke about from where you spawned.)


By now you hopefully took care of the patrolling VS machines. The VS machine you have is the heaviest and saps you of the most T-ENG. So you need to be wise with it's use and only use it to get past a large Chryatis Akrid. Now head down the left side of the map toward target mark "R". If you have already taken care of the 2 patrolling VS's you will not meet any resistance. Find target mark "R" and shoot it. Now get back in the VS and get to target mark "D" Exit your VS and shoot target mark "D". While out of your VS you can shoot target mark "O" using your scope with your plasma rifle. If you cannot get a shot get back in you VS and get to where you think you can get it with the scope. if you get to close you will make a large Chrysatis Akrid spawn and you do not want that.


Now that you have the last target mark of this area head toward the exit of this part which is up the stairs of the building near the first target mark. Head inside and kill the first enemy. Now shoot target mark "N". Once you have that, follow the video guide. it is completely right. The only exception I found is that you actually can make a run for it to the VS at the end of the level and not take a lot of damage. So the choice is your. I suggest following the video guide from this point.


Once you have the VS go up as in the video, kill the 3 T-ENG tanks and start the boss sequence. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VS!!!! Make the boss kill you. Yes I know I know you left one more target mark. Do not worry about it now. Just let the boss kill you and do not eject from the VS.


Now it will respawn you infront of the 3 T-ENG tanks int he hallways before you go up the elevator. Get out of your VS. Turn around and shoot open the garage door. Outside will be two enemies, kill them. Now get the last Target Mark. Look at the picture and it is very easy to spot using by using it once you kill the two enemies outside. Also notice the T-ENG the player had in the picture. He obviously did this same trick. SO make sure you do it this way, it is the easiest way to get that target mark.


Boss fight is easy, follow the video guide.

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Mission #8


This is a hard level for a lot of people trying for the 2nd target mark "C", but we will deal with that later. The main thing to know on this level is how to deal with the enemies quickly because you need to deal with everyone of them. For the first target mark you will need to deal with the scorpions and pick up the rifle. Once all of your enemies are dead turn around and face where the Akrid hives were up at the top of the mountain wall. The Target mark is just to the right of that on the tallest peak of the mountain.


Lets go over how to deal with each enemy you will face. First is the scorpion. The best way to deal with him is to throw a grenade so it lands under his belly. Then you need to shoot its belly or tail when it flips over. Sounds easy, but until you master the skill it can be a challenge. The second way to kill it is to first shoot its tail off. The only way to do this is when you have a lot of room to back up. Otherwise you stand a good chance of getting hit with the tail. So I suggest the grenade method.


You will also have to deal with the Hornet Akrid and the large Dongo Akrid from the boss board of mission #1. The Hornet Akrid will not hard you at all as long as you are continuously shooting their abdomen with a Machine gun. The Large Dongo Akrid have the same tendencies as the one you faced on Mission #1. Lets move on to the walkthrough.


After you have the first target mark you need to keep moving forward. You will come to a couple jeeps on your left and a T-ENG tank and semi on your right. Make sure you destroy everything and take the T-ENG. Now repel up where you see another T-ENG tank. Destroy it and the barrels up there. Now throw a grenade on the pile of metal poles to expose the hole in the floor. Jump down and deal with the Scorpion Akrid. I suggest throwing at least one grenade down before you jump.


Once you have dealt with the scorpions collect all the ammo in this room. you will now have to destroy the metal door to proceed. In the next room is a lot of exploding Akrid. Deal with them and the scorpions that come up. Once they are all deal deal with the hives that are on the wall outside and to the right. After destroying those and collecting the T-ENG. Jump down and get in the Tank VS. From here you can do 2 things. Either drive your tank to the end or stay and fight all the Akrid. I tried it both ways and did not notice a big difference in the amount of T-ENG I ended up with because the tank saps your T-ENG as you fire the guns on the VS. I think I ended up with just a couple hundres more T-ENG points.


What I want you to do now is watch the video walkthrough. DO NOT FOLLOW this walkthrough he enters the wrong door. There are 2 different doors you can enter to get to the next level and you want the other door on the other bridge. Now look at the picture of target mark "C". Once you enter this board target mark "C" is the reason you need to deal with every Akrid. Also as soon as you shoot target mark "C" the entrance you want is the one at the end of that bridge you are standing on.


There is no real method to killing each Akrid on this part of the board. The main thing you need to know is there is three other VS on this board. What I found to be very helpful is if you deal with the first Akrid (the larger dongo) as soon as you come outside. The cannon from the tank VS works great. From that point it will depend on how much T-ENG you have. The Tank VS is the most powerful VS in the game. SO you need to take out as many Akrid as you can before it gets destroyed. If you hang around the beginning of the level until all the Akrid from there are destroyed that is the smartest move. Otherwise they will chase you to the otherside and you will have little chance against all the Akrid at once. What I did was drop down off the edge from where I came out from underground. Below is a storage container with a fast walking VS. I killed all the Akrid which was 2 Hornets, a scorpion and a dongo. Then I intentionally killed the tank VS and jumped in the other VS then collected the T-ENG from the tank.


From there I went to the top of the bridge on the left where the guy in the walkthrough aquired another VS. I did all I could to destroy Akrids and then made sure once I got to the other storage container with the other VS I let myself get destroyed before getting int he new VS. This VS moves fast, can take some damage and comes equipped with a gatling and rockets. I had no problem getting all the Akrid's with this VS. except one dongo. I let him destroy my VS right next to the other Tank VS that is opposite from where you got this VS and it is on the bridge you need to be on to shoot target mark "C".


Ok now that you have Akrid's destroyed the board is wonderfully quiet. Get in the Tank VS and destroy it and get its T-ENG. Now take out your rifle that you licked up at the beginning of the board and take your time finding the target mark. A helpful hint here is you will barely see the edge of the target mark sticking out of the volcano lava. Make sure you watch for the teardrop indicator that you successfully shot the mark. It will take time and may cause frustration but above all make sure you are watching for the teardrop indicator of success. DO not worry about your T-ENG as long as you have enough to get to the door at the end of the bridge you are safe because you T-ENG gets reset regardless.



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Mission #8 Part 2


This is probably my favorite part of any mission. I have never seen anyone do the tricks I am about to teach you so it should be fun for you as well. I will let you know each trick as I go along.


If you entered in the correct area you will see a Semi truck in front of you. From here what you need to do is kill the laser monitors that shoot laser beams that are on the other side of the truck. Kill them now collect the ammo in the room before proceeding. In this room is an energy gun. Pick it up and keep it equipped. Now get the T-ENG tanks. Now get in your VS. You have a shotgun and gatling gun. This is the best VS to use when you start this board because it moves fast. Once in the VS head straight out and stay on the road. Shortly while walking you will activate 2 VS that jump from the bridge straight ahead of you and fly down to engage you. Make sure you shoot the one first with the rocket pod. These two are easy if you stay moving and stay very close to them. You need to be close to them moving in a clockwise position. IF you do that they cannot get a shot off on you at all. just make sure you focus on the VS with the rocket pod first. OK you should destroy them quickly. Collect their T-END and then go back to where you started. Jump out of your VS with your energy gun equipped.


When you were fighting the first two VS machines you should have been taking laser damage from a VS off in the distance below the bridge you were on. You need to get this guy out of his VS which is why you went back to the start. WIth your energy gun eqipped hold your right trigger until it is fully powered up. Walk down the bridge until you get a clear shot and take it quick because as soon as you are seen you will be shot at. Once you get him out of the VS you have no one shooting at you. Now get target mark "O". Look at the picture in the guide and match up your position with that of the guy in the picture and you can shoot it with the energy gun.


Now head back to your VS. Get back to where you first picked up the VS at the start of the mission. To the left is the ledge of the bridge you are on. Below is a VS on a platform in the lava. Get your energy gun fully charged and jump up on the ledge. Now you have a clear shot of the VS. Shoot it do the man will fly out. Once he is out, finish him off until he is dead. Now get back in your VS.


Jump down and there is a T-ENG tank. Destroy it and pick up the rocket ammo. Now jump down to the storage container and use the rocket ammo against the container to destroy the VS you are in. Eject and with your energy gun hit target mark "N" which is under the building. Now get in the VS in the container. From here go back to where you started this part of the mission.


Now here is trick #1. If you remember where you first encountered the 2 VS's that flew dow, up on that bridge is a check point that is only activated if you go up on that bridge and it the door at the end of it. because of the boss at the end you will want all the T-ENG you can get because of how I will show you how to kill him. Also you want to activate the checkpoint incase you die. So depending on your T-ENG you can do whatever you want but here is what I do.


I first go under the bridge to the other side. From there you will encounter one more VS which you kill and take it's T-ENG. There will also be a few men on foot and a couple T-ENG tanks. Also there are 2 tank VS's you should destroy for their T-ENG and one VS equipped with a rocket launcher you should destroy. Once you do that equip your VS with 2 homing lasers. Now turn back around and go up to the bridge where I told you the check point was. To get up there you will need to stand where you got the first target mark of this board and jump. Once up there get out of your VS and in to the one with the rocket pod on it. Destroy the 3 T=ENG tanks and destroy the VS. Now get back in your VS with the homing lasers and go to the end of the bridge. Once you are there, get out and make sure you get as close to the door as you can. There will be no indiaction that you hit a check point but if you kill yourself you will respawn right here and all the VS's and T-ENG tanks will be back on the board and your target marks will be saved.


The Goal here is to reach the next section of the misison with your maximum T-ENG (9999) and a VS that is equipped with 2 homing lasers.


Now no matter how you finished this board get your VS with the 2 homing lasers and fly to the end where you drop down. You should know where it is since you already played this board atleast once. Make sure you do not lose this VS no matter what.


Now that you are at the next part use your rocket skates to get out in the open. Now use your homing lasers. The best way to use them is to Jump, hover then fire them. You need distance between you and your target for them to make a direct hit. You need to not lose this VS because you will use it on the boss and it makes the boss fight laughable. Which is my second trick. No where have I seen anyone say to use this configuration heading in to the boss fight. If you fought the game without it on any other level you will see how much easier it is with 2 homing lasers.


This section of the board is very self explainatory. Kill all the VS's then get the target marks in the picture. Use the picture and the compass on the pictures and you will find them easily while using your energy gun. A couple notes about them. For target mark "A" recognize you need to fall off the ledge above the one in the picture. If you do not and try to fall off the one in the picture you will die. The other two target marks are up high, but using your energy gun scope they are not a problem at all. After you get all the target marks, get all the T-ENG tanks before you get back in your VS to head to the boss.





Trick #3. When heading to the boss fight do not drop down immediately. Use your homing lasers and take out the VS tanks already at the bottom. You can kill all 3 then drop down and get their T-ENG. Once you hit the ground the boss will appear. Now jump up top where the T-ENG tanks are. you can stand up here and jump, hover and use the homing lasers and never take any damage. It is so easy you will be surprised. But if for some reason you take damage and die do not get out of your VS just let it blow up with you in it and start from the checkpoing and you should keep your VS.


One last tip, if for some reason you find you have to beat it on foot because you misstakenly got out of your VS, there is only one way to do it. In the room there are elevated platforms with some that have weapons on them. The grenade launcher is on one. If you keep yourself on one side and the boss on the other you take no damage and get a couple shots at the boss when he transforms out of tank mode. This is the only way to beat the board on foot trust me.

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A sidenote on mission 3 - if you time it right you can "jump over" the small tremors caused by the worms - this will save you T-ENG and lets you travel faster too. Maybe it makes only a small difference but I found this to be actual very helpful...


Also the idea with blowing up ALL VS is interesting but can become frustrating once the worm gets you over and over again whilst in search for the target mark at the side of the cliff ^^° (even when you know where that thing is...)


Other than that.... great guide! :)


#1 - A couple things people may not realize. When you jump or shoot any weapon your T-ENG will disappear at a higher rate.

#2 - The VS machines that turn in to a snowmobile are the only VS machines where you can throw a Disc Grenade on them and get int he VS in time to take the damage from the Disc Grenade.

#3 - On Board #3 there are 4 VS Machines, which equates to 4000 T-ENG. No matter how frustrating the worm is you have to get that massive amount of T-ENG if you even want a chance to get the target marks.

#4 - Stocking up on T-ENG. Then using a checkpoint, then killing yourself gets you through the game on Extreme with out a sweat on most board.


But thanks for liking the guide. I am trying to put my experience to use for others. I just go in to games looking at what is on the boards to use and try using it all to meet my objectives easily.

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Mission #9


This is perhaps my favorite mission because of how I use the checkpoints. there are only two checkpoints in this game and they are placed in a manner where you can exploit them to get the target marks. So lets begin.


DO NOT FOLLOW THE VIDEO GUIDE AT ALL. In the video guide the player immediately jumps down, this will only cause you a ton of frustration.


Head forward and take out the 2 enemies on foot. Right after them is 3 T-ENG tanks...get that energy. Now move forward and kill every on foot enemy. Try your best to keep your machine gun on their head so they drop their weapon for you. What you are searching for here is a energy gun. You should easily find it. Once all the enemies are dead equip a energy gun. Now you want to fire a full energy beam on each VS that is standing on the platforms and the two stationary VS that are firing rockets at you. Once this is done you should have anywhere from 1500 to 3000 T-ENG.


Now go back to the start and jump off the bridge as shown in the video guide. Shoot the T-ENG tanks and now get in the fast VS that is in the Storage Container. There are two VS machines. You can get in the other and destroy it for its T-ENG because it is equipped with rockets, but after I show you the tricks on this board I do not believe T-ENG will be an issue.


Once you are in the fast jumping VS make your way up to the first stationary VS. Get in it and aim the rockets to the ground. Shoot them and it will eventually destroy the stationary VS. Take the T-ENG and now do the same thing with the one above.


Now from the 2nd Stationary VS get up on the bridge and head toward the end that is broken near the lava flow. From here you are going to run to the checkpoint. Get to the edge of where the bridge is broken and Jump then hover across. You will encounter 3 manned VS machines at the most. Avoid them. Just go in to the tunnel that leads you underground. The checkpoint is where you drop down and then go in to another tunnel once you are in the underground facility. Get to this check point then kill yourself.


Now when you respawn it will place you in the underground tunnel of the facility. Backtrack to the outside where all the Target Marks are. There will not be any VS machines chasing you and no more than 10 enemies on foot left scattered on the entire map. Take them out, take out the T-ENG tanks and blow up the VS machines. Doing all of this and getting the target marks will put you at well over 8000 T-ENG. You should get 4 target marks when you backtrack. They are "B", "A", "I" and "O" and get them in that order because it makes it the easiest.


Now go back to where you spawned in at the tunnel. Target Mark "R" is your next mark to shoot. It is right next to the Tank VS. You are going to have to drop off the ledge and repel down toward the lava flow to shoot it. Look at the picture and match up the rocks and compass and you should easily be able to find it. Shoot it then get in the tank VS. The next two target marks are AFTER the next check point.


Now here is what you do. Get in the Tank VS and go as fast as you can. First destroy all the rocks to the left. Now turn around and go down the tunnel that was too your right blocked by rocks. Just motor all the way to the end until you come up from underneath the floor. Now go forward in to the room where the large Dongo spawns from the storage container. Now kill yourself.


You will spawn back in the room where you came up from the floor. Now it is all about getting the next target marks, but first you need to prepare for the next boss. The easiest way to beat the next boss is to have the Best VS on the board equipped with a rocket launcher and shotgun. THe best VS is directly above where you just spawned in a storage container but do not get it at first. You also need the MAX T-ENG. So check you T-ENG. What you need to do now is destroy the vehicle you are in and then backtrack on the board and get another VS and equip it with rockets and a shotgun. If you backtrack you will find two shotguns and 2 rocket launchers. A VS Rockets and VS shotguns are at one each on the ground and the other two are equipped to other VS machines. Also there are a lot of T-ENG tanks when you back track so fill up your T-ENG. When done come back with the equppied VS to the storage container where the good VS is. Now get out of your VS and take off the Shotgun and Rockets. Get int he good VS and equip it. Now head in to the room where the Large Dongo will spawn.


Look at the target marks and they are very easy to get if you match up the pictures. Just make sure you always know where the Dongo is so you can avoid getting hit.


Get the 3 T-ENG tanks in the room if you need them and now head to the Boss.



As soon as you get in through the orange jelly like opening to get in to the boss room jump, hover and fly across and land on the shotgun. The boss will not initiate until you hit the ground. Now get the other 2 rockets int he room. Turn back to where you came in the room and jump up to the ledge directly above the T-ENG tanks.


By now the Spider Boss is in the room and will come very close to you and look at you. Shoot your rockets and Shotgun on a leg it will quickly fall off. Now get one more leg. He will go down. Now you can stay up here and shoot rockets at his back. If you stay up there equip the grenade launcher and use that too. If you Choose to go down to the boss you stay with the shotgun and rockets and you will inflict massive damage. Either way you will quickly destroy this boss if you prepared well and have the right weapons. DO NOT FOLLOW THE VIDEO GUIDE IT WILL CAUSE YOU A TON OF FRUSTRATTION. If you go down to the ground floor at any time you will take a lot of damage from the exploding Akrid.

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Mission #10.


Two bosses on this board. I do not feel there is a need to hand walk you through this board because if you followed this guide to now I do not need to repeat the basic strategy used through the entire game up until this point. I am going to point out the major things you need to do.


#1 There is a plasma gun near where you start the level. If you get in the VS and jump down to the ground level it is on your left by the closed door you cannot enter. Very important you get it.


#2 Make sure you destroy every VS and Akrid to get it's T-ENG it is very very important to have a ton of T-ENG for the each boss.


#3 When you get in to Dark Town, you can quickly shoot target mark "B" with the plasma rifle. Leave the other two target marks until after you deal with the Akrid.


#4 In Dark Town you will have Hornet Akrid and 2 large Chrysatis Akrid. Deal with all the Hornets first that are not near the Chrysatis. The most effective weapon that brings down the Chryatis easy is the VS Tank. The VS tank is down and to the right of where you fell in to the map. Once you are in it, do not go out to the Chrysatis, shoot it from behind the concrete barrier and you will not take much if any damage.


#5 There are 3 VS Machines in Dark Town. 2 are the good VS machines like you fell down in to this map and the other is a tank VS. Once all the Akrid are dead make sure you destroy all VS machines except one good VS because you will need it for the boss fight.



DO NOT FOLLOW THE VIDEO GUIDE. If you followed my basica strategy on how to aquire T-ENG you should enter this board with no less than 5000 T-ENG which is plenty to kill this boss easily. Enter the board with the best VS equipped with either Rockets and a Shot gun or Rockets and a gatling gun. Get in either back corner and wait for the tentacle arm to hit the ground. It will hit it 3 times then stop on the ground. Shoot it with what you have and the end will fall off. Then follow it in to the tunnel with you then shoot at the hole where it when in the belly. Repeat until both tentacles are gone.


To kill the boss hit it directly in its red neck when it is exposed. It is exposed when it fires its stuff at you and then sticks out for a while so you can get a good shot at it. If you want it to take massive damage try and get a rocket to go right in the hole at the end. I did that once and knocked its life down almost by a third. But it is tough to do, so I suggest hit it square in the middle of the red neck. That is the second spot that takes the most damage. Anywhere else it takes minmal damage.


Basic Strategy is to Jump, Hover, lock on then shoot when it is exposed. The more T-ENG you save the more you start the next part of the board on. This is the only board that you keep your T-ENG after a cut scene.

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Mission #10 Part 2


Same as the first part I will not hand hold you through it but will point out the most important things to do.


#1 Utilize the only checkpoint on the board. The checkpoint is right when you head out to the first target mark, which is the second "Z" of the word Blizzard. What I suggest so you do not have to deal with any of the first part of the board is just run to this part. Once you do you can kill yourself, backtrack and get all the T-ENG you will need. After killing yourself and before you backtrack, fire rockets at the truck shown in the target mark picture. If you destroy the truck the VS will not becomed manned and you have an easier time with the board at the start.


#2 Get Target mark "L" when you jump down, but wait on the others until after you deal with the 4 VS machines.


#3 Once you get Target Mark "L" I have found you can keep from battling too many VS if you head right where the T-VS machines are sitting and fire rockets. It keeps the men from getting int he Tank VS machines. Either way you need to destroy every manned VS before going forward.


#4 Once the VS manned VS Machines are destroyed get the last two target marks. You shoot both with your plasma rifle. Shoot the other "Z" target mark through the two metal boxes as shown in the picture. Shoot target mark "A" from the top through the metal grate. Although it shows it from the side you will have a very hard time getting it that way. you need to shoot it from the top as it is much much easier.


#5 You can follow the video guide for the boss if you want. Some people have found it is easier using the Tank VS and waiting where you start from for the boss to come to you. Either way this boss is easy if you follow the guide or use a VS Tank and wait for it. If you use a VS tank and wait for it,, make sure you have the MAXIMUM T-ENG you can have entering the fight. To get it destroy a lot of the VS machines that are in the area before the boss. It is really very very easy.


Since I did not hand walk you through this board send me a FR or a PM if you have any problems.

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Mission 11


This one is the shortest in the entire game. You do not have to worry about the T-ENG at all. Just get the target marks and kill the boss.


The first half of the marks are in the long tunnel before you head outside. The last half are outside with the boss so I will tell you how I beat this board.


#1 I got all the target marks in the tunnel.


#2 As soon as I spawned in to face the boss I charged him and held the left trigger to hit him. He takes damage then puts up a shield. Then he makes a motion with his arm, pauses then fires at you. What I did is as soon as he put up his shield I held my left trigger and charged him. When he begins to make a motion with his left arm I released the left trigger and nailed him. Do that andhe never touches you. Once his life is down to half get away.


#3 His life is down to half and he puts up his shield but it last longer this time. Head immediately down to the bottom and get target mark "R" sitting in the snow. Then check your compass and the picture for target mark "T" head straight up and it is the first one you come to. Now check the picture for target mark "A" that is the next one on your way up. Now fly backwards and up to get target mark "D". The last target mark is directly across and down from Target mark "D". it is Target Mark "T". it is the hardest to find on the map.


This is the best way to see the two hardest marks which is "D" and "T". For "D" fly to the top where you can go know further. Line up the compass and the picture and float backwards. For "T" do the opposite. Fly down to the bottom where you can fly no further. Line up the compass and picture then float slowly forward. This is the only way I found to find them.


#4 DO NOT FOLLOW THE VIDEO GUIDE ONCE YOU GET THE BOSS TO HALF LIFE. STAY AWAY FROM THE BOSS. The boss will eventually charge you and you need to be slightly above its head. Look at the boss and as soon as he makes his famous laser sword movements, hold down the trigger of your choice and charge right before he finished his last movement. People complain as did the guy in the video guide that sometimes you will hit the boss and not inflict any damage. The reason this happens is you have a small window after the last move the boss make to hit him. If you do not time it right you will not damage him at all. As soon as you release your trigger and make a swipe at him, immediately fly backwards and dodge the ammo that will be fired at you. it is not hard to do at all. Infact if you follow my avoid strategy and let the boss come to you you will probably take no damage at all.


#6 In the video guide the player says to shoot those laser frisbees at the boss. Don't waste your time. hang back and wait for him to charge. No need to add one more thing to do while you are waiting. They give out minimal damage at best. So just concentrate on watching the ammo being fired at you before he charges. Then once he charges follow the steps previously mentioned.


If you have trouble send me a PM or FR and I will do what I can to get you through it.

Edited by I Crush All
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Some Final Notes....


I just helped a friend complete the offline portion to the new Lost Planet Colonies edition. It is my opinion that Capcom lowered the AI for the boss fights on extreme for the Colonies edition. When playing the Original Lost Planet The bosses gave out more damage and it is evident on Colonies that it gives out less especially on the first boss. I think Capcom lowered the AI on Colonies because of the Extreme Boss Battle achievement where you have to make it through 5 bosses on extreme without dying. It is still a big challenge but due to the lowered AI it is not what you would expect.


Second thing is the online play for Colonies is really great. They added more types of games, more weapons that are not even in the single player game. You can play as the Akrid which is pretty kool. And there are new maps that were well thought out. One thing to note is there is a 5000 kill achievement which will probably be your hardest if you attempt that game.


I am considering doing that game. If you want a boss battle guide for that game I will make one if there is enough request. Knowing how to navigate through the tournament tiers is the trick.

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great guide in my opinion =)

i worked in the treasure trove achievement guide for Lost odyssey (so i know that work in a guide like this is not easy) and i think that we need more people like you!!:)


Thanks, It did take a long time, but I felt it was worth it once I realized no one played it the way I did.

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