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Achievement Trading Thread


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Looking to do the online achievements as well. Send me a message and we can knock them out before the server is dead.


GT: Honeycut1


UPDATE: The used game I bought at Gamestop won't run on my 360, guess I don't the achievements. Good luck everybody

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If you want to boost with me, send a message regarding "NBA Live 07" to

GT: dieresis


I live in USA EST, or GMT-5:00. I'm usually on on the weekends and some weekday afternoons/evenings. Let's get this before Feb. 02!


Edit: I actually will not boost until and if I get the Online with 1,000 people achievement, so contact me only if you hope to boost sometime Sunday, Monday, or even Tuesday.

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worried about completion %
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I'm buying this today ready for the 1000 attempt tomorrow. I'd love to get the other online achievements tonight if possible. I'll message a few of the people on here this evening, but feel free to send a FR or message to Chas Hodges too if you're wanting to get them out of the way too.

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Looking to boost all online achievements, I'm online now.


Tried playing a few random ranked matches, and very ANNOYINGLY kept receiving the message "Connection with your opponent has been lost".


Is this just awful servers causing this or are people actually leaving?

I've wasted around 40 minutes so far and still have 0 achievements :(


My Gamertag: Dwayne Pheonix

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