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Potential? Or Just Eye Candy?


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Link to game site


Do you guys (and girls) think this game will has potential, or it will be nothing more than eye candy?


It's mostly in english since I translated it with google.


I think it could have some potential since there's zombies and lots of gore. So long as it's not too difficult I might buy it if there's an asian version since it would only be about $43 and have english support.


The tab with new written in red is screen shots.

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Not sure whether it's me or not.....


But, it doesn't look that good :eek: The blood on the floor looks good, if they did it with MS PAINT!!


Don't be haten' on MS Painthttp://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/images/icons/icon10.gif

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You resurected a 2 year old thread to defend MS Paint? Wierdo.


you posted only to point out that a guy posted in a 2 year old thread to defend MS Paint? Guy who makes useless posts which have no real redeeming value other than allowing me to mock that post for it's uselessness, absurdity and general irony.


I think this game looks amazing and I really want to play the north american version, I have been reading up on it a lot and plan to keep playing it and nothing but it until I get 1000.

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