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The NEW Ultimate Guitar Hero Guide!!

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Hey everybody. First off, i want to apologize about the other guide. It was not updated in a while (ok, understatement, i mean like, forever) and have decided to make a new guide, which will be my and my work alone. Netnabi didn't have the time to update and seeing as how he created the first thread but hasn't done anything i feel that just isn't right. This will have basically the same information as the old thread but will be updated MUCH more frequently, thanks to you guys.






Rules Of This Guide


-1: If you having a particular problem with a section of a song then please do not post. I would rather you pm me as to not clog up space. If i have already filled in the notes section of the song, then i will add your problem in. I won't say "wtf nub thats easy section lrn2play". I will add it to the notes, with your name and problem, and help you solve it.


Also, you all fail and no amount of tips will help you pass Slow Ride.




-3: Do not comment that i have got the Difficulty Of FC's wrong. This is a normal players guide, not one who has almost all FC's. I don't want pro's come in here saying "Before i Forget is easy FC, should be 2/10, lrn2play nub." However, pro's are welcome to distribute tips and information on beating songs. If i do not say you can post and you have something to contribute, pm me and i will add the section with credit to you.


-4: If i have any spelling mistakes i am not aware about PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CONTACT ME. I want this guide perfect.


This thread is JDM certified. Flame at your own risk, because his awesomeness is more powerful then we will ever be.


My Guitar Hero Goals

[X] FC 20 songs (The achievement glitched on me, so i had to earn it legit)

[X] TTFAF (4* score nao, like 506000 or something) 28th June 2008

[X] 5* Career (FUCK YESSSS OMFG!! 6TH DECEMBER 08!!!!)




[X] FC Surfing With The Alien Trills

[X] FC The Day That Never Comes Triplets

[X] FC half of the DWDTG solo's (man i was on fire on the 10 of November, 8 FC'd solo's in that one day)

[X] FC Mauvis Garcon (My specialty is chord changing)


[X] 5* GH2 setlist (FUCK YESSS!!!!! 3RD DECEMBER 2008!!)






If you have any regards, please PM me or send me a message to my Gamertag: "Vader X360A"


I'm not going to include a table of contents but infact will add dates as to what i have done. But now i must begin.


And i am aware that for some of them it says "Yotube", but you can't even notice, so i am not changing it :).


Note: FC = Full Combo. 100% without missing a note.


I know when i use Freticons the text under it is black. I can't change that, so deal with it.




Moved everything from Ultimate Guitar Hero Guide to here.

Updated 5* Expert Cutoff's, Vids of FC's and others (which i have you fill in...yer -_-) for Tier Setlist.

Updated Notes from Slow Ride to Suck My Kiss




Trying to get the full 1000 in SW: TFU. I'll update it soon though, promise xD.




Updated Holiday In Cambodia to Welcome To The Jungle.




Trying to get 200 in Duke Nukem 3D, and write an achievement guide. Turns out there already was one, but not on the front page.




Updated Black Magic Woman to Pride And Joy.




Personal family issues going on. Also, i wake up really late and sometimes i'm just not in the mood to update, so this is one of those times. I know, i'm a lazy sack of crap, but you love me.




Guys, i am in a different state, without Guitar Hero 3, and crappy internet speed so i dunno if i'll update soon, but when i get the chance, or the memory of the songs comes back to me, i'll update. I swear!!




Updated BiF to KoC.




See, i get 7 Gigs to use a month. The Metallica pack cost me 1.6 and then the COD4 cost me 2 gig on the first day. Then youtube loves to contribute, and now my internet is epic slow. I will try and update when i can, but i can't promise anything. However, i am making a notepad doc of what i'm going to write, so i am doing something instead of sitting on my arse.



Updated Cult Of Personality.




Updated Raining Blood (seriously, i can't give any fucking tips, it's an insane song).




Updated Cliffs Of Dover, Number Of The Beast and One.


I forget when/Now/08


Avalancha to...ummm... FCP.




I've had friends over every day and they slept over for a while. I had no time to update. Will do as soon as possible though.



Updated second set of bonus songs.




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Alt Strumming


Alt Strumming is a technique you HAVE to learn to get past expert, or even 5* expert. it basically consists of, instead of strumming down, it requires strumming UP AND DOWN! You may be thinking "oh noez thatz hard" but in reality, it is actually quite easy. The only thing that makes it hard is the timing between the notes. Strum too fast, hit notes in between. Strum too slow, miss notes. You have to get timing down really well in order to Alt Strum like a pro. Most songs on expert use Alt strumming. It's very easy. The only ones you have to watch out for are:


Holiday In Cambodia:

After a series of held notes, you will have a long and fast alt strumming bit that alternates between every colour. This section is aply named "Intro". It also requires a few Trills. It's one of the harder ones, and not what you should practice on. The section "Guitar Strummin'" is what you should FIRST practice on because it slow, dosen't change notes. You should practice AltS on very slow ones like that before moving onto the faster ones.


Knights Of Cydonia:

Basically the whole first half of this song is alt strumming. The first alt strumming (with a few HO's, get to that later) is actually slower then the ones after, which require very fast alt strumming. Then there is 2 sections of the song that requires alt strumming continuously. This is very good to practice on because it's easy and dosen't require an overly change of notes. The section you want too practice on for fast strumming, is actually 2 sections, They are called "Breakneck Desperado" and of course, "Breakneck Desperado 2". The one with the HO's in it is called "Galloping Rampage" and is the second section, straight after the intro.



Basically, the whole Intro, which is of course called "Intro". Anyway, it's basically like this:




It is the slowest alt strumming, but because of the sudden chords you have to switch to, you will lose your X. Also, it switch to one fret down. in other words: G,G,YB,G,G,YB etc. Then it switches back, then back one more time. It is VERY long. It also appears as one of the last things you have to do. This section is called "Verse 4".



5 SECTIONS!! Luckily, they sparsely differ, and are right next to each other. But this isn't what your used too. The sections are called "Darkness Riff, Darkness Verse 1, Darkness Bridge 1, Darkness Verse 2, Darkness Fast bridge". It basically consists of:




It goes on like this for the most part. Some times it differentiates the strumming for a few seconds, or even throws a RYO triple chord. But it's basically alt strumming. What you want to do is is strum like this: DUDUDUD. The last Down signifies the chord. The is one more section that has it, the last bit, called "Outro". basically the same as that, but with different bits thrown in. As in, the part i listed, then a random:

It's very easy to hit if you can play expert.


TTFAF: This song has about 8 stumming bits, but are easy. It's usually just a triple chord followed by alt strumming of the furthest note on the left of that chord.

Covered Later.

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Not a big section here. These are just a series of three notes thrown at you of the same colour, with spaces in between. Example (also, this is the most common):

http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gif3 greens, a rest, then 3 greens, a rest etc. They usually come at you VERY fast. I can only really think of two songs. The first is RaBl. Most of the beginning is gallops. And of course Barracuda, where basically the whole song is slower, but nonetheless hard gallops. Practice on Barracuda.

There are 3 ways to hit them. The most common way is this "DUD, UDU, DUD, UDU etc. The second is: DUD, DUD, DUD etc. These are the real deal. The last way is the easiest, but the most unreliable. It just basically consists of steady alt strumming. It means you barely hit the notes (but still hit them). And because of the steadiness, you hit the gap in between. Pick your poison.



HO's = Hammer On's

These are basically glowing notes on the fretboard. They entitle hitting the note before hand (as in the first note that comes up that you have to strum), then just pressing the rest, without strumming. Easy to learn, hard to master. So basically, imagine if you were playing these series of notes:



You could strum green, then just press the rest of the buttons. Practice these in My Name Is Jonas. The whole intro consists of these. You can also hold down the lowest note on the fretboard. Example, i could hit G, and while still holding it, hit R, and i can hold both to hit B. I can then hold ALL OF THOSE 3 and hit O. But too hit the next red, i have to take off all my fingers except the G. See what i mean.



PO's = Pull Off's.

Basically the same as PO's, but they go down the board. So from


http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifYou still have to strum the first note and all. Only difference is you can't hold any of the colours. Practice in My Name Is Jonas. If you want to see hard ones in action, go practice Cliffs Of Dover "Intro Solo B". It's hard.



Early Whammy:

Basically entitles you to start whammying before a whammy note for a 0.4 increase in SP. Used only for Star Power held notes.



This just means, when you activate SP, you hit the first note a second after it passes the buttons at the bottom, and hitting the last note of the power as soon as it touches, which means 2 more notes = more points. VERY hard to master.


Optimal Star Power Usage

This just means using your start power in the right place for more points. N33D MOAR POINTZ!!






Ahhh scales. The hardest thing in the GH universe, for me at least. These entitle of a series of three HO's, followed by another series of 3 HO's next up on the fretboard. For example:



These may not sound hard, but they are usually repeated alot. So from O, it will go back down to the green. Sometimes it differs like:



and so on. There are also downward scales, which go down the fretboard instead of up.

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A series of alternating two notes, USUALLY HO's.



Sometimes they differ like:




Best way to hit them is too anchor the note on the left, and hit, or tap, the note on the right.




Bringing your strumming hand up to the fretboard to "tap" the notes that you can't hit with your other fingers fast enough. Example is the first thing in TTFAF called "Their Hammer On's". Which is about a 40 second section of HO's and PO's. You have to hit the first red note, anchor green, and use your strumming hand to hit either O, or O and B (like me). It's VERY HARD to learn these, so don't get caught up. if you want to learn these quickly, head on over to Knights Of Cydonia and practice "Galloping triplets". Strum O, bring your hand up, and use it to Tap O. Use your other 2 fingers to hit R and G. It does change, but you can bring your left hand up. the you have to Tap B, then you can optionally Tap Y. Without freticons, it's VERY hard to explain. So i don't plan to explain it, because everyone on this board has at least tried it once.




Or zig-zag's. basically a series of notes going up and down the fretboard. The best example is in the song "One" in the section "Fast Solo B". It goes:


You can just easily alternate fingers to hit these, they are piss easy.




Basically mean holding down the lefternmost note while doing trills, Scales etc.

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Starting Out Small


Slow Ride

5* Expert Cutoff: 127,675

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ip5VUu0tAs]YouTube - GH3 - Slow Ride 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 2/10

Notes: There really is no problem for this. If you do stuff up, it's probably in Chorus Solo B, near the end of the song. It has a few trills and chord changes but it really isn't that difficult an FC. Should be one of your first.


Talk Dirty to Me

5* Expert Cutoff: 197,400

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaBqqcfvizI]YouTube - GH3 - Talk Dirty to Me 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 2/10

Notes: Another easy Fc. The problem area again near the end in C. Solo Climb, which is basically descending scales, and timing is a bit odd, but after 2 or so tries you should get the hang of it. Make sure too downstrum the song too. I don't want you Alt-strumming section that you shouldn't be and happen to make a boo-boo :p.


Hit Me With Your Best Shot

5* Expert Cutoff: 113,008

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nO1i5vlCJ8Q]YouTube - GH3 - Hit Me With Your Best Shot 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 3/10

Notes: I have no idea why, but this took me ages to FC. The problem is obviously Solo A and Solo B. Solo A starts of with a random bunch of notes that you need to learn to hit, followed by a small strumming section. MAKE SURE YOU ALT STRUM THIS!! This was an area of my problem, i was down strumming and missing one note and i got pissed. Lrn2altstrum! Also make sure that you emphasize the chord at the end with a heavy downstrum. Then this is followed by Trills. Now be careful here because if you stuff up it's either because:

-A: You missed the last note in a set of trills

-B: You missed the strum note at the start of each trills.

That section is hard but you should get the hang of it soon. Then a series of easy notes. Solo B is a little bit easier. When it alternates between Yellow and Orange, don't alt strum. At the end is a strumming section that throws you off, make sure you alt strum this. It's basically all i can help with really.


Story of My Life

5* Expert Cutoff: 249,041

FC Yotube link:[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2M5d1ZHQBo]YouTube - GH3 - Story of My Life 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 1/10

Notes: I don't even know why i hadn't FCed this before. I FCed it the day i started this guide (1/10/08) and there is absolutely no hard section whatsoever. But the problem is that the song is way too long. You will get bored, and you will miss a note. Hang in their, player.


Rock and Roll All Nite

5* Expert Cutoff: 125,818

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXjjJI7hyD8]YouTube - GH3 - Rock & Roll All Night 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 3/10

Notes: I FCed this on 30/9/08. On my first try. The problem is "Ace This Solo, Freely". It's basically a bunch of HO/PO's with random strumming notes thrown in that are really close together. First off, take it into practice, then into slow. Ace it and memorize where the strumming notes are. I don't even know how i got it first try, i just took it into practice and couldn't even hit it. But just make sure you memorize where the notes you have to strum are. And use the HO's, don't strum every note.

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Your First Real Gig


Mississippi Queen

5* Expert Cutoff: 73,682

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJYh6lN2s5k]YouTube - GH3 - Mississippi Queen 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: Lolwut? 0/10

Notes: Again, lolwut?


School's Out

5* Expert Cutoff: 94,593

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibF-uNGK1Zg]YouTube - GH3 - School's Out 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 3/10

Notes: I guess Solo 2 is the problem. The only hard part looks like this:


The problem is that they are REALLY close together. Make sure you practice this and then go and FC hit.


Sunshine of Your Love

5* Expert Cutoff: 148,711

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfOcHJbc--U]YouTube - GH3 - Sunshine of Your Love 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 2/10

Notes: Solo C is a problem section. If you suck at notes followed by HO's then go fix that up. If you also suck as small trills and fast PO's go fix that up. Done? Go and FC this bastard of a song.



5* Expert Cutoff: 164,593

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc60-3L5eWU]YouTube - GH3 - Barracuda 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: "Ahuyckhuyck, you can haz h8 t3h, gallops?" Gallops took me a while to learn, so go see the Gallops section. Have you lrn2gallop? Good, because it is going to help you. Also, the end of Solo B has a random Trill thrown in you might want to watch out for. It helps.


Bulls on Parade

5* Expert Cutoff: 156,576

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WFzo3xbUco]YouTube - GH3 - Bulls on Parade 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 1/10

Notes: None. This song dosen't even have a solo. If you play with the beat, your golden.

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Making The Video


When You Were Young

5* Expert Cutoff: 154,202

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v7f9coHEl4]YouTube - GH3 - When You Were Young 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 1/10

Notes: This should either your first or second FC. It has no solo and maybe one trouble section you can get the hang of in under a minute. But the song is awesome.


Miss Murder

5* Expert Cutoff: 185,629

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBXohETPdpI]YouTube - GH3 - Miss Murder 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 5/10

Notes: I really hate random strumming section with alternating notes. I really, really do. That's why i havn't FCed this yet (<<<LIES!! YES I HAVE). Nothing at else really, but get the hang of alt strumming even when a note changes, seeing as how i am officially second best downstrummer in Australia (i love competition websites) i hate these have to alt-strum sections. Just be careful. Once you get these down, shouldn't be to hard from there.


The Seeker

5* Expert Cutoff: 176,706

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg_Ex76tQ_I]YouTube - GH3 - The Seeker 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 3/10

Notes: First of all, for the 3 rapid notes, downstrum. Theres no need to gallop if you are fast enough.'Also make sure you can change chords well. First off, seeing as how your not me, alt strum all of Bridge 1. I honestly don't think you can pass it any other way unless you have wrists of steel. Alt strum. Do the same for Bridge 2.


Lay Down

5* Expert Cutoff: 173,424

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2Bz2t8uisg]YouTube - GH3 - Lay Down 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 2/10

Notes: I'm sorry, i couldn't here you over the sound of how awesome this song is. This song is an easy FC. Just learn to chord change. Nothing fancy needed.


Paint It Black

5* Expert Cutoff: 185,828

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6bgKZ8a4mQ]YouTube - GH3 Paint It Black Expert 100% FC[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 2/10

Notes: For the intro, hold down Green the whole time. The only time you shouldn't be holding down green for this whole song is when there are chords. For Solo 1, alt strum, it helps (not for me). Also for the Outro. Get that done and your set.


Suck My Kiss

5* Expert Cutoff: 140,549

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0jEoHyPeXk]YouTube - GH3 - Suck My Kiss 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 3/10

Notes: The section that goes

http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gif is probably where you will stuff up, but it helps if you hold green the hold time.

Also, the Solo, you will die from. Combo the HO's, and lrn2altstrum fast, Like, really fast. I don't know what else to give. Kthxbi.

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European Invasion



5* Expert Cutoff: 187,410

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz0f9edpdZM]YouTube - Guitar Hero III Paranoid FC 100% Expert[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: For the intro, just focus on the strumming notes and leave the HO's as an after thought. There's no point strumming everything no matter how easy it may be. The Solo isn't the hardest but because of the random strumming notes in it you will most likely get thrown off guard. Practice it in slow, i can't help you with it much because it;s an easy part. Basically, all the random strumming notes are before HO's, so remember that. Other then that, it's just simple chord changes.


Anarchy in the U.K.

5* Expert Cutoff: 198,176

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXa6xmQfd5c]YouTube - GH3 - Anarchy in The U.K. - 100% FC Expert[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 2/10

Notes: There really is nothing hard about this song. So far in the setlist, it probably has the hardest chord changes so get used to moving your fingers alot. Solo's are easy as well. Once you learn to chord change well, then go for it.


Kool Thing

5* Expert Cutoff: 198,039

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8hs5IRb7jo]YouTube - Kool Thing 100% FC (GH3 Expert)[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 5/10

Notes: The first hard part is Chorus Riff, which changes from slow strumming to fast strumming. I downstrum this whole bit but i suggest you alt-strum. The timing is hard to get because it's off beat with the song so i suggest you take that into practice mode. This pops up multiple times in the song. I suggest you downstrum the red's then alt strum the yellow's then downstrum the 2 blue's The solo has confusing notes but one sightread and you'll get the hang of it. A few relativelt fast descending scales pop-up but nothing serious.


My Name is Jonas

5* Expert Cutoff: 186,690

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3xV7oSUNug]YouTube - GH3 - My Name Is Jonas FC 100% 360K (Expert)[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 2/10

Notes: Once you master the HO's, a few chord changes, and the fast strumming near the end, it's a really easy FC. The song is good to pratice HO's as well so go try it, it will build most of the skills you need.


Even Flow

5* Expert Cutoff: 189,558

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exD73w6UwWg]YouTube - GH3 Even Flow 100% - FC Expert[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 3/10

Notes: Learn to slide up into 2nd position. As in, to hit green, slide your finger to it then slide it back up to red. It will really help in the future. This is an awesome song so learn to love it. The solo combines slow HO's with fast one's but it's pretty easy, and there are some fast strumming sections which change notes as well. I actually suggest down strumming it, it helped me alot, and it's not THAT fast (although it will be where you stuff up during your FC).

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Bighouse Blues


Holiday in Cambodia

5* Expert Cutoff: 286,309

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV9r40Zbpyo]YouTube - Holiday in Cambodia 100% FC (GH3 Expert)[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 6/10

Notes: If you can learn to combo the Intro (fast strumming with a sudden trill) then this song is an easy FC. 6/10 means the intro is hard to learn. It changes notes like a bitch so learn to quickly change. It's not hard to pass however.


Rock You Like a Hurricane

5* Expert Cutoff: 191,840

FC Youtube link:[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0YBV_zaKVw]YouTube - Guitar Hero 3 - Rock You Like A Hurricane (Expert, 100% FC)[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 5/10

Notes: The first part is really the hardest. Make sure you can chord change well because this song throws lots at you. Also, this song has everything except gallops, so expect trills and scales. Solo 2 has alternating trills that go:


So make sure you be careful of these. Some are strumming note as well, so again, be careful. Use the fingering 12 to hit trills and use your pinky to hit the orange. This solo is all about trilling ans hitting the random strums, make sure you take it to slow. The song's main focus is trills so it would be best to learn how to hit them.




Same Old Song and Dance

5* Expert Cutoff: 127,325

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVE9ZRH1rBc]YouTube - GH3 - Same Old Song And Dance - Expert 100% FC - 213k[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: Agent Aero has trouble with the intro, so this is how we do it. Basically, all you have to do is memorize the random strum notes. There is usually a BO chord at the end of it, with ascending scales. It's actually a really easy section to hit when you know how to do it. Take it into slow, memorize the the strum notes and go from there. The rest of the song is easy pie, few chord changes, few trills, nothing sassy. In the last part however is a RY trill that starts slow and speeds up. I would learn how to tap this, it will come in handy later.If you want to practice it, it's the last section of the song.


La Grange

5* Expert Cutoff: 151,576

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-0O32L_RTM]YouTube - GH3 - La Grange 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 5/10

Notes: Only the solo's should give you trouble. The hardest partof the first solo (Solo 1D) goes:


That ascending scale is FAST. Keep on your fingers and make sure you speed up your hand to hit it.

The end solo is alot easier. The song also has lots of trills, but they are slow and easy.



Welcome to the Jungle

5* Expert Cutoff: 189,443

FC Youtube link: http:[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyOK2qE1Lvc]YouTube - Guitar Hero 3 - Welcome to the Jungle - Expert - 100% - FC[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: It is easily possible to downstrum everything in this song. The song is relatively and even the solo's are. Practice downstrumming and you'll have this FC in no time.

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The Hottest Band On Earth


Black Magic Woman

5* Expert Cutoff: 144,990

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeUysJz8UyU]YouTube - Black Magic Woman GH3 FC 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 5/10

Notes: When i started for the FC, i was like "waaaaa this shit is easy". And in a way, it is. But there are 2 sections which you WILL stuff up on, the first being the end of bridge which goes like this:


Now that looks easy, but that scales is REALLY fast, and if it continued, it would easily be one of the fastest NPS in the whole game. It is REALLY fast, so take it into practice and practice it on FS to get the idea for the timing. After the G, quickly move your hand up to hit it then move it back down, there's not much else. The other thing is "Solo 2". This has one of those reallt fast upward scales i just talked about, followed by slow O strumming, which speeds up ALOT, then slows back down. It is insane to hit at first, and you won't get it first off. Again, practice makes perfect.



Cherub Rock

5* Expert Cutoff: 290,565

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uZtIShZInM]YouTube - Cherub Rock 100% FC Guitar Hero III 500k+ (EXPERT)[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: i hrd u liek 500K pionts? This song is easy for some to get 500K, and hard for others. For me, because i suck, it's hard, and i still havn't gotten 500K points on this song yet. The song is pretty easy though. Mainly just learn to chord change and hit random strumming notes and your set.


Black Sunshine

5* Expert Cutoff: 167,513

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQqvLf4ig3w]YouTube - Black Sunshine 100% Expert FC[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 6/10

Notes: This song has lots of strumming and alternating notes, so lrn2getstronghands. Another section is "Blown Gasser Madness, which is trill's going higher up on the fretboard. These are slow and AWESOME to practice on, so give that a shot. In "Verse 3" there is a section that goes like this:


Strum fast, hit O, and move your hand as if you were doing RaBl. It looks really slow, but in reality it is super fast. "Break Down" has 4 fast downward scales like above that start with O and continue, rather then having a pause. Practice pl0x.



The Metal

5* Expert Cutoff: 163,112

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VifFRS4QCbo]YouTube - GHIII - The Metal 100% FC (expert)[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 5/10

Notes: Chord changes followed by HO's, it's got a mixture of this through the whole song. Plus a few chord changes. Incorporate everything you have learned in the game and use it here.


Pride and Joy

5* Expert Cutoff: 206,251

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRtTeJ6ITaU]YouTube - GH3 - Pride and Joy 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 5/10

Notes: Solo 1 is composed of chord changes, fast strumming and a few HO's/PO's. 2 is the exact same.

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Live In Japan


Before I Forget

5* Expert Cutoff: 314,648

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AQnxzSQenQ]YouTube - GH3 - Before I Forget 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 7/10

Notes: This song is just one massive chordfest. if you have fast fret fingers then it's not really that hard. However, the place where people stuff up is bridge.

http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-gy.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rb.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-gy.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rb.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-yo.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rb.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-gy.gifNow, i loved to stuff up on this when i was a young grasshopper. That was because i was only using 2 fingers for the whole thing. However, i learned this was a bad way. The way i do it (and hit hit about 95% of the time) is to hit http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-gy.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rb.gif with your index and ring fingers (which means you slide, and then hit http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-yo.gif with your middle and pinky. This way, your only sliding your hand a bit, and your alternating your fingers for the higher frets, which means your hand gets less tired and you can get back into position easier. http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rb.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rb.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-yo.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rb.gif Do the same fingering, but treat is as a gallop, or downstrum it.




5* Expert Cutoff: 296,546

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bfn_9nkavY]YouTube - GH3 - Stricken 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 8/10

Notes: Another epic chordfest. Practice in practice mode. http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifTap that first orange and keep your hand in first position.

http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gif Hold red the whoole time or slide from yellow to red. Hit blue with whatever you feel comfortable with and tap Orange.


3's & 7's

5* Expert Cutoff: 230,267

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHdpfqTs0KY]YouTube - GH3 - 3's & 7's 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 6/10

Notes: Epic Chordfest. Nothing special bout it.


Knights of Cydonia

5* Expert Cutoff: 299,225

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSLJorGu4vI]YouTube - GH3 - Knights of Cydonia 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 6/10

Notes: As long as you have a REALLY strong arm, then this isn't that hard of an FC. It's practically alt strumming, with a solo thrown into, followed by more strumming. Changing frets is easy, and basically, learn to strum at the right speed. For the solo, i have a foolproof 100% way to hit it, with tapping.

http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifBasically, hold down green with your left index the WHOLE time. Don't even let go. Use your middle to hit R, and then Red AND Yellow. Tap Orange, blue, and yellow for the scales. It's alot easier when your worrying about 2 frets instead of 3.



Cult of Personality

5* Expert Cutoff: 194,228

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG0Y_Ehi5nc]YouTube - GH3 - Cult of Personality 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 7/10


Solo!: As soon as you hit the first strum, raise your hand up and tap the blue trills and the orange trills. Basically, tap all Blue's, all Orange's, and when it comes down to it, tap RY trills. I only use my left hand for anchoring G and R, i tap the rest.

Start Soloing: Tap the first YB trill. The only thing you have to tap now are the notes that go like this: http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gif Obviously, tap the Blue and Orange. The trills can easily be one handed.

Keep Soloing: Everything can easily be one handed here, no tapping required.

Don't stop soloing: Again, one hand. You can tap the Orange's if you want.

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Battle For Your Soul


Raining Blood

5* Expert Cutoff: 227,215

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Vx8hAVwxzo&feature=related]YouTube - Guitar Hero 3- Raining Blood 100% Expert FC 100%!!!!!!!![/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 20/10

Notes: Uhhhh.....

For Mosh, swivel your hand left to right. REALLY FAST. Constantly keep an alt-strum rythem and don't stop it until you get to chords, then two downstrums and continue. I'm trying a new method tapping Orange. 100% on Slower, 98% on slow, 94% on FS. I guess it's good, but you have to be really precise.

For Flood, i have no advise, because i can't do it. If you can tap it, go right ahead, if not flail. I can tap most of the trills but i never elbow strum, but i can't get higher thern 85% on it.


Cliffs of Dover

5* Expert Cutoff:187,332

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJwppiE1goU]YouTube - GH3 - Cliffs of Dover 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 8/10

Notes: Luckily, the hardest parts are the intro solo's. In Solo A, one mistake i was making was not hitting http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gif . I was hitting all of it, but i kept missing the blue, so watch out for that. For solo B, practice it with an elbow strum, get the rhythm down, then learn to normal strum it. I do it like this:




The colour red means i tap that with my second finger on my left hand. For the normal solo's make sure you ALWAYS come back to green. For the chorus (like the http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifor whatever the hell it is), do it fast and always hold down the left most button for each set of notes, it helps greatly. For One Last Solo, the first part is easy.

When it goeshttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gif, tap The Orange if you can. That's basically it.



The Number of the Beast

5* Expert Cutoff: 380,907

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OHZzXbATRg]YouTube - GH3 - Number Of The Beast - 100% FC - Expert[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 9/10

Notes: First off, check out the alt-strumming section. I downstrum everything in this song but only because it's the only thing that works for me. Remember, it goes like this:http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-bo.gif and not like this http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rbo.gif . For the solo, i can't give tips, but this is my fingering:


2323 2323232121212 2 1 1 2 22222222 23232222222222

So start off with normal, then tap it. The other part of the solo is roughly like the first, but tap the Orange and Blue's.



5* Expert Cutoff:383,690

FC Yotube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4-RvikfNDs]YouTube - GH3 One - (Expert) 5 stars - 1200 note streak[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: WTF/10

Notes: I can't give any. The song is really easy. But the Solo is so hard only 6 people have FCed it (Undeadfi13iq, Baseballkid, JPrez, Earldotcom, GHP and our very own ShonSuperStar). However, i can guide you to this video:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWK-DESrHGA]YouTube - One FSA Full Speed FC (hands !!)[/ame]

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5*: Expert Cutoff: 244,247

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnkuBESIbV0]YouTube - GH3 - Avalancha 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: Other then some downward scales and some chord changing, this isn't that hard.


In the Belly of a Shark

5*: Expert Cutoff: 172,318

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZwL8921GHM]YouTube - GH3 - In the Belly of A Shark 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 6/10

Notes: This song combines quirky sounds with HO's in the middle of strummed notes and vice versa. There really is no way to know the pattern unless you play the song like 50 times in one day. It's not a good song either. The one thing you watch out for near the end of the song is:http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gif. They are all strummed so use this fingering, it helps me. 234211234211


Can't Be Saved

5*: Expert Cutoff: 150,632

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD6CPubGKgQ]YouTube - GH3 - Can't Be Saved 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 3/10

Notes: There's nothing really hard about this song. If i can FC, you can FC it, because i suck.



5*: Expert Cutoff: 145, 645

FC Youtube link:[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RZ5iVX6dGk]YouTube - GH3 - Closer 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 0/10

Notes: Seriously, if you can't FC this, you fail at life.


Don't Hold Back

5*: Expert Cutoff: 195, 558

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTq_xknFYLc]YouTube - GH3 - Don't Hold Back 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 6/10

Notes: The only hard parts are the strumming bits, FC talking this is. There are no hard bits in this song. Just strum, It's pretty fast.


Down 'N Dirty

5*: Expert Cutoff: 259, 692

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5j8O-1p3-k]YouTube - GH3 - Down 'n Dirty 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: The solo is full of random strumming notes and HO's that makes no sense. It's Solo 3 for all of you. It's more a matter of pattern learning then anything.



5*: Expert Cutoff: 228, 304

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1HmDyZG0n0]YouTube - GH3 - F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 8/10

Notes: Every thing that should be HO's is a strummed note, and then there is fast strumming in the middle, then scales. Then back to to strumming notes. The part that goes like this:http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gif Is actually a slow gallop. Slower then RaBl even.

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Generation Rock

5* Expert Cutoff: 155, 739

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fncKtK5s4c&feature=related]YouTube - GH3 - Generation Rock 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 3/10

Notes: The only thing i recommend is staying in first position until BO chords come. There is a fair amount of strumming in this song. There is also a bit of chords. I did this for the first time in 3 months as i'm writing this and i got a -1 right at the end, only because a plane flew over and i lost concentration.


Go That Far

5* Expert Cutoff: 128, 856

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts_O5_j1BIk]YouTube - GH3 - Go That Far 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 5/10

Notes: This is one of those songs with really awkward positions of HO/PO. There is also the section that goes http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gif and so on. Every first note in each set of notes is a HO but don't worry about them, just keep strumming. It's not really fast.


Hier Kommt Alex

5* Expert Cutoff: 254,151

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hvN1oAUXUU]YouTube - GH3 - Hier Kommt Alex 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: This song is just basically alt-strumming and chord changing. There really is nothing else to this song.


I'm in the Band

5* Expert Cutoff: 178,800

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJwO8pux4GM]YouTube - GH3 - I'm in the Band 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 6/10

Notes: The very start of this song comes out of no where. It's HO's follow by a chord. Make sure you are ready. Also make sure you are ready for rapid notes such as http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-yo.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-gy.gif.

Not sure if thats what it looks like, but those 2 greens can be downstrummed. It's best to always be in 2nd position for the solo.




5* Expert Cutoff: 183,720

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC5Oldc3rgU]YouTube - GH3 - Impulse 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 7/10

Notes: The tricky bits in this song are tricky, and there are 3. But hands down, this is the most fun song to play in the game.http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gif---- It's pretty early into the song. Just make sure you always anchor the left colour and slide when necessary.

The second is The Most Soulful Slide in History. Goes something like this:

http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-y.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gif If i were you i would tap the Orange's while constantly hammering yellow with your middle finger. The section right after this requires alot of practice. It's basically quick bursts of strumming followed by chords. Oh and for the later BO trills, there's a pause which allows you to elbow strum.


In Love

5* Expert Cutoff: 166,449

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_tu0dPu6E0]YouTube - GH3 - In Love 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: See "Go That Far".


Mauvais Garcon

5* Expert Cutoff: 248,81

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-y6hDU5AnQ]YouTube - GH3 - Mauvais Garcon 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 7/10

Notes: Unless your REALLY good at chord changing and keeping beat, it's an impossible FC. This song combines an odd tune with massive amounts of chord changes. The only thing i suggest is downstrumming everything except the beginning. Go practice Before I Forget's Bridge. The last bit is the hardest because of the weird HO/PO between chords.


Metal Heavy Lady

5* Expert Cutoff: 104,384

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBWy7caCUhE]YouTube - GH3 - Metal Heavy Lady 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 1/10

Notes: This was my first FC. There is no hard bits in this song at all. Infact, this is a sightread FC.


Minus Celsius

5* Expert Cutoff: 160,858

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOf4L_6K2Ww]YouTube - GH3 - Minus Celsius 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 4/10

Notes: Nothing other then really awkward chord changes.


My Curse

5* Expert Cutoff: 217,852

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rXSRA-pce8]YouTube - GH3 - My Curse 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 8/10

Notes: Other then this song wearing down your arm, nothing else i can say. There ar gallops, weird fingering positions. Basically, only FC if you have a strong arm, or are the best alt-strummer in the world. God dam it Shon.


Nothing for Me Here

5* Expert Cutoff: 167,354

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srmgROwnc6M]YouTube - GH3 - Nothing For Me Here 100%[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 8/10

Notes: Take every section into practice mode. Epicly awkward. Random strumming and everything. http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-g.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-r.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-ry.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-gr.gif That should be a gallop and a downstrum for the chord.


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Prayer of the Refugee

5* Expert Cutoff: 218,230

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc4U_aLc1SM]YouTube - GH3 - Prayer Of The Refugee 100% Expert FC 370,006[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 3/10

Notes: The only hard bit is the chord change that goes like this: http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rb.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-yo.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-rb.gif

It's pretty fast, and awkward. That's basically it.


Radio Song

5* Expert Cutoff: 111,566

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NauxbFRw1qw]YouTube - GH3 - Radio Song - 100% FC Expert 182k[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 1/10

Notes: Nothing hard.



5* Expert Cutoff: 113,969

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmWq6HLwnn0]YouTube - Guitar Hero 3: Ruby (Expert, FC, 100%) 197,961[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 1/10

Notes: Nothing hard again :p.


She Bangs the Drums

5* Expert Cutoff: 177,770

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McqeUAFYW5Q]YouTube - GH3 She Bangs The Drums 100% FC (Expert)[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 5/10

Notes: The most dum, annoying god dam song in the whole game. It's so awkward, and you will choke in really bad awkward places all the time, i finally 100% this after exactly 362 tries. One of the stupid bits is: http://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-ry.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-ry.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret--.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-b.gifhttp://eddyf.selfip.info/freticons/fret-o.gif which the Orange is a Hammer On. It's one of the most stupid things in the history of the GH universe.


Take This Life

5* Expert Cutoff: 339,800?

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQtP40ZeWxw]YouTube - Guitar Hero 3 Take This Life 100% EXPERT FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 10/10

Notes: Trills you have to strum, chord changes, scales for a solo. Seriously, an almost impossible FC.


The Way It Ends

5* Expert Cutoff: 361,774

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv3ysQJpFv8]YouTube - The Way It Ends 100% FC (GH3 Expert)[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: 10/10

Notes: If your arm isn't super strong, no way in hell are you gonna FC this. This song is ALL strumming, with a chord at the end of each burst. For basically the whole 5 mins. It also has a crazy solo.


Through the Fire and Flames

5* Expert Cutoff: 566,584

FC Youtube link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5GpRJItqjw]YouTube - Through the Fire and Flames TTFAF FC 100% 987,786[/ame]

Difficulty Of FC: Never/10

Notes: I'm not going to add notes. You post what you are having trouble with in this song, and i will add it.

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Me vs J1mMY295 (Brutal Kensei - the legend who got 1000 in GH3).







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Thanks alot man, i really appreciate it. I'm not that good of a player but i thank you for the compliment. And thanks for the A+ compliment, i appreciate it. I don't really use the controller, i beat expert with it and didn't use it again. But i can provide some tips if you want, just not in this guide. I'm sorry.

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