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What are all the endings? **Spoilers**

True I Skill

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Ok so far i have found 2 endings, Im sure there must be one more endings the endings ive found out atm are..



1. You take the helecopter jenny survives, but you leave your team and Kane.


2. You go back for your team, but jenny Dies, But you and Kane get away.


Is there an ending for if you go back for your team and escape with jenny not dieing? If there is what is it? and any tips for getting it myself? or a youtube link..?

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Best thread revive I've ever seen! Look at dem dates! :p


I know... but i had to search far in the board to find a thread about this. Its crazy how 97% of the threads here concerns the achievements... Yes i know the name of the website but well you would think some people would have some interest in the stories of those games as well, and not play ONLY for virtual points... :/


I swear it took me around 10 pages to find one single thread that concerned the story.

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