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So you've finally woken out of a 5-year long coma, much to the surprise of everyone. You will be put into a character creation screen, where you can customize everything from gender to walking style. Your choices don't matter, the game will progress the same way regardless. After another cutscene, you meet a kid named Carlos, and decide to bust out of jail together.


You start with nothing but your fists, so use http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/lt.png and http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/rt.pngto punch the doctor until he dies. After he dies, you'll be given the opportunity to choose to take the tutorial. Even the experts of the first game should take the tutorial, as the mechanics have changed a little. Kick down the first two doors and take out the two security guards in the same way you killed the doctor. You will automatically pick up their nightstick, so hold http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/b.png and move http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/ls.png to switch to your nightstick.


Kick down the next door, then run up and hit http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/x.png to get up on top of the pipes. run to the end of the room, then hit http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/x.png again to get up to the next level. Run to the other end again and hit http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/x.png again to get on solid floor. Click http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/ls.png to crouch and move under the vent, then click it again to stand up. Run to the end of the room and climb up to find another security guard. Kill him and take his gun. Switch to the gun and use http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/rt.png to shoot it and take out the two other guards on the roof. Hit http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/a.png to dual-wield with one of their guns. Make your way to the blue square on your GPS, then go down the stairs and kill yet another guard. Keep going to blue marker after marker, until you eventually get encountered by a helicopter.


The chopper will kill you if you advance, so click http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/rs.png to enter fine aim and pick off the two cops inside. Go down the fire escape and follow your marker to come to a paved road on the top of a slight hill. Hang out here for a few seconds second, picking off cops, and a police car will come to you. Kill the cops inside, then use http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/y.png to drive the car. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/ls.png steers, http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/a.png accelerates, and http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/x.png brakes. Make sure Carlos gets in, then make your way down the hill until you come to to a blockade just short of the marker. Get out of the car. Don't bother about the cops, just run down the stairs to the marker, making sure Carlos joins you.


You will enter the boat and ride shotgun. You need to take out all of your pursuers before they damage your boat. For the police boats, just aim towards the driver (on the right side of the boat) and try to kill him. Although there will be another cop on the boat, you will quickly drive out of range. For the choppers, just aim towards the center mass, it shouldn't take more than a quarter-clip to blow one up. After a minute or so, they will stop coming and the mission will end.



Freshly out of jail, it's time to get some street clothes. Jack a car and head to Sloppy Seconds. You don't actually have to buy anything, just enter the purchase screen and leave it again. Once you've done that, leave the store and head to TeeN'Ay for a checkpoint.


Oh no! Jonny Gat's on death row and you need to bust him out. Begin by fighting your way out of the strip club, the exit is on your left and a little behind you. Grab a car and drive down to the courthouse. Go left up the steps, then right and down the hallway to play a cutscene. Fight your way out of the courthouse with Johnny, grab a cop car, and go to Forgive and Forget. Once the heat's off, go to Aisha's house to end the mission.




Now it's time to get a gang together. We can't use Aisha's house, so the dilapidated remnants of the old church will have to do. Drive to the waypoint on your HUD, then get out and enter the doors. Make your way to the basement, and clear out the Sons of Samedi that are hanging out there. After that, you need to destroy the shanties that the bums have built. Go up to a bum and hold http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/lb.png to take a human shield, line them up with the shanty, then hit http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/lb.png again to throw them. Rinse and repeat until you've knocked down all of the shanties. Clear out the remaning bums and mission over.



The 3rd Street Saints are being revived, and need followers. You start off in the church, with the instruction to head to the Suburbs. Exit the church, and grab either the car from your garage or anything that's around. Head down to the Suburbs. Once you get there, 3 potential lieutenants will pop up on your HUD. You must do a short mission for all 3 in order to recruit them.


Carlos: Go to the closest one, who's behind you in the Rim Jobs Parking lot. Get out of your car and enter the tow truck he's standing next to. Follow the GPS to a graveyard, where you must back up to the car. Press and hold http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/lb.png + http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/rb.png to hitch up the car. Driving becomes pretty difficult when you have the car hitched, so carefully make your way back to Rim Jobs. Get there to earn a lieutenant and a checkpoint.


Pierce: Take a right out of the parking lot and head down the street to approach your next recruit. To satisfy him, you must kill all of the nearby Ronin. He will lend a hand, so just get close to the 3 points on your HUD and begin shooting. There's no need to get out of your car. Don't let any of the Ronin get close enough to your car, as they will pull you out and execute you. Once all 3 groups are dead, you will again get a lieutenant and a checkpoint.


Shaundi: Follow your HUD to the last person, Shaundi. She wants you to go through a series of stunt jumps, so grab a good car, (there should be a Hammerhead in her driveway) and head to them. After getting three simple jumps, the mission will end and the prologue will be over.



So, the bums you evicted back in "Down Payment" are rebuilding in the Stilwater Caverns. Time to get rid of them while they're still weak. Follow the blue mission markers, killing the bums along the way, until you come across the shanty homes again.


You don't have to kill all of the bums, just destroy the shanties. If you have a shotgun, just give each one a single blast to knock it down. If not, you can still throw the bums into the shanties, or use another weapon. Once the last one falls, the stronghold is over.

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Shaundi has done her research and found that the Samedi's main source of income comes from Loa Dust, a designer drug they sell to college kids. If you can get a few pounds of the drug, you can figure out how to replicate it, and then undercut the Samedi. Follow the GPS to the University campus, then find the two groups of drug dealers. As you kill the last member of each group, they will drop a package of Loa Dust. After you clear out both groups, your phone will ring.


Shaundi tells you that there's a big-time dealer in town. Get in a car and follow the GPS to hunt him down. If you're in co-op, get in the same car so your partner can shoot at the car. If not, just follow the car until it flips over or hits something, so you can easily get out of the car and finish the driver off. After killing the driver, pick up his package of drugs and follow the GPS to the end of the mission.



Shaundi knows someone who can easily figure out how to replicate Loa Dust. One problem - she's in jail. Get in the boat and head over to the prison island. You have a time limit, but you should easily be able to make it to the island before it expires. Park your boat on the dock, then go inside and head up the stairs to find the generator. Plant the bomb, then quickly run back the way you came to get out of the explosion radius. After the bomb blows, you get a checkpoint.


Double back again to where the bomb was to run out of the building. Go down the street and into the prison blocks. Work your way through an army of officers to follow your GPS to Laura's cell. Group up with her, then leave the way you came. Get into the newly-arrived helicopter and fly away from the island for freedom and a completed mission.


Laura's made short work of figuring out the recipe. Now all that's left is to destroy the Samedi's farm where they make their drugs. You start off in a chopper with a minigun. After about 30 seconds, you will approach the barn. The pilot will circle the barn until you've destroyed all 6 objectives. After you blow them all up, you get a checkpoint.


Some of the lieutenants are fleeing, so your pilot will follow them as you take them out. Just pump your minigun into the cars until they explode and the mission is over.



Shaundi's just been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, so drive to Cocks where he's supposedly holding her ransom. Arrive there to find an ambush, so clear out all of the Samedi. After they're dead, you will be told that Veteran Warchild is performing tonight at a nightclub, so he is probably there. Head over to the nightclub for a checkpoint.


Disposing of the Samedi that attack you, go downstairs to find Warchild holding Shaundi as a human shield. Pick up the flashbangs by each support collumn, and lob them at Warchild to break them up. Shoot him for as long as you can before he grabs Shaundi again. Rinse and repeat until he's dead and the mission's over.



Shaundi's ex has news of another Samedi drug lab, and you have to destroy all 4 locations of it. Drive to the first marker on your target, get out, and destroy everything on your radar. Watch out, the drug tables explode when you shoot them. After taking apart the first location, you will be prompted to go to the next one, with a checkpoint awaiting you when you get there.


Repeat for all 4 locations. When you finish off the last location, you will have to chase down the lead technician. Hop in a car and just focus on following him. If you're playing in co-op, have your partner ride shotgun and shoot away at the car. Kill the driver to end the mission.



After a night on the town, you get abducted by Samedi heads. After fighting your way out of the car, you need to drive to the church. Driving whilst drunk isn't that hard, you just have limited visibility. Stay on your side of the road and rely on your GPS to make it to your destination. Get out of the car and fight your way through the Samedi in the church. You will begin to sober up, so shooting shouldn't be too hard. After clearing out the church, you will get a checkpoint.


Samedi will now come at you in waves. This is your standard "Kill-them-and-don't-die" mission, there's no time limit. Just get in cover somewhere and slowly waste all of the Samedi that come to you. After 50 or so, the mission will be over.



So, it turns out that the way Samedi continues to get product is through helicopter drops. Your mission is obvious: destroy the choppers. Pierce will drive as you gun. After a few seconds of dialogue, the chase starts up. The first two choppers go down fairly easily, and after a bit of driving, you'll have to ditch your car in favor of a boat and a checkpoint.


On sea, you'll have no enemies besides the choppers. Shoot down two more to go back on land. Hang out as Pierce jacks a car and puts his own music on the radio. Shoot down two more choppers to end the mission.


Sunshine has organized all of the dust junkies, and they're attacking you. Guard the warehouse as Pierce retrieves a truck. Again, all you have to do is not die, so stay inside and take the junkies out as they enter. When Peirce comes back, guard him and Shauni as they load up the truck. When all 12 boxes are packed, you get a checkpoint.


Escort the truck to your HQ. Grab a car, follow the truck, and pick off the drivers of the cars that attack you. It's not hard, and once the truck arrives, your mission is complete.



Sunshine has been hanging out in a slaughterhouse, so head there for a checkpoint. Work your way through the house, go upstairs, and continue shooting Samedi until you come across Sunshine for another checkpoint.


Sunshine pulls voodoo on you, and your only means of damaging him is to shoot his voodoo doll, then him. Unfortunately, the only time his doll is out is after you've cleared out a huge wave of his peons. You're on a separate platform from him, so just keep shooting and shooting, using cover when you need it. This isn't hard, just time-consuming. You'll need to drop his doll a minimum of 3 times to kill him and end the mission.



Shaundi has a plan to take down the General. First, you need to hack into the computers at the police precinct. Move to an hijack the video repair truck marked on your GPS, and drive to the precinct, also marked on your GPS. When you get to the station, put your guns away and head upstairs. The cops will eventually tune into your plan and attack. Get up to the fourth floor and into the control room for a checkpoint.


You need to guard Shaundi as she hacks the computer, which takes about 3 minutes. After she's done, run out on the roof, and into the chopper. Fly the chopper back to your HQ, and land on the roof to end the mission.


You need to complete all of the strongholds for Samedi to get the final mission to appear. Check the next post for stronghold walkthroughs.

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The Samedi have set up a set of drug labs above an adult shop with the intent of selling to the shop's clientele. Head over there, and clean out the customers and dancers. Shoot the guys looking at the videos, then enter the back room. Clean out the private booths on either side, then the bar in the back of them, and finally the dancers. Once you've killed everyone, the door upstairs will unlock. Go upstairs and destroy the 4 labs for a checkpoint.


Then, head to the fire escape, and go to the roof. You'll have to destroy a chopper, but you should work on the gang members on the roof first so they won't kill you. Get rid of them, then destroy the chopper to end the stronghold.



Apparently, a large amount of the Samedi's drug transportation is done by stuffing the drugs in fish. Drive to the fishing dock, then fight your way into the four walk-in freezers to destroy the fish. The second you open the freezer, you will start to be affected by the drugs, so watch out. After disposing of the fish, you need to destroy the boats. If you have grenades, use them, but if not, just keep shooting at the hull. When the four small boats blow up, you will need to get rid of the big one, but you will be given a checkpoint.


Make your way up the ramp and towards the back of the boat. Go down several levels and plant the bomb. You don't have much time, so just bolt out of there, killing only the people in your way. If you're out of the radius and alive when the timer expires, you've completed the stronghold.



The Sons of Samedi are at the Stilwater U., recruiting for their gang. Kill all 5 recruiters for an easy checkpoint. Then, head inside the building and clear out the remaining Samedis. It's a very simple stronghold.



The Sons run a lot of their drug labs out of a trailer park. Follow the objective on your GPS to find the map of which trailers are labs. Upon entering the back room of your laundromat, you will get the map and a checkpoint.


You need to blow up the trailers, but simple bullets will not do. You need explosives. If you're out of grenades, RPGs, satchel charges, or anything else that explodes, you can shoot the gang cars that are right next to the labs until they explode, which will blow up the house. Do this on all the houses to end the last Samedi stronghold.





General's limo has been found, in the Shopping District. Your gangmates quickly set up a trap, so grab a car and follow your GPS to join them. You don't have tons of time, so hurry. Once you get there, a Saints-driven bus will plow into the entourage and disable the General's car for a checkpoint.


You then need to clear out the rest of his entourage. If you have an RPG, you can fire a few shots, but save a few rockets for later. If not, a few assault rifle or shotgun blasts will do. Clear out the Samedi any way you can, and then the General will get out of his car and high-tail it to the mall. Follow him to hit a cutscene and another checkpoint.


He's in a Bulldog now, and theoretically you'll need to work him down as he circles the mall over and over. However, I was able to just use an automatic shotgun and blast him a few times, blowing him up before he went anywhere. It'd be best to just keep restarting the checkpoint until you can pull this off, as it's far easier. Once the Bulldog explodes, he'll die and the Samedi story arc will be over.

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So, Maero wants to work out a deal with the Saints, rather than tear each other apart. However, your happy meeting is broken up by some cops. Shoot your way out, following the blue objective points. You'll eventually make your way to a checkpoint and a route choice.


You can go by land or sea, and I found the latter to be far easier. Just keep going up the stairs and eventually outside to find a conveniently-located boat. Get in, and drive to the Brotherhood's docks to end the mission.


Remember Donnie? He's working for the Brotherhood now. You kidnap him, and you have to escort him to Brotherhood cars and convince him to blow them up. Drive to the first one, then stop and stay nearby while he sets the explosives. If you go too far, he'll bolt. You also have to protect his health, so just keep taking out the rushing Brothers until he's done. Drive out of the explosion radius, then angle your camera so you can see the car. Pull RT to blow up the car and get a checkpoint.


Now it's time for two more, so escort Donnie to the next marker and wait for him to take care of both. Get out of the radius again and blow the two up, then head for the final car. It seems to be business as usual, but once you get out of this radius, the trigger jams and someone gets in the car and follows you. You have to be out of the radius in 30 seconds, when the bomb will explode. Just drive as fast as you can, and you should have no problem with the mission.



Carlos has limited information about the Brotherhood, but you still have to get at them somehow. You come up with a plan and, well, you'll see what it is. The timer that comes up isn't for the objective, but for the entire mission. Don't worry though, you have plenty of time. Head to Forgive and Forget and pick up a geiger counter, which you'll automatically buy the second you get into the shop. Head out of the shop and into your car, then drive to the docks. Get into the boat and go to the Nuclear Plant's docks for a checkpoint.


The game wants you to use stealth here, but you actually don't need to worry about that. The worst you'll get is a three-star rating. Equip the counter and head to the South side of the island. You'll see a huge pool of green liquid, go to the marker next to it and hang out for a while. Now you'll have to make it to a helipad, so go to the marked building, up the fire escape, and clear out the security that's up there. Once you've done that, you'll need to keep the helipad clear until the timer expires. Carlos will pick you up in a hijacked chopper. Take down the police that tail you, but it's all for moot as your chopper will go down once you get inland, giving you a checkpoint.


Jack a nearby car and head to the Brotherhood's tattoo parlor. You should still have plenty of time on the clock, so just make sure you don't get killed. Once you get there, the mission is over.



To avenge her man's new look, Jessica has taken Carlos and vows to so the same to him. Grab a car and head to Donnie's garage. Kill the Brothers hanging around the area, then go get Donnie. Don't kill him, just melee him a few times until he gives in and tells you where Carlos is. Leave him alive, then head back. There's a machine gun-mounted Bulldog in the garage, so grab that and go to the docks.


Once you're at the docks, you need to damage the car that's dragging Carlos. The machine gun should make quick work of it, so hit the car until it stops. Get out of yours and run to Carlos to end the mission.



Talk about good luck, Shaundi just saw Jessica head into a bank with a suitcase full of money. You have the chance to avenge Carlos, so get into the nearby car and get over there as quick as possible. You don't have any notoriety yet, so try not to get any on your route. Park in front of the bank, then get out of the car and go in.


Grab Jessica, but make sure you have a decent weapon equipped. Get rid of the security guards, and head upstairs. Hit Y to get Jessica to shut off the alarm, and quickly regrab her once she's done. Head downstairs carefully, getting rid of the SWAT that have stormed the bank. Get outside and to Jessica's car.


After a brief cutscene, you'll be driving the car. You have a 3-star police noterity, so it'll be a bit of a challenge to get there in one piece. Once you reach your destination, the mission will end.



There's only one person left to shake down for information, and that's the Brotherhood's tattoo artist, Matt. Get in your car and head to the waypoint to find yourself at a Brotherhood-controlled warehouse. Slowly and carefully clear out the Brothers. When they're all dead, you'll need to run to the truck of fireworks.


Pierce will drive, leaving you in the back with a bunch of fireworks boxes. You have unlimited ammo, so basically all you can do is mash RT. Just keep at it for a minute or so, and you will arrive at the concert hall and the mission will be over.



The Brotherhood are wreaking havoc for some reason, and your job is to stop the four lieutenants. You can do them in any order, and you'll get a checkpoint after each one.


Brown Baggers - Equip a pistol, kick in the back door, and take out the leader. Don't kill anyone you don't need to, because you risk hitting the shopkeep and failing the mission.


Kill the Brother being arrested - Very simple. You don't even have to get out of your car, just pop him and drive away.


Break up the meeting - Surprise, it's at the top of a parking garage. Climb it, and watch out for the inevitable escaping guy. Follow him off the ramp, then just chase him down until his car explodes.


Stop the Brothers torching the docks - Pretty easy, especially if you have homies traveling with you. Just chase him down, get the car to explode, and the mission's over.










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yea post count +5 nice job -.-


"yea post count +1 nice job -.-"


If he doesn't reserve posts, his walkthrough would be hard to follow as there will be other posts in between. Reserving posts makes it neater, more organized and eaily accessible.


In conclusion, you're post just got triple owned. Have a nice day!

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I love when my work is done for me. I'm banging out all of the missions on Friday, so I'll update it then.


And to whoever thinks I have an excessive amount of posts reserved, if you honestly think 80,000 characters isn't a comfortable amount of space for a mission walkthrough to an open-world game, you need to play more video games.

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Now it's time to get a gang together. We can't use Aisha's house, so the dilapidated remnants of the old church will have to do. Drive to the waypoint on your HUD, then get out and enter the doors. Make your way to the basement, and clear out the Sons of Samedi that are hanging out there. After that, you need to destroy the shanties that the bums have built. Go up to a bum and hold

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/lb.png to take a human shield, line them up with the shanty, then hit http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/lb.png again to throw them. Rinse and repeat until you've knocked down all of the shanties. Clear out the remaning bums and mission over.

One small correction here. It's not the old church you take over, it's a hotel underneath a mission. It's nearly the same thing, but saying "the old church" makes it sound like you're talking about the church hideout from the first game.

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how come when pirce is loading up the truck he stops after he loads the 11 box and shaundi is no where to be found


when you're doing the first part of the mission, defending the warehouse, when you hear the timer start ticking to indicate the objective is almost complete, kill shaundi and don't revive her. i don't know where this solution came from, but my co-op partner found it online and i can confirm that it works.

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how come when pirce is loading up the truck he stops after he loads the 11 box and shaundi is no where to be found
because of this stupid glitch we can't progress the story either and I've tried killing that stupid shaundi before she has to start loading the truck but she never show up and that idiot pierce is to retarded to load up that last box by himself! I've done this mission over 20 times with my co op partner now... I think it's time to start a new save AGAIN and do it all over and pray to god it works I guess.


EDIT: I finally got it to work but not how was posted earlier (killing shaunti right before the clock starts ticking) but by killing shaunti right when the mission started and just letting her die which fails the mission. We started again and everything worked perfect. I hope this helps someone

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