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Beating Shaun White...impossible?


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Has anyone actually beat Shaun White yet? I can't get past the Half Pipe part - where he's on 6-8,000 points after the 2nd trick! Whereas i'm lucky if I get 2,000.


By the end of the run, I get around 18-20,000 points...and then Shaun magically gets 30,000+


If anyone hasbeat him, let me know your secrets, please!

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If you can consistently get 18-20k points you will eventually beat Shaun, he sometimes has a crappy run which scores between 10-20k points. So just keep going at him and you should beat him eventually. The trick into getting higher scores yourself is to keep the multiplier up, getting big air and to get perfect landings. I haven't beaten him myself, I hate the Natural Halfpipe :)

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Keep trying .. i used the shaun white board (freestyle) orange with white name.


I beat shaun having only scored somewhere around 19.800.


Shaun had one bad run scoring only 13.000 points but i was even worse scoring just above 10.000. Be aware that sometimes he also nails 30.000+ but tank god for me not always :woop: :woop: :woop:




Keep doing it and eventualy you'll get him.


At the end shaun also mentioned to me that i should look in my inventory but i can't find what that might be?? I find some new boards but not the one he was riding during the half pipe challenge.


Does anyone have a clue ??

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I beat Shaun with his own board, I'm not sure some of you got it because I bought the Target Limited Edition. His board does spin fast. I got the Shaun White's actual board when I went to the Target mountain chalice. Well it took me about 20 tries but I just kept spinning and landing perfects. I wound up beating him 30k to around 24k.

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I must be good at this game. Managed an impressive 31,293 points after my 2nd try. He came close (around 29,200) but beat him. I found using the best park board to be easiest, rotate like crazy.

Hey, just a question. How do you get that gamertag for your signature? I'm new to this forum account. Thanks in advance.

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WOO i just beat him after like 12 tries.


Heres some tips for beating him:

!Use the Nitro made "12" Park board.

!Do spins while holding grabs.

!Try not to bail and keep the multiplier X3 up.

!Be patient as he will eventually do a bad run. i beat him by around 2000 and i had around 25000.

Hope it helps:locked

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Somebody already said it.

Forget the flips.

Rubbish,i just beat him on my third go with a top freestlye board using double back flips with a FEW spins when it is on 3 x multiplyier spanked him by nearly 20000 i had 40000ish he had 21000 ish. my first two goes i tried spinning only and only managed @12-15000 both times,then went back to spamming double back flips with some spins and grabs got 40000ish job done.use only the back flip as the front flip is to slow
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