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Data Miner Guide


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I found three in the Brotherhood of Steel Citadel. Down in B RING (go through A RING).

There's a VERY HARD in the doctors office.

An EASY in the kids room (can't remember his name.

And another VERY HARD in Elder Lyons room.


None of them give bad karma.

I asked to post ones I don't already have, but thanks anyway.

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First of all mucho thanks for this guide - sorted the cheevo out for me


The terminal in Chengs room was not a locked terminal for me; not sure if this is random or what?


Plus there are three Average terminals in National Guard Depot BUT they're not the easiest to get to and best got when going for the bobblehead there (damn that building is a pain to get around.


thanks again for this

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Anyone know where I can find about ten of each, preferably places that aren't near the places you need to goto to do most of the achievements and main quest as I imagine i've hacked most of the computers and won most of the speech challenges in these places already.


Isn't there a dude in Big Town who has 100% speech success rate for a said phrase, and will let you choose the option over and over again? I may take advantage of that, but i'm stumped as to where to find computers?


Sorry if this has been posted already!

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I found a Terminal in the Greener Pastures Disposal Main Office. Its the computer on the desk next to the bobblehead. It is an Average one. Please add it to the list



And Cheng's terminal is removed from the list. Probably was added on cause I wasn't sure if I had hacked it earlier or not.

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Well I made the guide pretty descriptive on the exact locations of the terminals. If you find terminals that seem like to much of a hassel then skip that one. Go to Rivit city for example there's like 7 terminals in there, or go into the Power stations, those are 1 room buildings with terminals in them. Hacking shouldn't be a problem for you if you have 90+ hacking skill, if you get all the dud's there's usually only like 1-4 passwords left.



Don't worry about the guy man. I commend you for actually taking the time to make this guide. It has helped out alot so far, however I still don't have the achievement.(laziness!) Ha. Anyway. Thanks for making it. Add me or whatever..



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