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Cheats... and no I don't


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Got them off gamefaqs: alchemic_master posted them.


Navigate to the Cheats menu in Extras and input the codes below for the desired effect. They must be toggled on or off in the pause menu.


NOTE: You can use the cheats and they don't disable achievements



:dleft: - :dright: - :dup: - :ddown: - Unlimited Enhanced Vision


:dright: - :dleft: - :dleft: - :dup: - :ddown: - :dright: - Unlimited Gas Mines


:dright: - :dup: - :dright: - :dup: - :dleft: - :ddown: - Unlimited Ground Pound


:ddown: - :ddown: - :dup: - :dleft: - Unlimited Invulnerability


:dleft: - :dleft: - :dup: - :dright: - Unlimited Laser Eyes


:dleft: - :ddown: - :ddown: - :ddown: - Unlimited Stealth Camo


:dright: - :dleft: -:dleft: - :dup:- :ddown: - :dup: - Unlimited Super Bark


:dright: - :dup: - :dleft:- :dright: - :dup: - :dright: - Unlocked All Game Levels!


:dright: - :dup: - :dright: - :dright: - Unlocked All Mini Games!



(Text Based Version)


Left - Right - Up - Down - Unlimited Enhanced Vision


Right - Left - Left - Up - Down - Right - Unlimited Gas Mines


Right - Up - Right - Up - Left - Down - Unlimited Ground Pound


Down - Down - Up - Left - Unlimited Invulnerability


Left - Left - Up - Right - Unlimited Laser Eyes


Left - Down - Down - Down - Unlimited Stealth Camo


Right - Left -Left - Up - Down - Up - Unlimited Super Bark


Right - Up - Left - Right - Up - Right - Unlocked All Game Levels!


Right - Up - Right - Right - Unlocked All Mini Games!

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I haven't tried yet but I'm going oto assume some of them do... Unlocked All Game Levels would as it would prevent you from completing certain levels and getting those achievements. Typically with Disney games codes prevent a lot of achievements. I'm not sure about the unlimited special moves but I would imagine they would prevent them as well.

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Thanks a lot for this. And yea you can disable them whenever you want from the pause menu while in-game. I'm wondering is if you put in the unlock all mini-games cheat, if you can just play through all those to get all the bonus hach cheevs....will try out later and post what the word is. And thanks again for these.:uzi::eek:

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Alright here's the deal regarding the cheats and mini-games. I just used the cheat to unlock all the mini-games, and played through all of them, and I unlocked the complete 10 and complete 15 minihack games. I was hoping it would unlock the find all minigames ones, but no luck. So just play as many as you need until you unlock the cheev for beating the 15th one.:uzi::eek:

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