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Single Player & Achievement walkthrough

Frankie B1

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Ok I know there is an achievement guide already and this isn't that, what I am doing is writing a sort of brief walkthrough to each level indicating where all collectables are and achievements to do without the blurb found ina walkthrough, it is completed now I think, so let me know of any mistakes etc.


James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace Single Player achievement walkthrough


More than an achievement guide, all bits of information in one location and a bit of guidance of where to go, nothing much though since the game is so linear J

Note for PC; 360 pads don’t work L also if problems downloading live update go to www.gamesforwindows.com , click on support and go to new update and download the new update here J

Note CP=Cell Phone also note I start numbering from 2, since 1 is given at start of each mission J

Note AL] = achievement unlocked here J

For weapons to count as ‘collected’ just open golden box, pick up weapon to be sure though, even if you don’t hold onto it, also if you die make sure you redo any collecting you did after last checkpoint




White’s Estate


AL] Liscence to Kill

Should be attained in 1st couple of kills just shoot them in the head!


- Kill goons

- Hack gate

- Kill goons on boat

- Kill guy who crashes through door

- Hack Cameras

- Sprint through greenhouse

- Take out guy in chopper

- Take CP2 off low wall just here (opposite exit of greenhouse you ran through)

- Follow path, clear greenhouse

- Half way up steps in next area, on left on metal table CP3

- AL] Time to face gravity; shoot guy on balcony in head, if miss load checkpoint

- Go down cellar steps, CP4 on floor at bottom

- Follow corridor, in nook area on left special weapon: A3 Shotgun

- Clear Wine Cellar

- In next room, up small stairs, CP5 is on table in centre (room has black and white tiles)

- Shoot through kitchen

- Clear hall area (the room after kitchen area)

- CP6 on alter-table type thing opposite bottom of main staircase

- Head upstairs, go to safe, open secret room, hack computer

- Head back downstairs, be careful of fire, note most enemies get killed by debris but be careful

- Follow linear path, run to helipad, shoot at chopper

- AL] A View to a Kill








AL] The Man with the Golden Gun: Somewhere in this level you’ll probably get the achievement for killing 50 people with 1 shot each (well I have on both runs, so it should be coming soon J)

- Clear Plaza and stair area

- AP2 on metal table in seating area in front of cafe

- Walk up stairs, look to left, satellite dish 1 on roof

- Climb ladder, mantle through window

- On left, on left of bed special weapon: magnum

- On the right side of bed on little shelf in alcove CP3

- Leave room, to courtyard, go up a couple of steps

- Turn 180 degrees to see Sat Dish 2 on roof

- Go further up stairs, look to left, Sat Dish 3 on roof

- Go onto roof, watch jump scene, clear guys

- Don’t drop down but shoot Sat Dishes 4,5,6; if you look at grey tower straight ahead, one at 11 o clock, 1 at 1 (hard to see, in distance quite high) 1 at 2 (near you, a little above your level)

- Drop down, pickup ammo, go in door

- CP4 in corner of room on floor

- Go outside onto roof, shoot guys, jump to balcony opposite

- Go all the way up the stairs and round, CP5 on floor next to hole

- Go out again, kill guy

- Look to left, sat dish 7 fairly close, easy to see

- AL] We have people everywhere (all sat dishes)

- Cross bus, up pipe, shoot guys

- Advance, wait to be saved by the bell

- Advance to have boss fight – button presses on 360, aim and click with mouse on PC



Lemme know what you think, if you like it I will carrry on, if you think it's pointless a mod can delete this :) Just figured saves looking at a bunch of different lists to know what to do...

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Another few missions done:


Opera House

- Achievement for stealth here so don’t get spotted by cameras or guards; silence your weapon and if detected get killed and the achievement will still unlock J

- Patch into Camera

- A little a long disable camera

- Continues but before going over the bridge look to left, CP2 on stepladder

- Advance, hit left switch once, the right one twice

- Continue, kill guards silently; wait for them to stop and headshot them with silenced P99

- Outside, press button to lower container

- Go up ramp then to the left straight away, disable Camera 2

- Continue and outside Cam 3 is directly to your right, right above the window you just passed, the box is near camera by window

- Same area, crawl under the next platform to find box to disable Cam 4

- Go up the stairs, kill guy, hop over rail continue through gate

- At the top over the second metal stairs (the ones with red lips and black and yellow stripes) CP3 is on the floor next to a light

- Climb ladder, hop over ledges when sniper not looking (don’t have to worry on PC)

- Go up another ladder and kill guy silently again and go up stairs

- AL] Opera isn’t for everyone

- Sniper all the people shooting at you

- Mini cutscene where structure collapses

- Go up ladder and kill 2 guys

- Balance across plank

- Just over the plank look on the ground to your right for CP 4

- Drop down (left from the plank) and go to the far end for Secret Weapon TLD 22s

- Kill all the people that come on boats

- Leg it over peer once timer starts but don’t worry too much, still time to take cover



- Run forward, down slope, through fuselage

- Hop over fallen rocks and under mini rock bridge

- Sneak all the way round to the left and knock out guard

- Take his weapon and kill all people who come on the ledge

- Go onto this ledge and follow it round

- Clear next area (quite a few guys here)

- Go into rock tunnel, another couple of guys to kill

- Follow path round the downed heli

- Hop on the turret and shoot like mad!

- Once all dead, head on up to the side you were shooting at and up the path

- the path goes under a mini rock bridge and back on its self, just as it does this look on your left for CP2 on the bridge you went under

- Keep following path, knock out 2 guys and take the sniper

- Kill all people shooting at Camille

- When all or most are dead the heli will come

- Shoot the Pilot but NOT the gunner

- AL] He’s Coming Fast!

- The rock will now collapse into a slope in front of you DON’T go down it yet

- Follow path round to left to find secret weapon; Grenade Launcher

- Now head down slope and over to Camille

- AL] From Russia with Love


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Shanty Town

- Follow guy into bar

- Clear out bar and pick up CL2 off the bar

- Head out onto beach, let truck pull forward and shooter explosive on crane to kill gunner

- Head into the shack

- Pickup CL3 next to radio on table in 2nd room

- Head outside again

- Climb ladder and right at the top pickup CL4 off the floor

- Continue along into shack with ladder to roof

- Secret weapon here on ground floor (the 8 Cat – useful for this bit)

- Defend the shack against a couple of waves of goons (best to be on the roof)

- When the truck comes shoot large explosive thing through the door opposite to blow everything up!

- Head over to Digger



Construction Site

- No collectables here to worry about!

- Climb onto ledge

- Jump to crane’s arm

- Head into building and under grating floor

- Climb out and run towards cracked wall

- Follow the linear path over the scaffolding

- Follow onscreen prompts and run along the cranes (don’t forget to jump at the end)

- Drop down the scaffolding and hop on lift

- At the bottom Run to Van

- AL] The Living Daylights



Science Centre Outside

- Sniper the 6 guys with 1 shot each (to the head) – 3 will be on your level then 3 more spawn on the roof

- AL] I miss the Cold war

- As soon as you’ve done this, turn around and on the floor, next to a dead guy (he may have disappeared though – he did on PC) pickup CP2 (it’s under the billboard)

- Head through door and watch mini cutscene

- Knock out 3 guys (make sure you’re crouched)

- Go up ramp into truck and pickup CP3 off crate

- Hack Door look and Pickup CP4 off Cleaning trolley to the left as soon as you enter

- Head out into carpark, knock out another couple of people then shoot the rest (haven’t found a way of doing this stealthily)

- Clear the Carpark and head into the truck at the far end, on the floor of the truck is CP5

- Climb ladder onto roof of truck then up stairs

- Guy will bust out of a room so kill him and go in to get secret weapon grenade launcher

- Head on upwards, hop over the ledges dodging the spotlight (again don’t have to worry about this on PC)

- Head up ladder to roof, knock out the guys up here

- Pickup CP6 off the floor from next to pipes straight ahead from the ladder you get onto the roof with, one of the guys runs here as soon as you get on the roof

- Follow the Roof around killing all the guys, really linear but watch for grenades

- Take out the chopper - my tips is use the M14 and fire away, if it flies behind you, watch out for a guy spawning behind you so get behind some cover J But the heli should go down quick if you pummel it with the M14, haven’t tried the Grenade Launcher though


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Science Centre Interior

- Head down the stairs

- Knock out the guy here

- On your left (before going through door) is CP2 on a box on the wall

- Patch into the cameras

- Head downstairs, wait at door for guys to leave room

- Head to left end of room and disable the camera

- Wait for 1 guy to return into room and kill him silently then kill the other (do your best to nor get the special team to come)

- In next small area there are 2 doors to hack, on the ground between the two is CP3

- Hack the left door

- Clear the area, advance and clear again

- Advance over the balance pipes

- Climb up the ladder into the vent and zip down the rope

- Hack the lock

- Patch into the cameras

- Continue and knock out the guard

- Pickup CP4 off workbench on your left just after the guard

- Follow corridor (don’t go into the room on your right) and disable the camera with the box on the wall near the pipes

- Continue further, wait for guys to separate and knock out the guy by the monitor

- In the office with the window overlooking the monitors, CP5 is on a desk

- Knock out the other guy who is in the next office

- Hit the button to activate the elevator (it’s by the monitors)

- Head into the elevator

- Once it has crashed and the roof opened, climb out and up the ladder quickly

- Immediately get in cover and let the rocket take out the 2 guys then kill the rocket launcher guy

- Clear the corridors on the left and right

- To the right from exiting the elevator CP6 is on a crate next to a crowbar, further to the right is a special weapon: the TLD 22s

- Shoot the 4 light rigs attached to the main ceiling (2 on left and 2 on right)

- AL] Half-Monk, half-Hitman

- Head to opposite side to special weapon and head down stairs (watch for guys at bottom)

- At the bottom of the stairs to your left is a cleaning trolley with CP7 on it

- Clear the room (Hint, advance down the left and hide behind the counter to the left so you cannot be flanked making this area easy J

- Continue out of the main hall, kill the guy hiding behind the desk and mission complete J


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Well here's the next installment, I'll try and keep these coming as quickly as possible :) Let me know of any mistakes, typos or anything that would be good to add :)


Miami Airport

- This is another stealth mission so stay quiet! Take down guards whenever possible and if you alert them die and re-load the checkpoint!

- Patch into camera on right

- Through doorway take out guy on your right

- Go into office straight opposite grab CP2 off desk

- Go straight down stairs, under camera and disable Cam 1 with box on wall

- Headshot the guy walking away from you with silenced pistol

- Keep round to the left, follow room round and disable Cam 2 with box next to Camera

- Hack door lock

- Hack PC

- Take down guy as he walks through newly opened door

- Follow corridor and wait for guys to walk away

- Take down guy still standing there

- 1 guy should walk over to the right while you’re looking into the room, headshot him

- The third guy patrols up the left side of the room, similarly headshot him!

- Go to the back left of the room

- Hack the door lock

- Patch the cameras in this room

- Hack the PC

- Go through door and head over to left, disable Cam 3 here

- Take cover on the wall here, when the guard comes towards you then turns away, headshot him

- This next bit needs to be done quickly, go over to the pillar the camera is aiming at, just after the camera moves to the right off the guy, take him out then QUICKLY deactivate the camera else it will see the body!

- AL] For You Eyes Only

- Continue past camera, on shelves next to photocopier is CP3

- Hack the door lock near the camera you disabled

- Hack the PC


- Go Noisy! Clear the server room, my tip here is take cover on the railing on the right, watch for flankers and stun people by shooting the canisters attached to the ceiling

- Head to the far side of the server room, through the door on the right towards the van, go straight to the right and behind the metal fence on a table is CP4

- AL] Moonraker

- Head up the stairs and into the little office room on the right

- Pickup the Special Weapon off the floor – a grenade launcher

- Use this to clear the warehouse area

- Remember to smash the windows before trying to shoot a grenade through them!

- Head down the stairs, trigger the spawns and head back up to the corridor and allow the guys to come to you!

- When you have cleared all the guys, head down to the far left (if you were looking through the windows)

- Pickup CP5 off the red tool trolley

- Head down the ramp opposite the windows, watch for the guy here

- Hop over the fence on your left

- Clear the guys here

- Climb the ladder and immediately take cover, kill all the guys here

- Drop down and take cover on luggage cart

- Clear the room, grenade launcher is useful again here

- Remember to blow anything up you can lay your sights on, what doesn’t kill them now, may kill you later!

- Head up stairs to you right into little office and pickup CP6 off desk

- Head to the far side of the room

- Hit the door button

- Climb up the trolley stairs and kill the people shooting at you

- Now’s a simple matter of shooting the bomb guy before he reaches the truck on the left which is dead easy when you have a height advantage, just hit him between cover or as he runs towards the truck

- If you’re quick, run up the stairs, shoot the guy opposite then shoot the fork lift truck thing on your right behind the carts to kill the other shooter and the bomb guy! Easy

- AL] On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Cutscene after a good mission for achievements!

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Not sure if people are still interested in this, half because of the snazzy vid guides to the cell phones and half because I have so little time at the moment to finish this off but the next level is here:


Montenegro Train

- There is an achievement for only using the P99 while on the Freight train, however I’d recommend not using anything but the P99 until the achievement is unlocked, it is a decent enough gun and you are frequently restocked with ammo

- Head out of the compartment and go to your right, in the compartment next to the one you started in is CP2

- Carry on down the corridor and into the end compartment

- Climb the ladder and immediately crouch, head forward along the roof of the train

- At the first skylight, take out the two guys standing here but be careful – you re very vulnerable

- A couple more guys will come towards you, shoot them through the skylight too, then when it’s clear, drop down and finish off the last guy or two

- Head along the carriage, just past the bar, on the floor, is the special weapon, a magnum

- Further along, right of the ladder, on a counter is CP3

- Climb the ladder, drop onto the freight train between the 2 containers

- Head through the container picking up the ammo on the right

- Run out and hide to the left of the boxes, clear the carriages – remember explosive stuff helps, hit the canisters to free people

- Once they’re all dead, refill ammo again

- Head forward and again clear carriage, remember canisters are easier to blind-fire than heads, so hit them the aim and shoot when they are stunned

- Head down towards the cover you need to hop over, watch for the 2 guys in the next container

- In this same container, on the right on a box is CP 4

- Before climbing the ladder, shoot the guys on the other train’s roof

- Don’t head straight up, you’ll be slaughtered, once you’ve killed a few and the others have legged it, climb up and take cover just in case

- Once it’s all clear, drop down and restock ammo

- Take cover against the ammo crate and wait for a hole to be shot in the wall, kill the guys you can see here

- Head towards the container door and there will be a mini cutscene

- Shoot the two canisters, head forward and kill the other guy shooting at you, ignore the guy with the saw

- Jump the gap and hop over the rail

- Head down the side, hopping the gaps

- Kill the guys you passed once in normal view again then head further down the train

- Clear the way, release the carriage then hop onto the next train, clear this carriage and continue down

- You will see a guy jump to the right, there is a scripted jump here to do

- AL] I’m the money

- Knock out the guy right here then clear the next carriage using the explosive canisters (remember you can use all guns again now)

- Head into the next carriage, kill the guys and pickup CP5 off the crate in the middle, you can’t miss it

- Finish clearing the carriage, then climb the ladder at the end immediately take cover

- Clear the guys in front then clamber over the roof watching out for the lights above (when you have just gone under one climb up and head along quickly

- Drop down the ladder and pickup CP6 off the luggage rack immediately behind the ladder

- I’d recommend picking up the shotgun one of the goons always drops at the top of the ladder, also

- Climb back up the ladder then hop over the gap, watching for overhead lights again

- Immediately get in cover, a flashbang is thrown at you which is cheap since it knocks you out of cover so hit the cover button again else you’ll die!!

- Clear this carriage, the shotty is recommended for the über accurate blind fire!

- Head along the carriage and up the ladder in the end carriage again

- Boss fight! Quite an easy ones but again much easier on PC, although you should manage it first time on both as it seems more lenient on the button presses


Edit: I think for some reason the Casino Royale level got deleted when this Forum was re-arranged so I have reposted down this page... Post 17

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Thanks again for all the positive respones; makes it worth while, sorry about the wait (damn Uni's fault) but anyway, here are the last 3 missions all done :D I will try and get a mod to sticky this (if you think it's good enough) and to sort ot the posts so all the guide is together :) Anyway, the guide...



- Patch into the cameras right at the start if you wish

- Head forward a tad and on the end of the hut is a box to disable cam 1

- Pickup CP2 from in the hut, on the table

- When the camera isn’t pointing your way, head out of the far door, down the stairs and around the back through the bushes, the box to disable Cam 2 is on the warehouse wall, beyond the crates

- Head back from behind the crates and take down the guy when he’s not talking

- Takedown the guy in the warehouse

- Head to the window making sure you have the FRWL, pickup ammo from the box and take cover under the rightmost window, immediately shoot the explosive just to the left of the spotlight – it helps!

- Take out the guys being spotted for you, far quicker with assault rifle than sniper

- When Vesper goes most of the way to the left, head to the next window to the left, remember the ammo!

- Just keep clearing the guys as quickly as possible

- AL] I’ve got a little itch

- This achievement for doing the section in 2 minutes is weird, I don’t really understand it as the second time I did it, I just couldn’t see the last guy, eventually the guy came and grabber Vesper and it still unlocked so I don’t know... just do it as quickly as you can!

- If you miss the achievement restart the level since it’s early on and a checkpoint hits when you would get the achievement so you can’t just redo that little bit

- Head to the left side of the warehouse (If you are facing the barge) and into the side room

- Go slightly down the stairs so the guys spawn outside then go back to the top

- Let the guys come to you can kill them off easily 1 by 1, running down is suicide as you are so vulnerable

- If you can’t see any more head down slightly and finish them off until you get objective complete

- Don’t go outside yet but at the bottom of the stairs, look to the right and CP3 is on a work bench next to a lathe

- Head outside and to the left, on the last container take cover and watch for a couple of guys coming down off the barge, there is a conveniently placed explosive at the top of the ramp if you get there nice and quickly to use it!

- To the left of the ramp is a bunch of explosives, to the left of them is a crate with CP4 on it

- Head up the ramp and there will be a couple of blue barrels just beyond them is a container at an angle, quickly get in cover behind this and blow up a ton of people by shooting the explosive out in the open, clear up the rest and watch for flankers from the left of the container on the far side

- Once the place is clear, head over to said container and inside you’ll find CP5 on a barrel

- Now EVERY time I pick CP5 up another guy spawns, head back out of the left end and to the far side of the container and take cover here to take him out, this guy to me seems to be overly deadly for some reason :s

- There will be one more guy, also hiding over the side of the barge you came up from

- Through the little round windows at the back on the right side (if the warehouse is on your right) you can see a bunch of explosives, shoot them

- Head down the right side, kill the guy here and the door will blow open

- Head in and take the second door on the right

- Pick up the Special Weapon on the floor, behind the table, a TLD 22s and then take CP6 off the shelf next to it

- Head back out of the room and into the room opposite then to the right and outside, shoot the guy who you can see through the stairs, running away from you

- Head up the stairs and round to the right, one guy will be cowering here

- Head around the left side and forward through the containers

- Keep going then head up the prominent ladder onto the container, immediately drop back off else you’ll get slaughtered

- Jump on nearby objects to clear a few guys then head back up, most of the guys should have dispersed anyway

- Kill all you can see then run and jump onto the walkway off the container or climb up the ladder to it if you miss the jump

- Clear all the guys, use the plentiful explosives lying about

- Head forward and get in cover again

- Clear the guys quickly to prevent flanking as soon will try to climb up behind you

- Once these men are Clear DO NOT advance, head back to where you first jumped onto the walkway

- Under here is a control room, inside on some sort of electronic device box thing is CP7

- Head forward again, through the gate, through the suspended container

- Drop down, go up the stairs and hit the button


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- Head over the bridge, past the statue, under the hanging washing and keep on straight

- At the far side there will be a small enclosed garden area

- Head in here, on your immediate right on a garden bench is CP2

- Look where you are meant to be going and look up a little and you’ll see two goons above you, shoot them!

- Head up the stairs to the right

- Stay at the entrance to the next area and clear the upper area as much as possible before going in

- When the guys stop coming to you, run out, grab a gun and run back, some more should come to you

- When the checkpoint hits, head to the stairs on the right and camp half way up

- Finish the guys off; keep killing until the gate opens

- Head through the gate, the left and on the right near a door, on the floor is CP3

- Carry on through the streets and through a gate

- You’ll come to a beam it looks like you can balance along to get to the next bit but I can’t figure out how, drop down and head along the ledge

- Climb the ladder and pickup CP4

- Head along the walkway, don’t go down, and you’ll enter a room, on your right is a Special Weapon

- Clear out the area from this room, then head down and up the stairs opposite

- Head around this corridor and clear the guys in the courtyard below

- Head down the stairs and under the arch, in the raiser flowerbed on your left is CP5

- Head over the bridge, onto the pier and jump onto the boat

- Hop over onto the ledge, wait for the guy to look away and hop over the next railing, takedown the guy as his back is turned

- Head across the courtyard and into the building

- Takeout the guy facing away from you and shoot the guys in the central room

- Head across the middle room and up the stairs opposite

- Take cover and kill the 2 guys who come

- Follow the only path on round

- Just keep heading onward and upwards, clearing out the odd guy

- When you get to the room with a nail gun on a bench you’ve got to the boss

- Head over to the metal grating stuff to trigger a cutsene

- Kinda Boss Fight; aim very carefully with the nailgun at the guys head, 1 shot 1 kill!

- AL] Allow Me

- AL] The Spy Who loved Me


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Echo Hotel

- Head forward and slightly down the ramp, a car will come flying through the gate

- Stand your ground and shoot the driver in the head, you will die but...

- AL] You just need one shot

- After you have reloaded the checkpoint, do the same thing again but don’t bother shooting the driver, just get out of the way

- Head to the totalled car and pickup CP2 near the ejected driver’s head

- Head down the ramp and take cover on the right, shoot a few people with your P99 then run to the pillar and collect an M14, clear the guys here, watch out for people who come up the edges

- When you get objective complete, head into the office behind you and pickup CP3 off the surface next to the microwave

- Head out and into the office on the right down the carpark is you are facing the same was as you came in

- Take cover on the door to this office and take out the guys who come through the opening shutter

- Pickup CP4 in this office, off the desk

- Head into the next area of the car park to trigger the guy’s spawns then head back out and hide behind a pillar to the left of the gate as you’re looking at it and let them come round to you!

- Head into the next area again and on the right is a loading bay, on the floor here is the last secret weapon an 8-cat

- AL] Thunderball

- Continue on, through the door and up the stairs

- Hack the door here

- AL] Diamonds are Forever

- Head through the door to the right, on the right is a little kitchen area, next to the sink is CP5

- Head through the locker are and in the stone corridor, crouch behind the pillar on the left

- As soon as the door opens shoot the guy you can see then run back away from the grenade

- Head forward, shoot the fire extinguisher on the floor on the left to put out the fire, head along here towards a burning kitchen

- Clear out the kitchen from the door, head in a little to make the enemies spawn, then back, back out and clear these enemies

- Slowly head through the kitchen using the fire extinguishers to clear the flames

- Blind fire works wonders over the counters

- Out of the kitchen, in the next room, head to the door in the far right corner, pickup CP6 here

- AL] The World is Not Enough

- Head down the stairs, shoot the glass on the left and head outside to avoid the flames

- Head back in then take cover on the left, DO NOT advance until the fireball has passed you by

- Head up the stairs then into the room on your left, out onto the balcony then head along the balconies killing the guys here

- Head to the seating area at the end and shoot the obviously obvious explosives

- Head in through the window, then over the balance beam when the fire has subsided

- Head down the ramp on your left then go round to the left

- Immediately take cover on your right behind the liquor cabinet which is behind the bar, it may be beneficial to quickly shoot the people on your level when not in cover

- Watch out for the people on the balcony above, they’re the most dangerous

- Once they’re all dead, head towards the doors opposite the place where you came in

- Straight after the mini cutscene, shoot the explosives the panel just fell off, then take cover to your right, if a grenade gets thrown your way use the switch move to avoid it, note it is likely you will get knocked out of cover though

- When the boss guy is on the right, shoot the other panel, job done!

- Turn around and hop over the fallen pillar after the flames have been put out due to the exploding extinguisher

- Then go through the open door on your right and hop off the balcony

- AL] Quantum of Solace

- AL] The name is Bond, James Bond

- AL] Tomorrow Never Dies

- AL] You Only Live Twice

- AL] Octopussy


Congratulations you have now completed the game, and if you have followed this guide and had the game on 007 difficulty you will (or should) now have all the single player achievements worth 620 points, enjoy...

P.S. Towards the end of finishing the second run I have just noticed when you hit the back button (on 360, can’t remember what key on PC) it will bring up a kind of radar with the enemy locations, not all that useful I suppose but it’s there and may come in handy! Sorry if this is obvious but I missed it :p

P.P.S. Just went back to pick up the Special weapon on Venice (because even though I put it in the guide I forgot to pick it up :p) anyway I found that if you sprint to the balance beam and jump at the last second you can make it, it’s not important but correcting an error, this may be because I was on recruit, I don’t know, but anyway, fixed...

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To make it so the guide was all together, I had to delete some post. I didn't want Frankie to lose all his positive feedback, so here it is.:)


Extremely good guide, is this complete for all missions for getting every single single player achievement in one run? Oh and this should DEFIANTLY be a sticky.

ohhh keep going. Just started today n done all of wat uve writen so far.

its good coz bullet points show wat need to do, and cuts out all the crap.

Well played

Wish all guides were like this

thanks for the guide !!!!!!! you rock!

Please continue, cause using your guide is making my life easier, Thanks!!

EXCELLENT! The only guide/walktrough... heck call it whatever u want!


that's the best way for this game... Thank you so much Gave it 5 Stars its worth it.. wish more games has this..


You see this game is a classic example of the shortcomings of Achievements guides - Separate discussion i know, but worth pointing out. When achievements are embedded within the story line achievements guide can get very frustrating, trying to locate where achievements are and on what level..


This way is EXCELLENT. is it more time consuming to write it this way?



Awesome, I'll wait till you finish then cause you make it so simple no to miss anything. Great work man, much appreciated.

Great walkthrough Frankie :D

Nice guide man. You might want to change your sig date for "50K shooter points hit". I don't think there are 13 months lol.

I am using your guide now man, its simple and really easy to follow on the fly! Keep it if you have the time, GREAT job! :rock

this guide is actually amazing!!..thx dude i mean this game on 007 is now feeling a bit too easy thx 2 u lol..
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After the train level, where I am in the game and where I am on this guide dont match up. I used the guide all the way through untill i beat the train one its really good i wish all games had a guide like this. But is there something missing from the guide?


Edit: Oh the casino royale part. I need some help with this because its impossible to get all cell phones without alerting or attacking gaurds. Think Ill play this part twice.


For casino royal just get to the vents without alerting or attacking gaurds and get that ach (Any thug can kill). Then restart the misson and go around and do a takedown on every enemy. This level is great for take downs you might be able to get like 15 or something on this level. When you do this also collect the 3 phones. When you go around without alerting them you will be suprised how invisible you are if you crouch. As long as you are not directly infront of them this is very easy. Casino Poison is pointless you just gota find your car.


Also, thank you for all the time you put into this. I love the guides that are simple and just tell you what to do in the correct order along with the locations of things as they come. I will have you to thank for a few hundred of these points that I may not have even cared for without a solid guide because I only have the game for a few nights.

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Casino Royale

- This is another stealth mission, however there is a hitch, you cannot even attack an enemy until you get to the air vent (where the achievement pops up) and you also have to collect CP2 and CP3, however I haven’t figured out a way to do this with the goons standing there (although there probably is) so I recommend doing what I’ll do here and when I get the Any Thug can Kill Achievement, restart the level and knock everyone one out

- Note also will likely also get the achievement for taking down 50 enemies in total on this level

- AL] Live and Let Die

- As soon as you can move, crouch down and head straight down the corridor, you won’t be seen as long as you go straight away with the guy walking away from you

- Remember if you do take down an enemy or get seen, die and restart that checkpoint

- Head onto the balcony and tap the jump button to hop over the side onto a ledge

- Head along the ledge when the guys aren’t looking (this is about the only ledge section you have to worry about on PC)

- Head inside, wait for the guy on the right to pass through the room

- Head opposite and to the right

- Wait for this guy to walk away from you, follow, remember to always be crouched

- Head to the trolley and hit action to move it allowing you through the door

- Move the trolley in here and hop up twice and into the vent

- Head to the left, drop down into a lower vent section

- AL] Any thug can kill

- While that is probably the easiest stealth achievement it pretty much prevents you from collecting CP2 and CP3 so hit pause and chose to restart the mission

- Right this time we get to knock people out!

- Head forward and takedown the first guy

- Takedown the guy next to the laptop after he’s done with the phone call

- Takedown the guy next to the large TV and pickup CP2 off the surface here next to the radio and TV

- Take out the guy on the balcony (I think this is where I got Live and Let Die on both runs, or the guy after him!)

- Head over the ledge again blah blah same thing, take out the guy on the balcony and then the guy who comes from the right, out of the bathroom

- Next is the guy you saw through the window, to make sure you go to take him down when he’s not looking, I advise covering on the left door, letting him pass then taking him down! Or any other opportune moment...

- CP3 is in this same room on the right of the door, this can be easily be picked up in the 1st run but you need to do it quickly and with the guards in specific places, much easier to wait to the 2nd run!

- Same thing as before, head the same way, knock out the guy, move the trolley, climb into the vent etc

- After the mini cutscene in the vent, follow the vent around, ignore the scripted bullet holes, but watch out as you can be hit when near the open vents

- Drop down the last vent by walking onto it

- Immediately take cover here and for the guys to come to you, this is imperative as running in = suicide!

- If a grenade gets thrown at you, the safest place is the front right corner of this first area, then run back behind the desk

- Finish off the stragglers, when you hear a guy saying something about we must keep him here, no one shall pass you know you’ve got the lot and the next few are spawning through a door, in the next room

- Head down the right hand side in the steamy room and take cover at the end door, 2 guys will be opposite, remember, as always, to utilise the fire extinguishers/other shiny explosive objects

- Head through the next room and wait for the 2 guys to pass by in the area after that, when they are split up, take each one down

- Hop onto the ledge on the right of the balcony and head around, you don’t have to worry about being seen

- Head in and do this quickly, crouch and as soon as the 2nd guy has walked on by, head towards the door with the couch on your left so the guy doesn’t see you, then come up behind him and take him out, this prevents a whole mess of trouble

- Head towards the corridor, watch that the guy to the right isn’t looking your way, then swiftly head to the room opposite with the vending machine, head through here quickly again then take out the guy just outside the door

- Now there’ll be two open doors, double doors on the left and a single on the right, head into the single doors and pickup CP4 from between the cardboard boxes on the Trolley

- Head out of the store room and straight into the long room opposite

- Hop over behind the desk on the right and hack the door using the pad near the ringing phone at the far end (the phone may have stopped ringing by now)

Continued in next post...

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- After the mini cutscene hop over the bar and crouch down, head through the newly opened door and take cover behind the low wall bit to the left of the stairs

- Blind fire who you can then take a bunch out with the highly explosive shiny canisters

- As soon as the guys are definitely clear, head up the stairs and hide behind the cleaning trolley, this next bit is easy if done quickly but gets harder as the guys WILL flank you

- It is very scripted so if you have problems, easy to learn, two guys will be in the door at ’10 o’clock’ if you take the trolley as 12 o’clock, one guy will run to the next door round (at 11 o’clock)

- One more guy from the 9 o’clock door, then a bunch from 12 to 1 o’clock

- This order is hard to explain but straightforward and the same every time so take them out quickly so you don’t have to worry about people at all angles

- 3 Guys will spawn through large doors on the ground floor

- 4 Guys will spawn through the door in the opposite corner to the stairs you just came up, the A3 is useful here to take them out at range and you are bound to have picked some up

- Head over to the most recently opened doors on the ground floor, (the doors in the opposite corner to where you came in)

- Head along the corridor to trigger a boss battle

- Again this is quite lenient in comparison to the first couple but is quite long, make sure you mash quickly!

- Large Cutscene

- Right the trick to this section is FOLLOW THE COMPASS, it is pretty simple after you know the route

- The trick for crossing the road at the end is to look a little to the right else the bright light stops you seeing anything and the second the car passes just go across, the car in the next lane across will hurt but not kill you, the first car will kill you if you hit it

- Then just leg it to the Aston

- AL] Casino Royale


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I cant beat the last part of the game. This battle sucks theres people on both sides of the upper level. Died more at the end here than any other part of the game so far.


K i beat it. Best advice is take your time

Thanks again!

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- You’ll come to a beam it looks like you can balance along to get to the next bit but I can’t figure out how, drop down and head along the ledge

- Climb the ladder and pickup CP4

Here you can run and jump to the beam and as you get closer to the thin part you will eventually start your balancing act so no need to jump down. Doesn't help much but that was how i did it.
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Shoot the Pilot but NOT the gunner

- AL] He’s Coming Fast!


Hey, thanks for the incredible walkthrough. I've comepleted the game once in easy but now am going through it again trying to unlock as much as I can.


How on earth do you shoot the pilot only? I've tried and tried on Xbox 360. No matter how long I shoot the front end of the chopper, nothing happens. Inevitably one of the gunners gets a stray round and I've got to start the whole thing again from the beginning.



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