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This game sucks!!!!!

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now the F-ing game is out , so play the thing , then talk sh!t . the thing is good IMO . i look forward to coop . the game is no challenge on easy though . so far its been run and gun , arcade style . no gripes so yet . im on the 4th level . points come easy , so rent if your waiting for something more solid . oh , Wanz1 , it is NON STOP action , you almost dont have time to look for the posters/targets cuz of so much gun fire and explosions .

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Originally Posted by Hurricane x360a


I saw this game and it sucks dont get it im just renting it though


damn i love when people base there judgement on first hand exp with a game, or at least see it in full action.......


On a lighter note im getting this game, No im not a 50 cent fan but hell i bought Vampire Rain cant be worse than that, ill givefull most games a chance before i judge them fully unlike a lot of people ive seen in this game forum




Merry Xmas everyone!!!





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I played it through by myself and then got a buddy to go through for the co-op achievements. But it was a drag that both times we had to go for the gold medals because it breaks up the pacing trying to track them down.


The 3rd playthrough where we were just going through the levels to get my buddy the co-op achievements?


That was a total blast.

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