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Road Maps - The Complete Walkthrough


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Agreed good idea. I've also added another section for games that require extra peripherals (extra controller, mic, vision cam, etc). Please ensure all new road maps have the following overview. Thanks for the idea!



-Estimated achievement difficulty: Based on a scale of 1-10



-Approximate amount of time to 200/1000http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

-Minimum number of playthroughs needed

-Number of missable achievements

-Do cheat codes disable achievements?

-Does difficulty affect achievements?

-Glitchy achievements

-Unobtainable achievements

-Extra equipment needed?

Quoting myself to ensure that everyone knows the standard. It's been over a month now and most people still aren't submitting road maps in the correct format. The overview is basically the only thing that needs to be uniform too. From now on any submission that does not have the correct format or is riddled with errors will be automatically denied. PMs will more than likely not be sent out to the author telling them to resubmit either. Gone are the days of submitting things that aren't great just to get published. Since road maps are easier to write than guides it's now going to take a great submission to get on the site. Thanks for all the contributions you all continue to give us.
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Blue Dragon Road Map accepted (Link)

Guitar Hero: Van Halen Road Map accepted (Link)

Luxor 2 Road Map accepted (Link)

Lego Rock Band Road Map accepted (Link)

Sonic Unleashed Road Map accepted (Link)

Paperboy Road Map accepted (Link)

Dark Void Road Map accepted (Link)

Mafia II Road Map accepted (Link)

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Road Map accepted (Link)

Just Cause Road Map accepted (Link)

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I thought i would mention this seeing as people seem to be going over the top on this thread with posts.


If you have submitted road maps and want to list which ones you have worked on EDIT YOUR POSTS. DO NOT make 20 posts for every game you are submitting for.


There really is no need to have more than one post in this thread, you should be re-editing your previous posts to update your current status.


Seriously guys, there really is no need to spam your way through this topic.


General discussion is welcomed obviously ;)

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Currently submitted on guides for:


Guides approved and published:


Major League Baseball 2K9


I submitted a guide for Catan a while back but feel it really wasn't very good, so I am going to rewrite it and resubmit it.


For MLB 2K9, someone said they were working on one, but that was 9 months ago, so if it has not gestated yet, perhaps it is time to try for a new one.

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Guides submitted
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