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Hey guys just saw that the achievements were posted. Personally i love them nice and easy. Well atleast i can say that about the achievements known. There are a heck of a lot of those secret achievements. Hopefully those are not that hard. And i bet the 150 gs achievement is probably just to beat the single player. Cant wait to play this game!!!!

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it is possible as i've done it, get yourself a machine gun and as many rounds as you can, totally ignore the mechs because they get destroyed as soon as you step into the field.

you need to shoot at the yellow spots on its sides repeatedly until they burst, do as many on each side, just stay well clear of it if the head end is out of the snow, if it's the tail end (with the holes for flying akrid to come out of), you can get close and pick up the T-Eng it drops when you shoot out the yellow pods on its side, it takes a while to get them all, and it has a tendancy to regen itself, but when it sways and falls to it's side and dissapears, go complete the level because it DOES come back, even though it was counted as a kill.

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Your worm killing tactic is accurate but for 1 point -


It doesn't regenerate . . . . .


There are 2 worms, 1 by the steel barriers in middle third of map,

the other is at the far end by the boss battle shelter


If music goes quiet in the middle of the map your moving from the terratory of one worm to the other (groung stops shaking)


(You never see both at the same time coz they sense your motion in their own area)


When you kill 'it' theres one more coz the music goes off and comes on again


Try to target the 1st one coz you can go back to the start area more easily for good weapon pickups


Also explosives to the worms mouth work nice (risky tho)


hope this adds more info - regards steve36ty


ps - if you've got the stones - try kill both ;-)

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