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Viva Piñata Trading Thread


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There is a trading thread for swapping / trading Pinatas etc here http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13530

AND personally i'd say it's generally good manners and polite to at least offer some coins or payment for having people ship stuff to you rather than asking people to send you stuff .


I'm not coming down on you as I dont know if you know being new to the game but it costs people coins to go to the hunter (Gretchens) to get spare Pinatas so they can send them to you , either that or they will lose the money on what their Pinata is worth in giving it to you rather than selling it themselves . Thats why it's good to offer face value at least for the Pinata Value .


I know its tough at the start to get enough coins , but it helps to learn the game and build up a coin stash yourself rather than getting a handout . It only takes a few hours play to build up a sizeable stash , There is a useful thread here http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13787


My tips would be to just sell on unwanted Pinatas who stroll into your garden , or start up a breeding programme on an easy Pinata ( Swallowmints easiest 600 coins ever , or Buzzlegums are another easy 1000 coins ) . If you read the achivement guide it also helps to tell you how to get money quicker ( ie grow chillies , etc ) .


Sorry to moan , but I wouldnt just give my Pinatas or Coins away for FREE as it's not difficult to do it yourself .

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l have yet to see a post or anyone ask for help so i figured this would be a great chance to get one and to help me. lm 14 petals away from a 48 and i have 3 GemStone Trees fully grown but no chewnicorn. How do l get him to appear?

Also does anyone have pinatas i can borrow?l just need to them to be a resident so i can buy the but l cant get some of them to come to garden and i do what im supposed to but they wont become residents.

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Appear requirements

Visit requirements

Resident requirements

  • Has eaten 15 gems
  • Have a fully grown gem tree in the garden

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 3 rainbow gems
  • Have a Chewnicorn House in the garden.

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I only need 3 Pinatas and then I've got all the little suckers .


I need a Hippo , Parrot , and a Dragonfly so if anyone can help by sending me one of each ( or all three ) ill happily pay you whatever the hunters fee is and a bit more as well if you want for your trouble .


If you can help please send me a friends request on Xbox live and a message and just let me know how much I owe you and ill send you the coins .


PS I've how do you get the dragumfly to beat the redhott ( thats the only thing im lacking to get this sucker in ) , my redhott just kicks the dragonflys butt everytime .

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No dude , not dragonache ( ive had that for ages , you get that by having a mine and hatching the egg that randonly appears ) .... we're talking about that little pesky Dragonfly that flies around and you have to have 12 bullrushes and stuff ....


Its seriously not funny now , roarios and chewnicorns were dead easy compared to this little freak of nature :mad:


Anyone who can help will be seriously saving my 360 controller from being thrown through the nearest window :)

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