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Well I can see there are no posts in here and I've played the game and know why. This game might be kinda cool, but if you're an importer like me and can't read a lick of Japanese - forget it. This game is all menus. I built up like three stores and it seemed to be running fine with all the people in and out. This is one of those games i have zero achievements in and it drives me nuts. I should maybe let it just run for awhile and see what happens if/when the "scenario" ends.


Oh yeah, graphics are about the same as a 1990 pc game.

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I ordered the game today but I won't be able to play till the end of september when my NTSC-J Xbox 360 arrives. I'm really looking forward to playing this and all the other jap games. I will begin learning japanese next week and I will ask my teacher to translate some of the achievements so that we all know what they are about.


I just had a look at the achievements and saw that the list is complete. Doesn't this mean that someone here has 1000/1000 and can provide some help?

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Yeah, I saw that, but I thought that the achievement pictures had to be provided by someone who actually has the achievements. Anyway, it's not really that important.

Nope, just someone that finds them on someone's profile. People scout MGC.net and find people who've completed games and then submit their images. Of course for secret ones that doesn't work, but I do know of one person who may have it here on this site and could have submitted it. Unfortunately he won't be able to help you with the game since he used to be a gamesaver and never earned those achievements himself.

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