10001100-10 Achievement

  • 10001100-10



    Complete the second stage

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The first half of the second level is pretty simple and straightforward, and shouldn't pose any problems. When the alternating static bars get introduced, the most important advice here is to just be patient and take your time. Each bar has an extended transparent period on the third beat of every other cycle, so just wait for that point before passing through. The final section introduces instances of anti-gravity, and can be tricky and tough in some places. Now, more than ever, it is important to pay attention to the beat versus the timing of when the anti-gravity kicks in, especially at the end of the level. If you get stuck anywhere during this stage, the "11-00110001" achievement solution contains a video with a full playthrough of the game, including this stage.

    For the boss fight, refer to "1000000010010010" for a description of the boss's patterns and how to defeat him without dying.


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