11-00110001 Achievement

  • 11-00110001



    Complete all mirror stages

    The mirror stages can first be accessed after completing the game. Then, from the main hub area, head all the way to the right to see the mirrored levels.

    The mirrored levels are simply that: the same levels as before, except you move to the left to progress through them instead of to the right. Everything else about them is identical in terms of obstacles, timing, etc. The only other difference, and it's a big one, is that there are no checkpoints in the mirrored levels. This means you need to play through the level from start to finish and then beat the boss, all without dying. A full run of the three levels isn't required in one sitting; the mirrored levels are still their own discrete levels. This will still be quite the challenge, assuming you died many times as you progressed through the regular three levels. First, some general tips for all three mirrored levels:

    • Be patient and do not rush. There is no time limit, so sit there and wait for the timing to be right before progressing. Don't try to rush through obstacles
    • Don't let deaths get you frustrated or impatient. This will lead to hasty mistakes. See the previous bullet point. Stay calm even if you die, and don't try to rush through the level back to where you died
    • It is now more critical than ever to have the volume up and to pay close attention to it. This is especially critical for the second half of the second stage and for all of the third stage
    • It could be debated that replaying each regular level is good practice for the mirrored levels, but I don't recommend this. Muscle memory and timing are very important here, so even though you may not get much practice on the ends of the mirrored stages, it's my recommendation to not replay the regular stages because the mirrored bit is likely to throw you off if you're used to playing the regular one

    For the boss fights:

    • The boss at the end of the first stage is identical to the regular stage. There is no difference in this fight whatsoever. Assuming you beat the regular one without jumping already, this fight should be easy
    • The second stage boss fight has only the spike blocks flipped (the pattern isn't random), but since it's highly unlikely you memorized the pattern and instead just reacted to the spikes, this section will be no different. The boss dodging section is again completely identical to the regular version. Assuming you've already beaten the boss without dying in the regular stage, you should have no problems with this fight
    • The third stage boss is the most complicated. The first phase is no different from the regular stage; point at the spikes. In the second phase, your shots are mirrored. This means that your first, third, fifth, etc., shots go 90 degrees counterclockwise instead of clockwise, meaning you need to be 90 degrees "ahead" of the spike instead of "behind." The second shot is still 180 degrees. Make sure you train your brain for this before the fight, since you can't pause during the fight. The third phase, despite your shots being mirrored, can thankfully be done using the exact same strategy and pattern as the regular stage, as described in the "1001001001001001" achievement solution. As long as you hit the starting block with your 180 shot, the pattern for finishing this fight is the same: At - At - Opposite - At - At - At - Opposite (in reference to where the spike first appears)

    Lastly, the following video shows a full playthrough of all levels, including mirrored ones. Definitely watch it to get a sense of what to expect from each one, and then expect to practice and attempt a few times before you're successful. Full credit to the video's creator.


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