0011010100000000 Achievement

  • 0011010100000000



    Beat the first boss without jumping.

    Note that this achievement must be unlocked on the regular version of the first stage; it cannot be unlocked on the mirrored version.

    This achievement is pretty straightforward to do: avoid during the fight against the boss of the first stage. As long as you're patient and don't try to be too aggressive, this should be relatively easy to do. After shooting him the first time, go to one side (either left or right) and stay on that side until you've destroyed all the boxes on that side. Focus your attention on staying between the bullets and let your shots hit the boxes when you align with them. Once one side is cleared, carefully move to the other side between bullets, and repeat for the second side. When you get to the last box, it'll strafe across the area. Again, focus entirely on staying between bullets and just let your shots shoot until the boss runs into them. Take your time, and you shouldn't have any issues. The fight is short, and there is a checkpoint right at the start of the fight if you die.


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