1001001001001001 Achievement

  • 1001001001001001



    Beat the third boss without dying.

    Note that this achievement must be unlocked on the regular version of the first stage; it cannot be unlocked on the mirrored version. Also note that if you do die during the boss fight, in order to attempt this achievement again, you must restart the stage from the beginning.

    The third boss fight consists of three phases. The first and third are really easy, but the second will take some focus.

    The first phase is simply a matter of pointing yourself towards the spike facing you so you shoot it. They'll attempt to trick you by having spikes facing the other way, but there is plenty of leeway in terms of timing to quickly make a correction if you point in the wrong direction. After six or so hits, they'll all leave and the colors will change, signaling the second phase.

    The second phase is a bit complicated, so be sure to read and understand entirely. Your shots will now alternate. The first shot you fire will fire 90 degrees clockwise from wherever you're aiming, and your second shot will fire behind wherever you're aiming, and then the pattern continues to alternate for your shots. This means you need to compensate for each shot. The first block will come at the top of the screen, giving you one passive block to shoot at to learn your new pattern. For your first, third, fifth, and seventh shots, you'll want to be "behind" the spike, if looking at the screen like it's a clock face. So if the spike shows up at the 3 o'clock position, you need to aim at 12 o'clock. For your second, fourth, and sixth shots, you just need to aim opposite the spike. I found it best to actually say in my head (or out loud, if you prefer), "behind, opposite, behind, opposite..." to help keep track of my shots and where to aim. You again have a couple seconds to point in the right direction, and it should be enough time to make a quick correction. The 90-degree shots are naturally more difficult to judge than just pointing opposite the spikes. What I did was, as soon as the spike showed up, I'd make a counterclockwise circle with the left thumbstick and stop right after I passed the spike. But do whatever is easiest for you to react to. Once the colors change, the second phase is done.

    The third phase is more complex in theory - not only do your shots act like the second phase, but the spikes now rotate positions to try to confuse you more - but thankfully there is a very handy trick that eliminates all guessing and adjusting from this phase. This trick hinges on starting this phase with your 180-degree shot. What I mean by that is, when the passive block enters the screen on top to start this phase, aim down until your 180-degree shot flips up and shoots the block on top. Once you've done that, your shot rotations are now synced up with the spike rotations. The remainder of the third phase is simply a matter of following this pattern:

    1. Point at where the spike first appears
    2. Point at where the spike first appears
    3. Point opposite to where the spike first appears
    4. Point at where the spike first appears
    5. Point at where the spike first appears
    6. Point at where the spike first appears
    7. Point opposite to where the spike first appears

    So after your 180-shot hits the block on top, ignore the spike rotations and just look at where the spike shows up, and just say out loud for your shots "At - At - Opposite - At - At - At - Opposite" for all seven shots to finish up the third phase relatively easily.


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