- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 [highly skill dependent] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 10 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 3-5+ hours [highly skill dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None [level select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to 140, a minimalistic rhythm-based platformer. This is a game that you are absolutely going to want to play with the volume on if you want to be successful, as the obstacles in this game move to the beat of the song playing, and you'll be timing your movements and jumps off of that beat. The game is really short, with only three levels, but as with all platformers, some skill and practice will be required for the completion. Let's get started.

Step 1: Normal Levels and Miscellaneous Achievements:
This game is really short, consisting of only three levels. Jump right into the first one and get used to the platforming and the rhythm in the background, since the music becomes more and more important as you progress. Checkpoints are in abundance, so with a little effort you should be able to make your way through all three levels. On the first level, to avoid the need to replay it, when you get to the boss you should aim to defeat him without jumping for an achievement. There is a checkpoint right before him, and he only takes a minute or so to defeat. Refer to the relevant achievement solution for more information.

The second and third levels will definitely see you dying quite a bit. Each boss needs to be defeated without dying for individual achievements, and those must be obtained on these normal levels, not the mirrored levels. It's highly unlikely you'll do them both without dying first try, but read up on the relevant achievement solutions for tips and to prepare yourself as much as possible. If you die on them, you'll have to play through the level again from the start to get to the boss and try again. Just know that each time you have to play through these two levels again to attempt the bosses is needed practice for the next step.

Once you've completed all three levels, beat the first boss without jumping, and beat the second and third bosses without dying, you're ready to move on to the next and final step.

Step 2: Mirrored Levels:
All that's left at this point is to complete the mirrored version of all three levels (located to the right past the hub area). The mirrored levels are simply mirrored such that you're moving left instead of right. There is no change to the platforming, puzzles, timings, etc. However, the biggest difference is that there are no checkpoints. This means you essentially need to complete each level individually without dying. This may seem daunting at first, especially if you died a lot during the first step, but as with all platformers, practice and patience is key. Refer to the guide for more tips. Once you get through all three mirrored levels, you'll be done with this completion.

If you're missing anything such as the three miscellaneous boss achievements, or if you somehow didn't die 63 times yet, now is the time to mop up those achievements. Refer to the individual achievement solutions for tips and strategies.

140 is a simple yet enjoyable platformer. It offers a short but decent challenge, one that is fair and not overwhelming. The difficulty of this game will depend heavily on your skill, patience, and especially your sense of rhythm, but with enough practice this game is definitely not out of reach for a casual gamer.

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

140 Achievement Guide

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There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the first stage

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The first stage is entirely an introductory stage. It may be slow going at certain obstacles, but there are plenty of checkpoints throughout the level. When you get to the boss at the end (where you grab the floating triangle), I highly recommend beating him without jumping on your first playthrough to also unlock "0011010100000000." This avoids the need to replay the first stage.

  • Complete the second stage

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The first half of the second level is pretty simple and straightforward, and shouldn't pose any problems. When the alternating static bars get introduced, the most important advice here is to just be patient and take your time. Each bar has an extended transparent period on the third beat of every other cycle, so just wait for that point before passing through. The final section introduces instances of anti-gravity, and can be tricky and tough in some places. Now, more than ever, it is important to pay attention to the beat versus the timing of when the anti-gravity kicks in, especially at the end of the level. If you get stuck anywhere during this stage, the "11-00110001" achievement solution contains a video with a full playthrough of the game, including this stage.

    For the boss fight, refer to "1000000010010010" for a description of the boss's patterns and how to defeat him without dying.

  • Complete the game

    Story-related; cannot be missed. This unlocks upon completing the third stage.

    The third stage is pretty challenging through the entire thing. You're going to need to rely on the rhythm to get the timings right for just about every single obstacle in this level, so make sure the sound is turned up, and count out the beats in your head or out loud, if need be. If you get stuck anywhere during this stage, the "11-00110001" achievement solution contains a video with a full playthrough of the game, including this stage.

    For the boss fight, refer to "1001001001001001" for a description of the boss's patterns and how to defeat him without dying.

  • Complete the first mirror stage

    Refer to the "11-00110001" achievement solution for more information.

  • Complete the second mirror stage

    Refer to the "11-00110001" achievement solution for more information.

  • Complete all mirror stages

    The mirror stages can first be accessed after completing the game. Then, from the main hub area, head all the way to the right to see the mirrored levels.

    The mirrored levels are simply that: the same levels as before, except you move to the left to progress through them instead of to the right. Everything else about them is identical in terms of obstacles, timing, etc. The only other difference, and it's a big one, is that there are no checkpoints in the mirrored levels. This means you need to play through the level from start to finish and then beat the boss, all without dying. A full run of the three levels isn't required in one sitting; the mirrored levels are still their own discrete levels. This will still be quite the challenge, assuming you died many times as you progressed through the regular three levels. First, some general tips for all three mirrored levels:

    • Be patient and do not rush. There is no time limit, so sit there and wait for the timing to be right before progressing. Don't try to rush through obstacles
    • Don't let deaths get you frustrated or impatient. This will lead to hasty mistakes. See the previous bullet point. Stay calm even if you die, and don't try to rush through the level back to where you died
    • It is now more critical than ever to have the volume up and to pay close attention to it. This is especially critical for the second half of the second stage and for all of the third stage
    • It could be debated that replaying each regular level is good practice for the mirrored levels, but I don't recommend this. Muscle memory and timing are very important here, so even though you may not get much practice on the ends of the mirrored stages, it's my recommendation to not replay the regular stages because the mirrored bit is likely to throw you off if you're used to playing the regular one

    For the boss fights:

    • The boss at the end of the first stage is identical to the regular stage. There is no difference in this fight whatsoever. Assuming you beat the regular one without jumping already, this fight should be easy
    • The second stage boss fight has only the spike blocks flipped (the pattern isn't random), but since it's highly unlikely you memorized the pattern and instead just reacted to the spikes, this section will be no different. The boss dodging section is again completely identical to the regular version. Assuming you've already beaten the boss without dying in the regular stage, you should have no problems with this fight
    • The third stage boss is the most complicated. The first phase is no different from the regular stage; point at the spikes. In the second phase, your shots are mirrored. This means that your first, third, fifth, etc., shots go 90 degrees counterclockwise instead of clockwise, meaning you need to be 90 degrees "ahead" of the spike instead of "behind." The second shot is still 180 degrees. Make sure you train your brain for this before the fight, since you can't pause during the fight. The third phase, despite your shots being mirrored, can thankfully be done using the exact same strategy and pattern as the regular stage, as described in the "1001001001001001" achievement solution. As long as you hit the starting block with your 180 shot, the pattern for finishing this fight is the same: At - At - Opposite - At - At - At - Opposite (in reference to where the spike first appears)

    Lastly, the following video shows a full playthrough of all levels, including mirrored ones. Definitely watch it to get a sense of what to expect from each one, and then expect to practice and attempt a few times before you're successful. Full credit to the video's creator.

  • Beat the first boss without jumping.

    Note that this achievement must be unlocked on the regular version of the first stage; it cannot be unlocked on the mirrored version.

    This achievement is pretty straightforward to do: avoid during the fight against the boss of the first stage. As long as you're patient and don't try to be too aggressive, this should be relatively easy to do. After shooting him the first time, go to one side (either left or right) and stay on that side until you've destroyed all the boxes on that side. Focus your attention on staying between the bullets and let your shots hit the boxes when you align with them. Once one side is cleared, carefully move to the other side between bullets, and repeat for the second side. When you get to the last box, it'll strafe across the area. Again, focus entirely on staying between bullets and just let your shots shoot until the boss runs into them. Take your time, and you shouldn't have any issues. The fight is short, and there is a checkpoint right at the start of the fight if you die.

  • Beat the second boss without dying.

    Note that this achievement must be unlocked on the regular version of the first stage; it cannot be unlocked on the mirrored version. Also note that if you do die during the boss fight, in order to attempt this achievement again, you must restart the stage from the beginning.

    This fight consists of two halves. The first half sees you dodging blocks/spikes that shoot across the screen, and the second half has you dodging the boss. The first half starts off with a simple matter of putting yourself in the gap between the blocks to avoid the spikes. When all five lanes are occupied by blocks, know that the top blocks shoot down, there is a pause for a second, and then the bottom ones shoot up. What this means is, for all the sections where all five lanes are occupied, you need to be above a block on the bottom but next to a lane with a block on top. Right after the top blocks shoot down, move into the now-open lane next to you to avoid the blocks shooting up from the bottom.

    After that, the second half starts, which consists only of dodging the boss, who shoots up and down the screen at regular intervals. The walls will also close in, so pay attention to the grayed background to see where the walls will go, and make sure you stay in the middle (except for the one instance where the wall splits the screen in half; choose any side, but then get back to the middle after that instance). Avoiding the walls is pretty simple to do. Avoiding the boss isn't difficult once you get the rhythm down. Using the music in the background helps tremendously here. As soon as the boss enters the screen, wait for him to shoot down, and as soon as he does, start counting on the beat. I broke it down into counts of four beats, which you could either say in your head or even out loud if it helps. The pattern/timing looked like this for me, where [shoot] is the boss shooting up or down: (start counting right after the boss shoots) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 1 - MOVE - [shoot] - 4. Obviously move where it says MOVE. This count of 8 beats just repeats over and over. If it helps, what might be easier is to start counting on the beat immediately, but count from 1 to 8, and then just repeat from 1 to 8 over and over. Then, the first time the boss shoots, make note of what number he shoots on, and then for each repeated cycle, move to the other side on the beat just before he shoots. So, if he shoots on your count of 5 each time, move on 4. While counting, just stand still as close to one side as possible, and then move to the other side right before he shoots.

    I highly recommend watching the video in the "11-00110001" achievement solution to see what the patterns are for this boss fight. There isn't anything difficult in this fight, so as long as you're prepared for the first half, and can keep a rhythm for the second half, this achievement shouldn't take more than a couple attempts.

  • Beat the third boss without dying.

    Note that this achievement must be unlocked on the regular version of the first stage; it cannot be unlocked on the mirrored version. Also note that if you do die during the boss fight, in order to attempt this achievement again, you must restart the stage from the beginning.

    The third boss fight consists of three phases. The first and third are really easy, but the second will take some focus.

    The first phase is simply a matter of pointing yourself towards the spike facing you so you shoot it. They'll attempt to trick you by having spikes facing the other way, but there is plenty of leeway in terms of timing to quickly make a correction if you point in the wrong direction. After six or so hits, they'll all leave and the colors will change, signaling the second phase.

    The second phase is a bit complicated, so be sure to read and understand entirely. Your shots will now alternate. The first shot you fire will fire 90 degrees clockwise from wherever you're aiming, and your second shot will fire behind wherever you're aiming, and then the pattern continues to alternate for your shots. This means you need to compensate for each shot. The first block will come at the top of the screen, giving you one passive block to shoot at to learn your new pattern. For your first, third, fifth, and seventh shots, you'll want to be "behind" the spike, if looking at the screen like it's a clock face. So if the spike shows up at the 3 o'clock position, you need to aim at 12 o'clock. For your second, fourth, and sixth shots, you just need to aim opposite the spike. I found it best to actually say in my head (or out loud, if you prefer), "behind, opposite, behind, opposite..." to help keep track of my shots and where to aim. You again have a couple seconds to point in the right direction, and it should be enough time to make a quick correction. The 90-degree shots are naturally more difficult to judge than just pointing opposite the spikes. What I did was, as soon as the spike showed up, I'd make a counterclockwise circle with the left thumbstick and stop right after I passed the spike. But do whatever is easiest for you to react to. Once the colors change, the second phase is done.

    The third phase is more complex in theory - not only do your shots act like the second phase, but the spikes now rotate positions to try to confuse you more - but thankfully there is a very handy trick that eliminates all guessing and adjusting from this phase. This trick hinges on starting this phase with your 180-degree shot. What I mean by that is, when the passive block enters the screen on top to start this phase, aim down until your 180-degree shot flips up and shoots the block on top. Once you've done that, your shot rotations are now synced up with the spike rotations. The remainder of the third phase is simply a matter of following this pattern:

    1. Point at where the spike first appears
    2. Point at where the spike first appears
    3. Point opposite to where the spike first appears
    4. Point at where the spike first appears
    5. Point at where the spike first appears
    6. Point at where the spike first appears
    7. Point opposite to where the spike first appears

    So after your 180-shot hits the block on top, ignore the spike rotations and just look at where the spike shows up, and just say out loud for your shots "At - At - Opposite - At - At - At - Opposite" for all seven shots to finish up the third phase relatively easily.


Secret achievements

  • 111111



    Die 63 times.

    As the description says, you'll need to die a cumulative total of 63 times across all levels. This is virtually unavoidable as you work toward unlocking all other achievements, but if you somehow don't unlock this by the time you're done with everything else, simply load up the third stage and just fall into the static over and over.

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