Brick Wall Achievement

  • Brick Wall



    Win a game without being scored on



    With goals so easily being scored, this might be one of the more difficult achievements. first set the game to 5 goals, and just make sure you don't give up any bad passes for breakaways. Also, use the power ups to your advantage.

    *This can be boosted with a second controller or online*'


  • yup!!!!!!
  • play on easy ..max goals 5..should be very easy, if not just hit rematch in pause menu, should not take long at all
  • yeaa buddyy!
  • i think they should make a fifa arcade game...thy have football,hockey ,basketball,baseball?
  • Can someone please tell me what to do. I got the achievement it popped up and everything so I look in the achievements section and it only gave me 10gs!! Can someone please tell me what to do because I can't get 100 percent anymore!!

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