Team Player Achievement

  • Team Player



    Play a quick ranked match with 2 guests



    *3 Controllers Required*

    You can do this either with two friends as guests, or you can do it by yourself with 2 extra controller, or Guitar Hero Guitars. Simply have your Guests join you and select Quick Ranked Match, win or lose.


  • if anyone wants this then add me as a friend
  • I'll add you if you're still looking for this as I am too - GT= StormCheese
  • Anyone up for boosting this?
  • yeah i still need it
  • you actually need 3 CONTROLLERS for this, 1 controller as yourself and the others signed in as GUESTS, you cannot have your friends on your team in any online game, you can only play them
  • yeah, i just got it using 2 controllers and a guitar hero guitar lol hey, whatever works i suppose. :)
  • tommygun is right. you need to have 3 controllers in your room to achieve this. you can't invite your friends to join you online.
  • I have all achievements on this game except this one...
  • Just finally got this achievement. Took afew times to find a oppenent that did not quit when seeing the guests. Now have all of them.
  • I need it, if anyone wants it , PLEASE add me : K6feetdeephole, send a message and i'll get back to you ASAP so that we can get this achievo... :)
  • Need help
  • still need that one.
  • i still need this 1 if u wanna do it msg me and send a friend request i have 2 controllers
  • This is the last achievement I need. Would anyone with 3 controllers be willing to recover my account to get this for me? I only have one controller. Thanks.
  • i need help with this. i have two controllers.
  • Very easy
  • Achievement for having 3 controllers :P
  • This achv is stupid. You need 3 controllers dude? Really? I have 2 controllers so if anyone wants to help me with this, I'd be willing to help you with something.
  • This one is so dumb.
  • I need this
  • If anyone is still looking to get this I would gladly help, I need it as well. GT - CrazySolid D
  • Please add me, last achievement GT: zaithan1337
  • I still need this : GT : k6feetdeephole
  • Don't add Zalthan, I tried him and he just trolled with me as i've had 1 controller in my hand he started scoring... Whatever
  • Yay i finally got it! Went quick ranked and well, you don't have to win, just play the game :) 100% now finally thanks
  • Just need this achievement then I'm done. I'll be happy to help anyone with this achievement just send me a message. GT-- HockeyLife5290
  • Looking to boost this achievement GT - jnaz666
  • Wna boost? Add me UGK Starkie
  • Also looking to boost. GT: Bigfish62
  • I'm looking to boost this achievement. Feel free to message me. GT: Grossinator735
  • Can somebody help with this? GT : MuscleXzz
  • Looking to boost this during the evenings eastern time. GT: Auxtek72
  • Add me
  • cant connect to servers at all, anyone know why?
  • Gt: FeedtotheLions Just need this one and the other online achievement...add me. Servers seem fine, just no one playing this anymore
  • If there's anyone still in need of the 2 online achievements, I would like to boost them. Please and thank you. GT: AsianLance1990

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