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    Make 10 holes in 1 in 1 tournament.

    This by far is the most time consuming and frustrating achievement in the game. The only real tip I can give you is practice, practice, and some more practice. This is easiest done in the tournament Haunted Manor. Go into the practice mode and learn all of the trick shots; these are usually highlighted with sparkles. Once you get the hang of the course, just keep trying; you will eventually learn exactly where you have to line up the shots.

    Haunted Manor guide
    Manic Museum guide

    Note: This MUST be done in one sitting. Unlike 3D Ultra Minigolf, if you quit out of the tournament, your progress toward the achievement will not save.

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  • which course is the best to try this one on????
  • Probably Haunted Manor.
  • Alright so im taking it the way i did i wasn't supposed to?? whenever i would miss it on my first shot i would quit and then load the game and do that until i made a hole in one will i got a hole in one on all the holes except like 2 does it not work or is the achievement glitched?? or do i need to do it without quitting and going back in
  • Pretty much need to learn all the direct hole in one shots. Several obvious ones some have to really think about it. Just getting my power just right is my issue in taking the shots.
  • @3 Can't quit out. Must be done in one sitting.
  • ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! I always seem to fall short at 9!

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