Carnival Treasure Hunter Achievement

  • Carnival Treasure Hunter



    Collect all medals in Classic Carnival.

    The medals are located here:

    Skeeball - When you start out: It's at the top of the skeeball ramp in between the highest holes.

    Spinner - When you start out: Hit the Spinner when the arrow is on the right. You will go down some steps to get this. Sometimes it bounces over.

    Bump n Run - When you start out: Go all the way down in the far back of the ramp. There is your medal.

    Rolling Tube- When you start out: Go thru the Rolling tube and down the Curved pathway. If you fall or miss it, go up backwards.


  • I like this achievement.
  • That hole with all the pipes was pretty hardto find though.
  • I got this with a weird glitch? As soon as I got a medal. I kept missing the hole on explorer and quit the game and got it.

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