Minigolf Adventurer Achievement

  • Minigolf Adventurer



    Complete Traveler and Explorer courses in 12 under par.

    Simply beat the First Tournament "Traveler" and Second Tournament "Explorer" with an ending score after day 2 of -12 or better. This really isn't hard at all, but may take a couple runs to get used to the holes. You also can save after every hole and reload the save file if you score poorly. Look for shortcuts around the hole.

  • Is pretty easy once you've learned a few shortcuts on the diffrent tracks Just play through single player tournament and you will most likely get this
  • If anyone wants to help me with the online achievements for this game I would really appreciate it.
  • i'd be happy to help with online achievements if someone can help me! :)
  • Why can't the adventure course just work for this.

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