Strategist Achievement

  • Strategist



    Complete a level only using chains of 5 or more chips

    In order to unlock this achievement, the player must only use chains 5 links or longer to complete the level. Because of the complexity of later levels, it would be wise to attempt this in the second or third level.

  • How? The levels are too long for this to really be possible.
  • I almost did it on level 2. It's going to take some luck. Anyone know if there is a way to replay a level after you've finished it? I'm thinking to load level 2 again and just let the time run out and try again if I have no more 5+ moves.
  • There is a level late in the game thats rather short. The energy moves around the outside of a huge area in a single wide path. I got the achievement on this one. Cant remember the level #. I believe it was around 50. Ill check again after I finish my second playthrough.
  • You can always click on the menu to restart a level. On the first level I was forced to make a chain of 4, so I restarted the level and was able to get it there.

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