Carte Blanche Achievement

  • Carte Blanche



    Restore at least one card of the Book of the Elements without using any power-ups

    A missable achievement.

    This can be done on the first four puzzles if the spade is not used during the first run or can be done during the second story playthrough. During gameplay, when there are no available movements to connect three colored chips, the game will instantly shuffle all chips on screen to fix the issue. This is the gameplay element that the player must utilize to ensure that the requirements for the Carte Blanche achievement can be met. Even if the game is recommending that a particular power be used, a player can still force the game to shuffle the chips if there are no moves remaining on screen. This may make the completion of a level considerably longer, but necessary to meet the needs for this achievement.
    One card consists of four puzzles and the final page activity. If no specials are use during puzzle sequences, and no hints are used during the final page activity, the achievement will unlock.

  • On the level where it tells you to use the spade twice, its ok to use it at those two spots.
  • #1 confirmed

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