- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 16 [1000]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 1-3 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No

Welcome to 6180: The Moon. In this new little [email protected] platformer you play The Moon. The Moon is trying to figure why the sun isn't rising, and goes to visit the Sun to ask him why. This is your objective, make it through to each planet to reach the Sun and then make the trip back once The Moon has it's answer.

This game has a relaxing and chill soundtrack. It also has some unique gameplay in the fact the screen wraps which causes the warping from side to side. As you progress towards the sun you encounter new obstacles and must learn how to thwart them.

Step 1: Play and beat the game
Doing this will score you a large majority of the achievements. If you get stuck on any of the normal levels check "meet the sun" for a speed run video to see how to make it passed where you are stuck.

Step 2:
If you missed "faster than light" or "gravity free" then go ahead and replay a level that you can get those on. Check the achievement guide for ideal places to get these two.

This game is not that long and not terribly difficult even for people like me who are not very good at platformers.

[XBA would like to thank KillerBEA for this Roadmap]

6180: The Moon Achievement Guide

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There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • clear level m1

    This is the first level of the game. It poses no challenge whatsoever.

  • unlock the Earth

    See "meet the sun" for more information.

  • unlock Venus

    See "meet the sun" for more information.

  • unlock Mercury

    See "meet the sun" for more information.

  • unlock the Sun

    See "meet the sun" for more information.

  • clear all normal levels

    For each of the unlock x achievement, you will unlock these after starting the first mission and moving in some way. Once you clear all levels on the moon, Earth, Venus, Mercury and the Sun this achievement will unlock.

    For help on figuring out some levels I referenced a speedrun video by Anders K. Madsen:

    For seeing how he actually does stuff I would slow down the video to .5 speed. Since sometimes he just blitzes through some parts so quick.

  • clear level sr10

    See "brighter than sunshine" for more information.

  • unlock mercury r

    See "brighter than sunshine" for more information.

  • unlock venus r

    See "brighter than sunshine" for more information.

  • unlock earth r

    See "brighter than sunshine" for more information.

  • clear all reversed levels

    One you have cleared all the normal levels, hit continue on the main menu and hit  in order to switching to Moon Rising mode. This is essentially mirror levels of all the ones you just cleared.

    The direction you're headed is to the left instead of the right like the normal levels and your personal gravity is flipped to the opposite side.

    The best tips I can give are:

    • Don't overthink the level or part you're stuck on. This will cause more errors and more frustration.
    • Be patient. It can be easy to get frustrated from subsequent failure, but try to learn from your previous mistakes and keep a level head. The angrier I got the worse I did.
    • When really stuck I referenced the speed run video again to see roughly where I need to jump from or to re learn the timing for certain obstacles.

Secret achievements

  • destroy more than 500 blocks

    Destructible blocks become available on the Earth levels. They have a slightly transparent border as opposed to a thick white border. You just have to collide with them somehow and they will be destroyed. You should easily get this trying to finish the game.

  • jump over 200 times

    You will earn this over the course of completing the game. Jump is .

  • warp 10 times from top to bottom at once

    The earliest you can get this is during m2. Right at the beginning, walk off the ledge and let the moon keep falling for a few seconds.

  • clear level without using drop of light

    This is easiest on vr 3. This a reverse level on Venus. The second section provides a a barrier that you can run a long. Time your jump off so you warp to the other side just right before the barrier disappears.

  • clear a level without jumping

    This is easily obtainable on m2. Only use your left stick to move your character to the finish. There is no need to jump at all.

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