The Funeral Director Achievement

  • The Funeral Director



    Kill 2500 zombies

    This achievement is pretty self-explanatory. You basically just need to kill every enemy you come across and after you’ve killed 2500 of them, the achievement will pop. Enemies that count towards this are the following: Zombies, Zombie Dogs, and Zombees (you will see these enemies in the main city of the map, they’re a zombified wasp that will die with 1 shot of pretty much any ranged weapon). This achievement is cumulative across all characters you make so you don’t have to try and get this all in one world.

  • Piece of cake!! Can't freakin wait >
  • >
  • whats the best way a lot of zombies, be safe, and kill them? consistently, 2500 times...?
  • i have a map, message me and when i am free i will help you.. i work alot so be patient..
  • @Bongiovirocks Make a kill room and or kill pit. Pretty simple, can look up some ideas on youtube.

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