Cause He's The Ax Man Achievement

  • Cause He's The Ax Man



    Craft your first Stone Ax

    This achievement will likely be one of the first ones that you unlock in the game. To eran it, you simply have to craft a Stone Ax, which requires 2 small stone, 2 plant fibers and 2 wood. Stones you can find scattered about on the ground which you can pick up by pressing while looking at them or you can just go hit a rock for about a minute. Plant fibers you get by punching the grass by clicking while looking at tall grass. Wood can be obtained by walking up to a tree and pressing to punch it.

    After you obtain all of this just open you’re crafting menu by tapping , clicking on the tab at the top left that has the picture of a screwdriver and wrench, selecting Stone Ax, and then pressing to start crafting. Once you have crafted the ax, the achievement will unlock.


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